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  1. Riggies? I’d use a clip. A little side to side is good. Livies? The less you have in the way of that Circle Sliding into place the better.
  2. I wouldn't. While most fish are hooked on the front and fish really thump this plug, it is a lure that switches directions so you have the chance of a fish being off the mark on the strike. I would think losing the rear would increase the direction change too. If you'll on fish solid, try it out, but for searching, I'd stick with 2. I often drop the back hook on a sp minnow since the front hanger is pretty far back and it tracks straight. Rigged this way, you can "snap" the bait and get some good side to side dart that can trigger in daylight.
  3. I've been finding this year that it takes small triggers to get them going- tide picking up, light changing, and of course, they seem to be bird dogging bunker pretty closely so depends what the bait is doing. A little dip in temps never good this time of yr, but 55 should be good.
  4. I've seen them on every trip to the Delaware north of the Gap.
  5. certainly much better than it was and there is always the danger of a spill, but I think the real threat is the loss of permeable land in NJ that filters water. The land that is left is treated with nutrients and we have more runoff esp salt and oil from the roads. It's become a real problem in the freshwater lakes. From a selfish standpoint, it keeps other users off the water, but businesses that count on visitors to the lakes should be making a stink.
  6. Bluefish. Older, thrown once.
  7. 7" hurley magnet / bass assassin.
  8. Don't think so based on the color and NJ doesn't stock browns. My guess is someone from PA caught it out there (where they stock browns) and thought it would make good chunk bait. If it was further south I'd say it came from Spring Lake kids derby stocking, but think that was cancelled this yr. Maybe a private stocking at Lefferts or a pond/ stream with outlet to the bay.
  9. I found this Sunday AM. Popular RB beach. Been a good start to the season. 3 trips and about a dozen bass to 18lb. Highlight was fishing a spook in the daylight. Had 4 blowups, hooked 2 including a solid fish, dropped both, but worth the show.
  10. Rare but know there are some bomber heads out there.
  11. rested on some hard wood and gave it a couple shots with another piece of wood. Smooth, but I guess we'll know under strain.
  12. Fell and bent my stradic FJ 5000 egg handle. Can it bent back? If not, best source for replacement?
  13. My daughter is studying engineering. I’m encouraging her to look into moving sand around. Great job security. Pump it on the beach, let it drift to the Hook, pump it back offshore. Repeat.
  14. I drove by there about a year ago and thought to myself that it’s odd that it was still operating in a high cost area with big property development potential. Well, there ya go.