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  1. if leaving on the reel it's taking the memory of the reel. Line is cheap when you figure what it cost for a fishing vacation. Never get cheap about your line changing. put on new leader. And retie your leader daily.
  2. if you bait fish at all you want something the birds can se so they don't fly into it.
  3. This is so very true. So often localised blitzes used to argue why science is so wrong, and the local guys know best then resort to the cycle argument.
  4. or what they eat is missing. Like the menhaden in north Carolina are
  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I use one of those plastic bait containers made to fit on you wader belt.
  7. The longer the drop the more your rod will load and bend so you want to let line out to match lure and rod bend to max performance. now there is a point of no return by going way to long or too short. Also a lure way to light or too heavy for the rod rating will not load the rod correctly no matter the drop.
  8. vey sad wasn't it
  9. I like Coleman extreme coolers, as I cannot justify the price of a yeti.
  10. They went into the expensive yuppe clothing market and really seemed to have left the outdoors man market, Seen other business fail to hit the right market and go down. Hope they are to find a the right niche.
  11. Good point a lot of people want to retire early, and work part time with only getting any retirement pay. But it will lower your SS depending on how little you make, and how long you do it Yes at full retirement age you can make as much as you want and not be penalized. Of course 66 is very close to 70. But for some reason 70 sounds really old, but sounds old for everybody but me.
  12. Be careful about waiting too long to take SS, The extra money you will not get will take a long time and long life to break even. At full retirement age worked for me (66). Not trying to be a know it all but talk to some people about waiting so long.
  13. I was wondering cause there's post of show me your bluefish and it had some really nice sized blues 15-20lbs. I never have been able to even get the 3 pounders to taste great. I will try some of the above ideas.