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  1. Thats like saying Golf is just putting a little white ball in a hole. Still think its funny what happened to that poor kid?
  2. I like it. Then people can sell some of our worst offenders their credits and they can still insult and derail. Sound theory right there.
  3. I know she went out partying and slipping in and out of events the day before the SOTU. Do you think that hangover is over? It must have been one HELL of a party!!!! Anyone see her?
  4. I think its a conglomerate of technologies, some centuries old, some being learned by my kid. Its not a monolithic 'wonder of the world'. In my mind, "the wall" is an idea. It is a system and a blockade to keep the sovereignty of my country and keep liberals from populating inner cities with illegals so the can inanely scream 'popular vote' thus then... russia lol and in my mind you know all this.
  5. Can you show us this evidence of collusion?
  6. It will be ok if you SOAK it for 20 sec in cool water after each use (dont spray) Its not made specifically for salt, but its got CR stuff in the right areas. Just take care of it.
  7. You guys have anything yet? These comments are not aging well. I wonder how many of the snide comments back in TWO THOUSAND AND SIX****INGTEEN will age?
  8. Even when it comes up empty officially they will still be talking about it like it was a thing. Russia lol
  9. This entire thread has me baffled.
  10. Not political unless she was an illegal.
  11. Which indictment specifically includes collusion with Russia on the election? I cant seem to find it.
  12. A billion? c'mon What did it hail for a month?
  13. So your answer to who the Democratic Candidate might be is Russia? Russia lol Its the gift that keeps giving. I love the fact the left keeps bringing it up. Its easier to debunk than AOC's GND. By all means keep it up.
  14. I think the only truthful word in that definition is "schemes". Just saying...