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  1. I did. Starting over. Next boat is a toss up between lots of single choices. But right now I'll be taking friends out and having a great time on this baby. Spent the day yesterday working out the best way to load and unload from the top of the jeep. Think I'm going out monday morning.
  2. As it turns out, I just made arrangements to pick it up tomorrow.
  3. The Oasis is a great kayak. I have had one on and off since '08. I will most likely get a newer one this year or next. It is fantastic seing others getting them. This is a tandem worth buying. I know bjb has had one for several years.
  4. I"ve had an orvis one that I actually use for work. It's pretty good. I tend to jam everything in my vest now.
  5. Sold to open water pending exchange. Thanks folks
  6. Thanks Calatko
  7. That's fantastic, when would you like to pick it up? Thanks
  8. Sorry. It's 230 cm. I don't remember what it weighs, but I think it is between 26 and 28 oz. Thanks
  9. Sold to Chalatko pending exchange tonight. Thanks folks
  10. Sent you a pm Thanks
  11. Right now it is sold to 126andy, if we can make the exchange tonight.
  12. Thank you, but I won't be shipping. It's my fault for not stating pick up only. I'm sorry.
  13. Sold to Kurt pending transaction Give me a call, or pm me if you don't still have my number. Thanks Kurt