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  1. I will be using suffix if it matters. I know the mono rule of thunb, that 3olb test means max 3oz lure. Is this true with braid? Will 30lb braid cast 3 1/2, 4 and 5 oz lures safely? Thanks
  2. I don't think I asked the question right, because folks are talking about my finger. I was trying (very pourly) to ask what weight can be cast without snapping the line. My finger is fine. I just did a 3 1/2 oz surface cruizer and that went fine. Sorry for the confusion. What are your answers now that I straightened that out? Thanks again
  3. As far as tackle direct is concerned, I have no complaints. I have bought a reel from them, some lures, and I'm now waiting to recieve (tomorrow) some HOGY stuff. So far so good. Hope everything works out.
  4. I have asked this question myself. I like the 1 1/2, 2 3/8 and the 3 oz. As a popper, I like the 3 better than the 2 3/8. There is no arguing the 2 3/8 consistant distance, but I find the 3 very close and most times equal and I think it's easier to pop. The 1 1/2, is fantastic as well. Good luck.
  5. Spot burn. Please don't do that.
  6. I have two NRS tops. One is a splah top and one is a dry top (black rock). I will wear them as the weather and conditions dictate. Neither are breathable, and can be very hot when you go out at night into sunrise, but both have lasted me 6 years. They are still going strong. They also work fantastic on the kayak. I can't yet afford, nor do I NEED a breathable top. They are nice though. If I was fishing in places where being covered in waves was the norm then I would have a very good COMFORTABLE breathable dry top. Read lots of opinions. See what the guys are wearing when your fishing and see if it's because they need/actually use it or it's because THAT'S WHAT SURF CASTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO WEAR. Good luck and have fun with your son.
  7. I can't wait to see what you come up with, as I am contemplating going back to the mirage drive next year and I don't like a lot of clutter. While I'm at it. I'd love to see some pics of Slappy's boat.
  8. I concur. That's a nice fish. Gotta get me some Hogy jigg'n whatevers. Congratulations Slappy!
  9. I am itching for a revolution.
  10. I agree with The Riddler. I have caught some very nice fish this way. I always put nthe butt on the deck between my legs and hold the rod with my shaking hand up high. Around my face. With the proper retrieve speed it's a piece of cake. Some rods might be easier than others, but I have'nt had a problem with any. Unless they were just too light for the pencil. Have fun
  11. I am also a catch and release fisherman. I have released 2 fish 30+ lbs. This is my choice. The only fish that I have not released in the past 7 years are ones that I caught on a charter boat (2 occassions), because I was fishing for free and the captain wanted them. My personal feeling is that striped bas should not be looked at as a food sourse (even though I love the way it tastes). I don't think that most of the people out fishing are looking for dinner because money for food is an issue. I want there to be striped bass for a long time. I'm in this sport for the sport. Each fish I catch gets the same treatment upon release. These are just my feelings, and I have no problem with folks that want to eat what they catch. I just don't want to add to the numbers being removed. You can say that my numbers won't make a dent in what others are doing, and I agree with you. I'd like the wasting and the illegel harvesting to stop as well. Unfortunately given the history that people have had with how we all rationalize (me included, because I'm still hooking them and doing some damage) what we do, it doesn't look good for any fish, let alone striped bass. It seems that any time the population goes up we think it's ok to hit them harder. Sorry for the rant. I'm done. Good luck
  12. When I had an oasis (sold it to me brother inlaw) I didn't bring out a lot of stufff. I was waiting to rig it till I was sure were to put stuff as to not get in the way. There has since been several of these pop up on the web, that are very well set up. You won't get as much stuff as an outback can fit, but you do have hatches a smallish tank well and some room in front of the bow. If you don't care about keeping the side walls clear of clutter (many don't as you can see by pics of rigged kayaks, but I do), then you can fit more stuff like rod holders and electronics. If you would like me to steer you to some pics of well set up boats (oasis), let me know. And then you have to send your pics to me if you get the oasis so I can plan my next future oasis. Good luck
  13. Larry, My wife thinks your wife is adorable. Have fun.
  14. Don't know of a non-fishing outfitter. Perhaps you mean the oasis. As far as I know, the outfitter is designed for fishing and the oasis can be outfitted, but not it's strong suit. I apologize if there is a non-fishing outfitter. I happen to like the oasis better myself. I think the outfitter is a little cramped. Good luck in your search.
  15. Can someone explain to me the comment that I've read about a thousand times "If you're paddling your not fishing". It's not even close to true or helpful to someone looking to make a kayak choice. I love the mirage drive kayaks. I've had 2 and will have more. I just think that telling someone who is relying on this forums experience to help make a decision, that your not fishing if you are paddling is not the most responsible thing to do. Sometimes it's ok not to answer.
  16. Thanks Do you still like the PT 15 or will you be choosing a different kayak next year?
  17. I think If it's strickly to catch fish, the hobies win. If you have other criteria, then those you'll have to think about. Then again if it's only about catching, why not a Torque from Ocean Kayak? THings to think about.
  18. What kayak is it?
  19. Both built beautifully in the same way by Mat at Rocky point fishing stop. Shrink wrap handles with no reel seat. Alconite guides set up in their usual fashion. 40 or 30 down to 16 tip. All black thread. The rods are in immaculate condition. The most either has been used is 5 times. I'm selling them because I've been fishing from my kayak and need stuff for that. 1201L price is $250 1321M price is $275 I will get some pictures up when I get time. It might not be till the weekend, if they are still available. Or you can come take a look for yourself. I'm in Smithtown NY. PM me for my phone number. You can search my screen name and see that the stuff I sell is in great shape.
  20. Thanks for the offer, but no thank you. I believe I have set a great price for great rods. If they don't sell, I am just as happy to keep them. They will just sit around a while til I use them again. Take care.
  21. Don't take my word for it, as I have little experience with this rod. However it is one of the most talked about rods on this site from many experts. If you search it, you will get a ton of answers. Not being a wise guy, just know that many other more experienced fishermen have used this rod for a long time and have better applied opinions. Thanks for inquiring. Feel free to make a time to come by and see it. It will easily do 2 and up.
  22. No problem. Thanks.
  23. This is the last bump I believe I'm alowed.
  24. Wow! I can't believe no bites. I am very surprised. These rods have both got to be up there with the most popular surf rods. These rods are t least $50 less than the factory versions. If anyone wants to make an offer or let me know what I'm not seing feel free. Thanks for any input.