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  1. Search this site for as much bucktail info as you can. This is an unbelievable place for information. You will find discussions on trailers, weights, brands and techniques. I do not concider mself a seasoned or very accomplished bucktailer, but I am a happy one. Lots of people argue about Doc Muller's book, but I can tell you that my catch count went way up when keeping to his "KISS" system. He doesn't claim this to be the only way, but a way to get started and build confidence. He also doesn't claim this method for himself. He talks about John Skinner showing him a great deal (also read his book). I have also seen him on a beach, in the spring, with a line of about fifteen guys catching stripers while everyone else was catching blues. It has amazed me what you can catch when you are determined to learn these silly looking little things. Good luck and have fun.
  2. Unbelievable! Thank you.
  3. I'd love it if they did.
  4. Don't know how much this will show you without seing it in person, but maybe you can appreciatethat these rods sre in perfect condition. Not a mark on them.
  5. Hope I did this right.
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested in trades.
  7. I just got one as a gift. Been wanting to use it for quite a while, but have only gone out inmy kayak since I got it. And I don't need one on te kayak. Can't wait to check it out. Works great in the back yard.
  8. I've had a good time when I've gotten out, but I missed may and June because of stupidity and work. Got my first keeper on the flyrod. I too would like to bag a 50.
  9. I have a couple Teton Tiogas that went on the fritz. They are relatively new and never been fished. Does anyone know of a place that repairs these reels. Wish I had money to replace them with something else. Thanks
  10. Do a search on safety stuff. There are a few things you should do that may not occur to you at first. Have fun
  11. Not sure if I'm going to send them in now. While unspooling the line to prepare the reels for service, the one working tioga decides to have a slipping drag. No clicker. Something is screwie. I take good care of my stuff. A bunch of people onthis site have bought stuff from me and know this. Not sure if I want to bother with Teton. I might just wait and buy Orvis, because I know I can walk into the store and get something fixed or replaced. Not happy. I'm just about out of reels. And I am out of reels I want to use.
  12. The link
  13. This is some excellent stuff. Formula1 can you share some of your lifting power tests with us? If it is already hereI apologize and will search it later when I have time. I love this conversation. Thanks again guys.
  14. Don't know. And your right about the comment. However, my other (working) one I have had for 5yrs and never a problem. And it is no secret as to this reels popularity in the inexpensive department. For $35 I will try it out. This will give me some time to use the reels while saving and researching to replace them.
  15. The guy wrote me back already and it will cost me $35 for the two of them. I will give it a try cause I got nothing right now if they don't work. I do have one working that will tide me over for now. Thanks for the offer Dave.
  16. I have sent in my service request. Thanks for the link, we'll see if it works. I hope so as I can't relace reels right now.
  17. Thanks guys. I'll take a look at those suggestions. Dave, one has a drag that won't tighten, and the other has one that won't budge. ps Not sure if you remember, but you bought a tarpon from me several years back. How did it serve you? Is it still in your fleet?
  18. Mark Sedotti wrote "The 8 Weight Axioms I've tried take 9 wt. lines, and are perhaps even light 10's" What do you say? Thanks
  19. Thanks again for more good stuff. Can anyone talk about the Axioms (8wt) lifting or fish fighting power as compared to other 8s or 9s? Thanks for indulging me guys.
  20. Thanks guys for the replies. Keep them coming. I am not having trouble throwing 8wt line with it. Nor do I have trouble with a 9wt line. I am mainly concerned with my lack of general industry wide knowledge of what is an 8 or a 9. I hear some folks argue both sides and would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks again guys. I appreciate the time.
  21. Came back from my first ffing outting in two years. Had a blast. I forgot how great fly fishing is. The only drawback, was that I didn't have enough room to fish after I got mugged for catch so many fish. It has it's time and place. And I will be taking the time to do more ffing this year.
  22. I just get caught up in other things. I'm one of those people that is always trying something else. Kayak. Surf. Spin. Conventional. Fly. I love them all, but don't have the time. I think I caught a few early last spring, then put it down again. Missed a great spring on the north shore this year because of work. I will doing a lot more this year.
  23. If the wind is in your face, but ushing fish and bait too, then a couple feet is ok. A few years ago during a NE er, I was getting laughed at on the beach. It was crowded with spin casters, as the fish were everywhere, but I was getting wrapped in line every single time I tried to throw my line. I think I was laughing at myself as well. Antway. I had to wait til gusts semi died down and get off a 20 foot cast in a very small window. And sure enough every time I did that I had a fish. It was very rewarding to stick it out and figure out a way to catch. Hope I didn't bore you.