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  1. My new plan for a big bass this spring- toss out a bunker head and sit in a beach chair while I watch the kids play in the water. Happens to some lucky soul this time every year.
  2. Daylight or swimming it after dark?
  3. Yes, if it's a calm night, there should be fish popping on spearing steadily. Nothing.
  4. Don’t feel bad, I’ve given up on squan inlet and round valley. Guys swear by those spots, but I’m all out of confidence.
  5. Looked what the cat dragged in. Had to check the date. Hope all’s well Dave
  6. But for real, do yourself a favor and read Eels by James Prosek. Fascinating.
  7. When a mommy eel and daddy eel love each other very much, they give each other a special hug that puts baby eels in the mommy’s tummy.
  8. Was snagging bunker on the Cape once. Heard huge splashes out in the fog and figured I had found a school of 50’s. Seals.
  9. Just saw someone post on fb with bluefish and thought to myself “time to switch to heads”.
  10. 10'6" 3wt ideally, but I'm open to ideas.
  11. F that jig ****. Throw pencils at the current breaks and sleep in between.
  12. Lots of trespass and out of season up on social media.
  13. No access to Boonton.
  14. I hear it's good, not amazing. I have a big square stern that I may try to get on with.
  15. Probably Boonton res. There are some lakes on the Picatinny property that are probably good. See if you can get access as a vet.