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  1. I second the hellgramite recommendation. I would also say that a guide would put you on bigger fish, but you'll catch plenty on your own. Bring an anchor or get out and wade to fish likely spots more thoroughly.
  2. If it's a big heavy yak, consider a roller system. It extends over the back of your hatch and lets you roll on and off. I can handle my 16' scanoe solo with mine. My yak is so small, it fits entirely in my Outback.
  3. Anyone ever catch a salmon or trout in the salt by accident?
  4. I much prefer fishing in the dark, but if I'm fishing in flat conditions that won't highlight structure (on beaches that now have less structure to begin with) on unfamiliar beaches, my confidence goes out the window. I happened to find a spot in the dark later that night that was probably just a few feet deeper and fish were there.
  5. I caught a bunch last week and the only sign of any fish or bait was a cormorant cruising around.
  6. Started early on pics. This one was better fed.
  7. Anything with a single hook. Hard enough to get a handle on them without a faceful of hooks. Here’s one from a few weeks ago. Sunfish swim bait. This guy could use a couple solid meals. I’d also add that, like perch, big pics prefer cool water. If you are getting hammer handles, go deeper.
  8. Not to mention the driftwood that sweeps down that shoreline.
  9. Spinnerbaits are in the regular rotation. Good for covering lots of water.
  10. Definitely fishable and good choice when sand eels or spearing are about.
  11. Congrats! What're your thoughts on cold water (next 30 days locally) being a good time to target big fish?
  12. you guys go some giants. that 18 looks like a tuna.