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  1. Good news if you can stay safe, but I hope folks don’t take this news as any kind of “all clear” to get back to all pre-virus activities. Still need to take precautions and practice social distancing.
  2. Just FYI this "clarification" comes from a commercial Ocean City website for what it is worth…. May 9th Opening Inclusions and Exclusions Beach, Boardwalk, and Inlet Parking are Open Many outlets have been reporting on the early reversal of some of Ocean City’s restrictions, but questions about the new Declaration have come up. Below we have the New Declaration from the Mayor’s office of Ocean City. It does state the new date for the beach, boardwalk, and inlet parking to open. The accompanying notification also says it does not supersede any Executive Orders from Governor Hogan. We asked for additional clarity to help understand the new guidelines. We did reach out to the Town for further clarity to help everyone navigate through the new orders. The following items should be advised: Ocean City is not giving permission to people to come to Ocean City. If non-residents are here, they may use the beach, boardwalk, and inlet parking lot when it is open. Lodging is still for essential workers only. Current restrictions to lodging are to be lifted May 22. The pet policy for Ocean City started May 1. This means no pets on the beach or boardwalk until October 1. Anyone in a pay-to-park space throughout the town will need to pay for the time used. Kiosks were covered during the closure, but will now be ready for use on May 9. For more about parking in Ocean City click here.
  3. OC is going to “re-open” the beach, boardwalk, and inlet parking lot starting on Saturday, even though the MD governor’s stay at home order is still in place. Kind of confusing to me as to if this means non locals can go interesting to see how crowded it gets...
  4. Been watching the Oceanic Motel cam for many weeks and there has been/still are lots of folks tog fishing from the sea wall. Hard for me to think they are all OC residents but maybe so.
  5. DNREC just announced starting tomorrow if you are 13 yrs old or older you have to bring a face mask with you to enter a Del state park...and wear it when you “can’t maintain social distancing from others”, and you may be asked to leave if you don’t have a mask. Not kidding- I just saw the news item.
  6. If you are missing seeing springtime stripers pull up a you tube video called “Finding fresh fish” that’s from the Salisbury CBS station showing commercial boats at west OC harbor. Mr. Sklar shows up shopping for dinner.
  7. Ocean City just extended the beach/boardwalk closure to April 30 and they are closing the inlet parking lot.
  8. Thought that was coming. Can’t blame them-this whole situation sucks for everybody especially small businesses but probably a good idea to hunker down as much as possible for a while until the virus spread slows down a lot. Stay safe all.
  9. Lots of stuff shutting down. Ocean City just announced closure of the OC beach and boardwalk to non-residents starting 5PM today until at least April 15.
  10. Looks like Spring is coming...I was watching a few cams at OC this morning and saw a huge flock of gulls and gannets working probably no further than about 100 yds out from the beach. Don’t know what they were munching on in 46 degree water (mullet?) but definitely looked like it was raining birds on and off for about half an hour. Fun to watch even 200 miles away.
  11. Sad news. RIP Mac Simpson.
  12. My only question is where do you get a pan big enough to fry that fish? Hey stranger.
  13. Hard to tell 7. I'm just getting to be a cynical old guy when it comes to stuff like this that is presented by a website without a complete explanation of how the information provided was put together. That said, I appreciate Erik posting it. The map makes sense given the water temps and season, now if the fish can just follow the map in a timely manner!!!
  14. Late spring late spawn true, but the website invites fishing reports to provide input on updating the migration status map, so I assume it's not purely based on current water temps. It's interesting info though (At least the arrows are pointing in the right direction!) I'm going to "migrate" to the beach sometime this weekend so at least I don't miss all the epic spring skate run.
  15. From the website it appears its probably based on random fishing reports gathered by who knows who; kinda hard to tell. But it's a pretty map.