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  1. Thanks everybody. We had another awesome father's day together, shooting clays. Hopefully, by Grace, the chain of alcoholism through many generations in my family will be broken.
  2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Breaking North Carolina Law US FWS Caught Releasing Coyotes Onto Private Land in Eastern NC This just in from Jett Ferrebee: NCWRC Officer Robert Wayne 31820 US 64 Englehard, NC 27824 via certified letter 6/10/14 Officer Wayne, I would like to report the following alleged wildlife violations in your region. 1. 31 counts of sterilization of coyotes without a permit. This activity apparently involves USFWS biologists and the veterinary clinics that performed the sterilizations. Evidence: From USFWS January - March 2013 Quarterly Report - "Thirty-one coyotes were captured and released during the quarter, 29 of which were first-time captures. All captured coyotes were sterilized before being radio-collared and released, and consisted of eight males and 23 females." USFWS had no sterilization permit during this time period. It is my strong belief that this activity was repeated again from January through May of 2014. The USFWS reports for this period have not been published. USFWS keeps a "canid book" which will have the information you need. There was no sterilization permit in place for this period either. In addition, I believe USFWS has been sterilizing coyotes in our State for almost 15 years. Please cross-reference the trapping and sterilization documentation in their quarterly reports with the issuance of the required permits during this time period. There are likely hundreds of violations. 2. Trapping out of season without a permit. Evidence: See the above referenced evidence. Additionally, this USFWS presentation documents their trapping schedule is daily September through April. "•  Trapping (Sept-April) •  Daily" 3. Trapping on the land of another without written permission. Evidence: I have requested information regarding this activity from USFWS and have not yet received it. Since 90% of the red wolf packs and the vast majority of coyotes occur on private land, I suspect this activity to be rampant. Again, the USFWS "canid book" information and lack of written permission from landowners should suffice as evidence. I have additional first hand information if you need it. 4. Releasing coyotes on the land of another without permission. Evidence: "FWS biologists have also tried bringing in sterilized coyotes to the area. The idea is those sterile animals will keep other coyotes out of the wolf territory and lower the risk of hybridization." I suspect coyotes were trapped, sterilized and released on my farm in Tyrrell Co. in the Spring and Summer of 2013 by USFWS biologists. I never granted permission for anyone to release coyotes on my property. USFWS while at the office of the NCWRC Director was specifically directed by me to euthanize any trapped coyotes on my property. The USFWS should have this data. Again, the "canid book" should have this data. It is well documented that USFWS regularly purchases coyotes from trappers. I can only assume these purchased coyotes are later released and likely released on private property without permission. Purchase of live coyotes, entrapment, misrepresentation. In the State of NC, it is illegal for wildlife to be bought and sold. One exception is that a coyote or fox may be sold only to a fox pen. Now, if special conditions that I am unaware of allow USFWS to purchase wildlife, will you confirm that these conditions were fully met at all times. It will be a real shame if local trappers (selling live coyotes to non fox pen buyer) and veterinarians (sterilization of wildlife) have jeopardized their livelihoods because they were led to believe that they were participating in a legal activity as it was represented to them by the USFWS. I will also copy Roy Cooper, as if my suspicions are correct, he will need to get involved in this matter. Evidence: “This year, we had 8 trappers participate and we paid out $5,200 for 32 coyotes and 10 red wolves.” 4/4/13 letter USFWS to RWC I can provide this letter when necessary. Officer Wayne, I take these alleged violations seriously and request to be updated regularly on their status. Also, are you comfortable that the deer used to feed the wolves in the acclimation pens and also the deer that are laced with medications and wormers for the "wild" wolves are taken legally (all required permits and landowner permissions)? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jett Ferebee 701 Treybrooke Circle Greenville, NC 27834 (252) 714-2774 cc: Gordon Myers, Director, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Roy Cooper, NC Attorney General
  3. By the grace of God, today is my 10th anniversary of sobriety. And here are 4 great reasons to stay sober: (My kids, father's day, 2012)
  4. Today is the 8th anniversary of my sobriety. I took my last drink (a couple of dozen, actually [img= ) on Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day - 2004 Yesterday I was tempted to go down to the river] and pound a case of Bud, but I cleaned out my truck [img= and organized my tools instead. Funny how after 8 years I'd still have issues.] Nothing a couple of shots can't make worse. [img= Thanks to everyone here and especially Chuck for all the support over the years.] JC
  5. Thanks, NJT. Still get an urge once in a while, but hate to have to reset the clock.
  6. 8 years sober coming up - June 1. This thread had a lot to do with it. Thanks, guys.
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