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  1. Sold to The AmagansetCaster, pending exchange. Thanks folks.
  2. I am in Smithtown. Sorry I left that out. To be honest, I don't have nearly the time with this rod that others do. There is a ton of info on this site on this rod (many peoples favorite rod) and if I repeated it to you, it would not be MY experience and there for B.S. I can tell you that the couple times I've had it out, I threw comfortably for me 1/2 to 3 1/2 oz. I like to go threw all the stuff I have to see what a new rod can throw. 3 1/2 was the biggest I had with me. I thought it was great for pencils ( a must form me). But I erge you to consult the folks on this site that have put some serious time in on this rod and not my couple test runs. Thanks for your time and let me know what you think. Mark
  3. Sold pending payment and delivery. Thank you very much. I don't have a pay pal account, so a PO money order would be best. I will PM you my address. And thanks for the offer.
  4. Was going to build on this blank, but money is needed. I believe this is a great price for a great stick. I am in Smithtown Long Island. Thanks fo your time.
  5. As you can see, there is a mark on the reel seat from attaching a reel. And it comes with the original sock.
  6. As you can see, there is a mark on the reel seat from attaching a reel. And it comes with the original sock.
  7. See if this works.
  8. See if this works.
  9. No problem. Thanks for asking.
  10. Just saw it today in the store. Was wondering what people thought. Thanks.
  11. Hope I did this right. Attached Images The rod is the one on top. Trying to show how clean it is.
  12. The 1203-2 blank is 10 foot long in 2 pieces. The lure rating is 3/4 to 2 1/2 (I believe). If you are interested, the site has a lot of info on the xra 1203. A search will yield lots of information. Thanks
  13. 4am, and I'm driving to the beach, whena road block on the bridge says "park closed at sunset" blocks my way. At 4am, I'm not looking for someone to argue with, so I turned around and fished elsewhere. The block was only on the inbound side and I could have driven around it. It was kind of like what they have at Sunken Meadow. "authorized vehicles only..." My question is, was it closed or was that sign intended for people without a night fishing permit? Thanks
  14. No booth. Just cones and a sign right on the bridge. Next time I will drive aroound and show anyone my pass. Thanks guys.
  15. I have a Kalliste as well. I think it is the carbon version of the Camano. I can't say enough about it. The Camano is a very popular paddle. Good luck with it.
  16. I am not a slob hunter by any stretch of the imagination, but I have caught several fish in the 20lb, a couple 30lb and one in the 40lb class. Not many, just those and I don't think it has taken longer than 5 minutes to beach or land any of these fish. Listen to what these guys tell you. I don't fish like Crazy, but I like to get out on the weekends and the info here has always done right by me. Good luck and bring the next one in.
  17. I can't remember. Any changes? Thanks