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  1. Cts

    call nick and talk to him. He has built 3 CTS rods for me and knows them very well. They also order the blanks to keep in the shop.
  2. take look at the Akois reels. They have brake blocks and mags. I have 4 akios sports mags. one 555, 2 of the 656, and one 666. very nice throwing reels. very similar to the Abu 6500's in design.
  3. yes
  4. me too.
  5. I own 3 S7 CTS rods. The rods I own throw best in the mid range of their weight range. I also have 2 CCP rods and the same holds true for them.
  6. In my experience almost all rods sweet spots are near the center of their ratings. Generally the rod will handle the low and high ends but won't be their ideal throwing weight. Used that way the weight range offers a fairly good idea of it's abiity. This holds particularly true of quality rods.
  7. can't hear any of mine over the surf. Just loosen the drag. But it is very handy when you need to work with your line such as tangles, grass on line, tying hooks etc. I lke having one.
  8. On Hatteras, where we can drive on the beach, when I stop to fish I police the area around my truck for any litter.
  9. now that hits close to the truth. Course they are chinese kids now.
  10. Amen Brother
  11. Blues could show up in april. Spanish are a summer fish Talking about Avon to Ocracoke. Further South the more chance of warmer water. Spanish still not likely.
  12. I understand your doubt. But I know the knot is good. I believe it is the spinning rod guides and the way the knot goes through. I use the same albright or alberto knot on my conventional reels and have never had this issue of snapped off rigs, when casting anywhere from 2oz to 8oz with my different rods. But that FG knot does seem to spread out smooth, So will field test it in April.. Also might try a bigger top guide if that dosen't work. Will be intresting to see how it works out. By the way Iam using 20lb suffix 832 tied to 20lb flourocarbon. The 20lb suffix is the size of 8lb mono. the knot is tiny. Thanks for all the replies they are good fuel for thought.
  13. yep
  14. The reason I am trying the FG is because no matter how small I tied the Alberto knot it catches on the spinning rod guide, and I have break offs with my 2oz lures. It has to be something about the coils and how they react with the guides. Will give a update on if this happens with the FG. Ten day fishing trip starts April first.