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  1. I dont think the brilliant squad cares one bit that the NYT is no longer the USA's paper of record. I dont think they care if they manipulated the news to sell papers and do the DNC's bidding. I do think however, the intelligentsia will never forgive them for making them look stupid. They were spectacularly and collusively (is that a word) wrong. And people, like some participants here , will sing their praises and call us dumb for not 'getting it', but in the end I dont think they will forgive too many more of these gaffs. They want orange man gone and if the NYT cant do it, they will move on to TMZ eventually. They talk about cults while belonging to one. I wonder if they see this. This would be where Tom's accusation of Cognitive Dissonance fits in.
  2. what we need is some sort of chart...
  3. Dead Woman Eats Hamburger In other news..... White Nationalism lol
  4. How was the topwater bite? No real bass by us right now, but they were catching schoolies like crazy in the manasquan.
  5. He was both an Icon and a product of his generation. He inspired millions to get out and be part of America in the mid to late 1900's. Cant blame him for how and where he was raised. RIP thanks for the memories. Its a shame you were an sweetheart.
  6. People have been fishing for fluke with a spro and a gulp 'teaser' 20 years before the largemouth dudes figured it out. Reminds me of the Alabama Rig. lol We been dragging umbrellas for 40 years.
  7. Speaking as someone with a Senior in college I can agree with this. If you want to keep the peace you have to watch what you say. If you want to suffer a kick under the table from the wife and a glare from #1 son, go ahead and ask a few follow up questions when they talk about wall street, immigration, or trans somethingorother. Its a hoot. What is really troubling though is some of the adults on this forum who act the same way as these children. I was an idiot in college, I did some real stupid **** too. People here are grown ass men who believe the same thing my 20 yo does. White Nationalism lol
  8. Maybe the OBX can come back.
  9. Thankfully I have been immune my whole life to sports talks shows. Cant see it changing.
  10. There is a lot words and names in this thread I am unfamiliar with.
  11. Liberal Paradise. 101% voted for Obama. White Nationalism lol
  12. Been using them for years.
  13. But in all honesty, if you are wondering, give us more info. What are planning to do with it? Spinning, conventional? Bottom fishing or trolling? Species? Beach or boat. Rocks or sand? Give us a bit more background so we can drill down.
  14. We had an old saying at the tackle shop. If you have to ask why you need it, you dont.