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  1. I've been following it because I can't afford to hire a guide. From what I have heard is they are going to start licensing but I'm not sure when. Below is taken from DIY Bonefishing Blog. Looks to be a more reasonable approach to me. Rena Glinton, Permanent Secretary made the presentation where she announced what everyone in attendance hopes will be the final legislation to be introduced. In a nut shell, most if not all of the previously annonunced draconian intiatives have been discarded with the new set of regulations to be more or less in line with what other countires encouraging visiting anglers have adopted. This would include an on-line licensing system with the weekly license fee estimated at $20 and the annual license around $60. All self-guided fishing to carry on as before, no limitations. Those with their own boat can still continue to fish without the services of a guide, providing no more then one person at a time is actually angling. Guides will need to be certified, but that process will not be controlled by a single association. A conservation fund will be established and funded by a portion of the angling license fees. We can agree these are all sensible regulations and look a lot like what was conceptually contemplated two years ago. So, lets put the past behind us and look forward to once again be welcomed to fish one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  2. I was out on Wends. and saw 4 Pogie boats heading toward Portland. One was the Ruth & Pat from what I could see.
  3. I was wondering if anyone in the Sunshine State has been following the new proposed legislation in the Bahamas regarding having to hire a Guide to fish there? I've been following the squabble between the Abaco folks and the over all Bahamas Fly Fishing Association. I fish Abaco and am suppose to head over this March for 2 weeks of chasing Bones around Cherokee Sound. Any info or insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Went out on 10/8. All my usual spots from Portland down to OOB amd could not scare up a fish.
  5. I fed this weirdo his last meal in Maine before NE came and got him for execution. A really strange guy. Wanted to know why he didn't have a knife to cut up his pork chop. Yeah, right.........
  6. In regards to chum the way I make it is to use rolled oats, canned ocean whitefish catfood, canned jack mackeral, a couple of cans of the cheapest, oiliest tuna you can find and a bottle of clam broth. I mix it up in a big bowl and then freeze it in tupperware containers. The key is a lot of rolled oats. Cheap and it carries the flavor and the pieces have a shine in the water. I throw a couple in my cooler and bring a net bag. If there is a mackeral within a couple of miles and you keep drifing your chum line, they will come in schools.
  7. Great read Bob. Grew up in Plattsburgh so we would always make the trip to Pulaski every year with my Dad and his buddies. Back in the 60's. you didn't see a fly rod on the river. A lot of lead flying though. Have not been up in 20 or so years. Wouldn't mind making that trip again.
  8. My dream boat would be a new Jones Brothers set up for fly casting.
  9. Is the fuel fresh and treated? Do you have a water/fuel filter? I'd check the filters first, then check for leaks in the fuel line. Sounds like it's not getting fuel all the way up.