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  1. this might work
  2. When fishing and casting under all sorts of conditions it's best to have a magged reel, and a brake block or two won't hurt either. A fisherman can't relie on a perfect cast or technique. there may be a very few fisherman who can control there casts under any condition, without brakes or mags, but they are few and far between. IN fact, I don't know any people that fish that way. I highly recommend you get a reel set up for fishing. A reel such as the akois Sportscast 666 SCM W Shuttle. This type of reel will throw a mile and you can adjust the mags down as little as you want. or take out one or both of the brake blocks. Yes there are other reels as good as this one. I can speak for this one as I have been using it for a few years. Thumbing will work but it will cut down on your distance compared to using mags or brakes. And if you ever fish at night it likely will be even more of a issue.
  3. it would be nice
  4. They both are equal depending on the spot. However, I feel it's easier to find a high tide spot as the water is getting deeper and there is no need for a fish to rettreat to deeper water. While a low tide spot can lose the water and cause a fish to retreat to deeper water. A good low tide spot will need to hold enough water to keep the fish in casting range.
  5. and the menhaden that used to come inshore are sucked up and gone, Thanks to Omega Protien.. The Srtipers, I have heard, stay a mile or more offshore feeding on Atlantic herring and whatever else might be around to eat. It was really fun for three or four years fishing the winter beach trying to catch a striper. Finally had to give it up after agout three years of trying with no fish around at all.
  6. that's what I was also thinking.
  7. if leaving on the reel it's taking the memory of the reel. Line is cheap when you figure what it cost for a fishing vacation. Never get cheap about your line changing. put on new leader. And retie your leader daily.
  8. if you bait fish at all you want something the birds can se so they don't fly into it.
  9. This is so very true. So often localised blitzes used to argue why science is so wrong, and the local guys know best then resort to the cycle argument.
  10. or what they eat is missing. Like the menhaden in north Carolina are
  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I use one of those plastic bait containers made to fit on you wader belt.
  13. The longer the drop the more your rod will load and bend so you want to let line out to match lure and rod bend to max performance. now there is a point of no return by going way to long or too short. Also a lure way to light or too heavy for the rod rating will not load the rod correctly no matter the drop.
  14. vey sad wasn't it
  15. I like Coleman extreme coolers, as I cannot justify the price of a yeti.