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  1. That's it just tighten the packing nut a little and it will stop
  2. Check out these lightweight fishingn kayaks and they are made in the USA. http://outcast.upthecreekpaddleworks.com/?ref=14acd7
  3. Just thought I would save you a trip to ups if someone wanted a price to ship. I live on Long Island and just shipped the same one to NJ and it was $15.22 for shipping.
  4. Would you know anything about this bottle of wine as far as worth/demand? I have a bottle of Hurricane Gloria Candlelight Burgandy bottled in late 1985 while Hurricane was coming up the East Coast a decision was made to harvest and ferment the grapes before the Hurricane hit. All harvesting was done by hand at the time. I bought this bottle right after they were bottled, I haven't seen anymore since.Hargrave vineyards was one of the first to make wines on the North Fork in Cutchogue.
  5. I have this Angler Rod holder. $50.00 +15 shipped I live in Claverton NY exit 71 LIE if you're interested
  6. Sorry for your loss I met him briefly when he was out in Montauk a few years back and got to see him play.(I think that was when he got married too on that trip) He'll be in our prayers.
  7. I grew up in Hampton Bays and surfed the Threes from when I first started surfing back in 1962. I used to surf with the Snodgrasses(sp) their father used to have an old Mahogany Hanson forthe storm surf when no one would or could get out there. Bunger had a small shop out there next to Callahans and their team would go to the threes and tear it up. Does anyone remember this club they use to have meetings at the Canoe Place in. This is all I have left of it now though.
  8. Call any tire shop and tell them what car you have and the size you want to put on and they will be able to tell you right over the phone
  9. Guys & Gals don't forget to register for the saltwater registry license. It's free but you need to be registered to fish the salt in NY. Here's the site: https://decals.dec.ny.gov/DECALSCitizenWeb/buylicenses.htm
  10. I'll take them pm me your paypal id and I'll get a payment out to you
  11. At least her identical twin cousin will still be around.
  12. I also have a 9' Roddy 2 piece. I prefer to use the older stuff. When I bought a lot of things they were new tech now I look at them and they are collectibles. LOL Guess it pays to save stuff because sooner or later it will be in demand.
  13. I don't have any 706's left but do have 704 greenies maybe that will be better
  14. I have the rod on its way to me so I can't do that yet. I thought someone here that builds rods would know if they will pair up good or if I should be looking for a different reel. I guess I'll have to wait until it comes and do that. Thanks
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