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  1. The amount of juvi bunker off East Matunuck Beach yesterday was incredible.
  2. On the same idea as your foam cylinder/hook "fly", a friend of mine noticed that the trout he was catching around Cape Cod frequently had cigarette butts in their stomachs, so, he epoxied a cigarette butt to a streamer hook and caught a load of trout with it. Doesn't have to make people sense, just has to make fish sense. Anyhow, here's some backwards facing hook-point-up shrimp flies to jerk through the sand in Barnstable Harbor, they kick up decent puffs of sand while stripping them back, down to 2 of these at the moment.
  3. Fair consideration, so then, what would have caused this during my fishing trip a month ago?
  4. We don't have that issue in our basement, but it was indeed the first thing I thought of.
  5. The thing is, some of these lures lived in this box for up to 3-4 years, only started happening this past month. If your suspicion is correct, these lures had been just holding together for dear life for years and this past month was the straw that broke the camels back.
  6. Also, I've yet to fish the melty Spook, which looks like it might work even better than the original now.
  7. I move my lures quickly from my car to my basement, as things left in the car disappear in my neighborhood.
  8. It happened to maybe 3 other lures in the box, so 8 total. Those 8 were randomly dispersed in a box of 30 or so other plastic swimmers, some duplicates of plastic lures that are not effected at all and look fine.
  9. I don't know what else to call it. Anyone ever have anything like this happen before? Some facts to consider before taking guesses on this oddball event. These lures: -were in a basement with a temp that reached a high 75 degrees this past week and were not stored near any heating elements or boiler. -were stored in a lure box with other lures that are still currently perfectly fine and usable. -were NOT stored with soft plastics of any kind, nor had the lure box been used for soft plastic storage at any time. -were fine one month ago on a fishing trip. -are of varying quality and price, ranging from yo-zuri to chinese bootleg yo-zuri. -are all splitting at the mold line, with varying degrees of this absolutely ridiculous but weirdly consistent jackknife deformity. I am stumped. I can wrap my head around a sailfish being caught on a storm shad in the canal, but not this.
  10. Bump?? Anyone???
  11. For the life of me, I cannot find any info on what I need license/permit wise for shore fishing Guadeloupe island. Anyone been? Anyone been to the klink there for fly fishing? How were the cells? How many phone calls do you get? Are there bed sheets in the cell or is it too hot for sheets that far south?
  12. It’s a different flavor of epoxy fly I guess, I cut the head part out of one of those fluorescent light protectors and it makes for a flatter than normal epoxy fly. The reason for it at all is to prevent any and all tail material/hook wrap-arounds.... those drive me bonkers.
  13. Its fluorescent light protector tube material folded in half and cut into pointy fishy face shapes.
  14. All my saltwater fly fishing happened between NH and Barnstable Harbor this past season. Tied these bombproof streamers to look like the three different bait species I always run into, never needed anything fancier.
  15. Since it isn’t a revolvable windlass type device, as far as fishing devices go, it isn’t a reel. I mean, a flanged spool that holds film is called a reel, but during the development of this thing I’ve purposefully tried to avoid calling it that. Line holder, active spool, yo-yo, these names better fit how the device is used.