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  1. Its what they do. They do something, then turn right around and accuse the right of doing it. This is a perfect case in point. Russian Collusion too. If they are accusing you of something, its a fair bet they already did it. Evil or stupid IDK.
  2. Russia lol you latte breathing **** heads lost. get over yourselves. you were that bad. trump did not win HILLARY was rejected. russia ba fungu
  3. If you think I or others will care one bit who pays for it after the door is shut you are nuts. The typical liberal will look at a completed wall and post videos of Trump say mexico will pay and call it a ****ing victory for them. They are just insane. Lets argue after the door is shut... Russia lol
  4. Parsing words. He is talking about THE environment. You are talking about anything from your bedroom to Philly's Heat Sink. None of which counts as altering THE environment to our liking.
  5. Its amazing a tweet will offend them but the grossness of the above mentioned is aallll good.
  6. There is no one they would accept. Whoever gets any gig with T Rump is in immediate financial peril. Who in their right mind would take it, unless its another lily white (clean, no triggers please sjws) guy like Pence out there. Personally I think this entire debacle will stop any businessman or Washington outsider from considering taking on the swamp. Next President will be slimy swamp critter and the progs will be thrilled to death to be lied to eloquently and with dignity.
  7. Are Mainebat!
  8. Damn is that true?
  9. Not to mention, do you realize the amount of wolf bitches with #metoo stories? Like every damn one right?
  10. Good Schools. Way too many school districts in NJ. Very expensive. Some states do it by county.
  11. This is a bizarre thread. Ness for President.
  12. Hey Brilliant League this aged better than Japanese Waygu. Anything? Too bad so many snowflakes melted and got tossed off the board since this thread. 17 Agencies. Russia lol
  13. Uhhh Hey Guys, Russia?!?! Anything?!?!? LOL you people are master rubes. congrats.