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  3. I know the Stella runs in the $600 range or so and with all things being equal, that may answer my question (for comparison sake). But just for clarification, are we talking about the $300 or $600 Saltiga? I ask because I'm becoming more interested in the Saltiga as well and would like to know what differences justifies a $300 difference in price.
  4. Although I've never caught any sennets in the Canal, I have caught them right around the corner in Woodshole. They seem to like my albie lures (if I'm using metals vs the plugs I usually use)
  5. He's been 'Zimmered'....LOL. Btw, do you recall Don Zimmer after the game crying out of embarrassment?
  6. If we could add a 'beat down' that's actually very somber, I'd mention the Holmes Ali fight. That was just sad...
  7. I don't know...I thought Holyfield/Tyson 1 was a pretty good fight-not lopsided at all. The irony in their second fight was that when Mike flipped out and bit Holyfield, it was at the end of what was probably his most productive round of either of their fights. Mike claimed that it was due to headbutts...but I think it was because Mike finally laid some real leather on Evander and it didn't do squat...And that bothered him to the point of flipping out.
  8. Actually 10 rounds...but your point is very well taken and I too enjoyed watching that . To me, the most significant part of that fight wasn't so much the KO, it was when Mike finally did something in that fight and dropped Douglas in the 8th round...Buster had every reason to fold. But in that 9th round, Buster came back and staggered Tyson badly. In fact, I'm certain that Mike hadn't recovered from his 9th round beat down which lead to the 10th round KO.
  9. If it were all about intimidation, that guy known as the 'Mad Hungarian' (I think it was Al Hrabaski(sp)) would top the list. Fortunately, it also comes down to talent.
  10. But it sounds like you buy for a corporation or you're a middleman or something. What about the customer who comes into a store looking at a Shimano Sustain (for example), it's the display model and the last one in the store and that customer asks for a discount because it's the display model? How does 'the customer is always right' concept work into that? What would you do if you were the salesman/manager of the store?
  11. The funny think, I think a lot of consumers actually think there's some kind of formally written contract that actually says 'The Customer Is Always Right'...
  12. For sake of argument, let's assume that her brother is a commercial netter, would that unto itself be enough to disqualify her fish...Just want clarification. Or is it an accumulation of evidence (nasty looking fish along with the netting association) that's causing the suspicion.
  13. I guess...but the point is that he didn't fake an injury just to sit out games (as the article title insinuated)..
  14. Yup...hard as nails
  15. The talking duck turns me off from it