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  1. Heard that a lot for sure this year.
  2. This year I wanted to try something different so I bought a spinning setup which I used primarily. Did 1-3 trips a week on party boats for most of the season, once I got dialed in I had a lot of limits. Biggest fish was 5.6, caught 2-3 in that range. Won a bunch of pools, including one monthly. Used ball jigs with a glass minnow teaser. The glass minnow caught more fish, I want to say that it was probably about a 5-1 ratio. However, I was using a very light spinning rod and I feel that I spent a lot of time popping the teaser and not really moving the ball jig. This also resulted in a larger number of snags - picked up a heavier rod and haven’t really had a chance to test it out. Used a UL Centaur Constellation Slow Jigging rod rated 80-160g. Felt like I was having trouble popping 3 oz jigs off the bottom, picked up a Centaur Combat arm rated 100-200g and it fished 3 oz much better. I had marginal success with bucktail jigs and found that I had much better hookups with plain ball jigs. Another thing that I firmly committed to this year was all Gulp, no bait. I used bait... twice? There were definitely days where people using bait or Gulp + bait were catching more. I’m of the belief that Gulp breaks down into bright (fire tiger, blue fuse, salmon, chartreuse) or not bright colors (pink fuse, new penny, red belly, orange/lime tiger). Some days they want something that stands out, some days they don’t. I did not use nuclear chicken very much. Size seemed to matter sometimes - I had days where they would crush a 5” Gulp but ignore a 6” in the same color. Used 90% swimming grub. At the end of the day, I’d feel pretty confident in saying that they don’t really care about color for the most part. I paid close attention to what everyone was using and there were days that I was catching on a certain color and nobody else was, or vice versa. However - my best producer by a wide margin was 6” Salmon Red on a glow teaser. For next season, I’m going to want to be ready with 1-4oz ball jigs, unpainted or glow, with glass minnow teasers and Salmon Gulp. Will have try colors but I think Pink Shine, Mackerel, Fire Tiger, and Red Shrimp are probably a good place to start. I got a bunch of jigs from the same guy and regretted it when I tried different jigs - check your hooks! I was routinely replacing jigs/teasers after losing them to snags, once or twice a trip minimum. One lucky trip I didn’t lose anything but was having difficulty hooking up with fish by the end of the trip. Hook sharpener fixed that. Lesson learned.
  3. Season in NJ is pretty much over for most of us. Anyone want to share thoughts or brags? I’ll have my post ready soon, might squeeze something in on closing day.
  4. Still available. Striper time around the corner, tuna still around.
  5. OJ traded to member. Accurate and Feed rod still available.
  6. Looking to thin the rack a bit. Jigger is LNIB, spooled with braid (was told 40#, might be 50#). Accurate is LNIB, spooled with 40#, used a few times prior. Feed rod never used, slow pitch rated to 395g. Trades only for now, face to face preferred or you ship first. Will meet within a reasonable distance from Old Bridge, NJ. Looking for a Shimano Tranx 300/400, Twinpower or Stella 4k/5k (prefer TP).
  7. $230 and I’ll pick it up from you? Coming from Sayreville, that toll sucks
  8. Still available? Where are you located
  9. Yeah that’s fine I’ll send over the PP
  10. Would you do the lot for $70? If so, I’ll take it. Can combine shipping with the other lot.
  11. Sure that’s fine, PM me payment info pls. If you’re in NJ, I can come pick it up and save the shipping.
  12. Would you do $125?