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  1. If 12' isn't too long, the lami XS12MHC is a great rod, if you can find one. It's what I use to chunk out front, rated 6-16 oz. I broke an itch off the tip, put a new tip on, and still have no problems casting the lower numbers.
  2. If your knots are failing, you most likely aren't tying them right.
  3. If you eat bluecrabs, freeze the shells/discards and use in your trap. It doesn't matter, cooked or not.
  4. I see the ad under "sold listings." The seller clearly states," It does have some paint touched up and has been clear coated PLEASE SEE PHOTOS OF ACTUAL ITEM."
  5. Thanks, not interested in the 11’ atm. For now I’ll just take one for the $160 shipped. Either one is fine as long as guides/blank are in good shape. Sending a pm now, thanks!
  6. I need all the luck I can get, I either didn't quote the right person or I misinterpreted your post. Have a good one.
  7. Gotta work, appreciate it though.
  8. Thats a crock, no disrespect because you sound like a nice person. I took 2 years off from striped bass fishing and just got back into it this spring. The first night out I had fish all night, not a soul in sight. If your goal is to catch, your methods will work, but when your spots get shut down what are you going to do? Call your friends? Maybe invade another spot that very few people have been fishing for years, sounds about right. I can only imagine how the guys fishing before me feel. In the Spring time I like to chunk/liveline, it’s just what I do. The last Spring I fished I was pushed out of spots because of big mouths like I see here talking about lineups. One night in particular, I had teen to upper 20lb fish all alone for a week and a half. I show up, there are 2 guys basically holding hands throwing small plugs.. I figure screw it I’ll walk past them 30-40 yards and see what happens.. It was a dead silent night, I hear these Clowns talking crap,” I couldn’t throw bait etc etc.” They are catching dinks, camera flashing, yelling right behing houses, the 9. I’m getting a lot of salad, I figure I’d let these goof balls have fun and hit another spot. The next night I pull into the parking lot and there are about 15 trucks. I walk over and there are literally 20 people in a lineup catching schoolies. Yes a 30” fish is a schoolie. edit- It did take me 3 places to find bait though, I’m rusty.
  9. Cool, I am interested in at least one. Are you in a rush? Can we seal the deal Friday? Let me know, thanks.
  10. Bad timing huh, thanks anyway. For now Ill pass on those rods.
  11. Your reports didn't help the matter, lets be real. I can only imaging what you do via text.
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