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  1. Eventually anything that is successful is gonna get copied. I dont agree with someone exactly copying a licensed product, but even though things look the same schematically they may not be. I have caught large on so called sebile knockoffs, but looking at them for 10 seconds i knew the difference. Its something surfcasters have done for generations, modifying existing products to be better suited to a given environment that is better suited to where they fish.
  2. Darters probably, reverse atoms. If i were a bass id eat that afterhours
  3. I disagree a little bit with the .22 not being effective...the stopping power isn't ideal but those little rounds dance around quite a bit with a center mass shot or two.
  4. Thanks guys I really like the mojo, but i'll look into the lami insane too! Any opinions on tfo??? Ive heard good and bad
  5. Thanks so much....kind have had an eye on the tfo. The mojo as well.
  6. Good point up to 250. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look.
  7. Looking for a rod for a Penn Conflict 5000. I wanna throw lures from about 1/2 oz to 2 oz. Will be fishing mainly sandy beaches around Ma and RI.Thinking something 9ft. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. That Cold Steel Makinack Hunter is a nice blade, been carrying one for a few weeks. I still love the Buck 110 and and Ive been carrying a CRKT m21 serrated tanto blade as well.
  9. Spyderco, I have an atlantic salt sheepsfoot blade that I love.
  10. No
  11. I have an epixor that Ive fished for about 7 years. Got a nice albie on it yesterday. I clean it occasionally but its been a workhorse. Im a Penn guy first but I like the epixor alot better than my Stradic if that helps.
  12. Was gonna say carolina too...very true on the upfront cost for whalers.
  13. Prayers for you and your son...stay strong.
  14. Ever need a hand with the area shoot me a message im far from an expert but would be more than willing to help