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  1. OK - I'll take it. sending $35 today. Thanks
  2. If the spool is in good shape with the line clip intact and a clean lip, how about $35 shipped and paid anyway you prefer (PP, cleared check, etc.)? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have an old daiwa SS2600 reel (for parts, etc.) where I can salvage a spool? Thanks!
  4. Cosmetics of the spool don't matter - can have scratched paint, signs of use, etc. Just looking for a usable spare. Thanks!
  5. Want to buy a daiwa ss2600 spare spool. New or used in good shape with clean lip. Will consider one with broken line clip, but less desirable. PP and shipped to 94044. Thanks.
  6. PP with address sent. Thanks!
  7. Would you consider $18 shipped for the teasers alone? Thanks!
  8. Personally I don't throw over 5 ounces with a spinner. I use a modified pendulum cast and can't hold braid with my finger, even with tape or guard over that weight. I learned how to throw conventional 30 years ago with an Abu 9000, and have never looked back. I feel this is a very user friendly reel for a beginner. I also believe that you will achieve overall more distance in the 6-10 range using a conv reel. Opinions on this site will vary and may be opposite to my experience. I have converted a few rods, but they were usually an old build (10+ years old), with old glue holding the reel seat, or was lucky that the reel seats were large enough to allow ample clearance when cutting them off with a dremel. You will need to replace the reel seat to spine the rod opposite of it's current orientation for a spinner. If you are not prepared to do that, I wouldn't make the change at all. This conversion also requires stripping the front grip and possibly moving the new reel seat further down on the blank, depending on set-up. You will also end up stripping all the under wraps, because your spinning layout wont match, this will leave ugly remnants. Some of this can be buffed out with alcohol, or other, but it will still show and can kill resale value. Also, if the guides were heavily epoxied, you risk slipping with your exacto blade and cutting the blank, which could blow up later, especially at the thin end of the blank on the smaller guides. Best of luck with your project. Bravo
  9. Ok, thanks for the feedback!
  10. Hi, Can someone recommend a cheap digital scale for weighing lures? I want something that runs on batteries that is a good value and likely won't fall apart or die on me. It doesn't have to be super accurate - one that I can pick up on amazon or the bay. Thanks!
  11. I'll take them for asking. Please pm me address to send check.
  12. What is the material? Gore-Tex or other? Thanks!
  13. How long are the chartreuse rubber shads at the top of that photo? Thanks!
  14. I'll take them. Will send you a PP. Thanks!
  15. PM with address and PP email sent. Thanks!