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  1. Then we should treat it more respectfully and let those **** faces know we mean it. Instead we go rip up a WMA in a pickup or fall off a Bayliner drunk while towing a tattered beer stained flag.
  2. Pops always said, you want something done right, do it yourself.
  3. I'm not a flag flyer save for one. It flies in one spot on my house and is lit properly at night. It does not touch the ground. I love that flag, but could give two **** about any other flag. I am not a flag waver or a flag virtue signaler. The flag is important and I think the people who over-use or modify it are exactly the same as those who complain about it.
  4. Now if we could just get Kwanza off it would be great. My company is overseas, but in a very woke country. I need to hip them to the huge Juneteenth and Kwanza celebrations (promise they never heard these made up days).
  5. First. Zak the Fla covid stats thing has been completely debunked. You are a hopelessly partisan hack. Second, that woman is as unlikable as they come. From sleeping with a married man for political gain, to her demeanor when talking to whom she considers her lessors (everyone), to her lack of gravitas. Ask yourself if you would hang at a bar or a beach with that ****. I wouldnt cross a street to piss on her if she was on fire.
  6. Trump. lol Just stop. You people look foolish.
  7. It just keeps getting weirder.
  8. Been busy fishing and working. What is actually happening with this? Any leaks? News? It's sorta taking a long time.
  9. Going out tomorrow for Shad and Walleyes. Time to start the season. Post up pix! Post up stories! One Rule: No Politics. **** the UN.
  10. Toggest Wee Ever!
  11. Nothing to see here. All normal. Back in line Citizen.
  12. ^ doesnt get it. amazing
  13. No it isnt. lol
  14. No you dont. But you really do. And that is what is so sad. The above quote may win Rube o' The Week award. I asked a few folks this weekend. A real show stopper. Ironically enough a couple of the hardest core NJ liberals had the same response at first as KB. I didnt push it lol. They knew. KB knows too. The Cognitive Dissonance wont let the message through to his conscience.
  15. These were the small ones. My buddy missed the absolute tank I caught cause he is old and cant work an Iphone. I think that bass had to be almost as old as the photographer. The smallie had the most incredible markings, but it didnt really come out in the pix. I have bagged 11 species out of 25 so far.
  16. I dont have a problem with her delivery or her content. She is a parent. She is angry. She should be. Notice nobody attacks her for being inaccurate about the fact CRT is being taught at the school? No we will make fun of her syntax and unpolished, emotional delivery. Its weak sauce. The fact that he is being honest about her feelings is far more important than her ability to speak publically. The fact that millions of people are learning more about the CRT nonsense due to people like this lady are the big win here. Not some snark about how crazy she sounded. They are attacking the messenger because her message is unassailable.
  17. Pretty sure you never would have got one had you sought one.
  18. What a waste of space
  19. Yeah and right after that happens we will learn Drag Coefficient and Horsepower are inherently racist. Just ask Carol Shelby. That dude was mega white.
  20. I thought you were fishing.