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  1. Will pay PP. Thx
  2. I'll take the lot for $25. Thx!
  3. Hi, I have one of these rods and broke the 2nd from last section towards the tip. It's the 9' (2.7m) 15 - 40 gram version - MH. Other versions of this wont be a fit. Checking with the community on the off-chance anyone has one they want to sell in any condition, as long as the 2nd section from the top is still intact. This is a Euro based rod and shimano doesn't have replacements that I have been able to find (part# STCSPIN27MH2). Appreciate the read, but am not looking for any other travel rods at this time. Thanks!
  4. i'll take it - please send PM
  5. Thank you all very much for the expert feedback. I will consider all these replies. I love this site and appreciate all the support!
  6. ill take it.
  7. Hi, I'm on the west coast in the SF area and have surf fished for surf perch and stripers for years. I now want to try fishing for the same with a fly rod. My local shop recommends the echo base 8wt for $120. This seems almost too good to be true when most rods are many times more. I amooking for best value, i.e. - would gladly pay $200-300 if considerably better. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  8. I'll take them.
  9. I'll take them and will send check out tomorrow evening. Please PM address / contact to send check, and holding to send until check clears is a given. thanks.
  10. PP sent for bucktail lot. Thanks!
  11. I'll take the bucktail lot - $36 shipped. Thanks!
  12. PP sent. Thanks!
  13. I'll take it.
  14. In my experience, when I blow up only when casting hard (but not on a smooth cast shorter cast) it's because I'm overpowering the rod for the weight I'm throwing. Simple test is throw just as hard with less weight and compare results. If your still blowing up, then cast method may need more attention.