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  1. ^ this I am just not allowed to say it
  2. I had not thought of it that way. Watching them self immolate was just weird.
  3. Whenever I see a dislike its ol seven. I just hit like to counter it and its back to even. You guys dont see those.
  4. Agreed. And box cutters classically cut boxes.
  5. I met the man. Shook his hand. Dead eyes. Creepy.
  6. I just did a bit of reading. This is not good. In the short term it may not be that bad as far as actual real world impact. But wow, in the larger scheme of things, what's next? Do some googling, these guys are not ****ing around. We cant just blow this off. If only someone painted a swastika on the side of them tank next to the turnpike the govt might leap into action.
  7. I think a lot more than you give credit to. This is why so many people react to you.
  8. Poor Dawgie. Easily top 5 hardest things to go through.
  9. lol I have more faith in my fellow man than you do. Am empath.
  10. Dares to speak out is fine. Organizes a hit job on leadership and leaks its has its consequences. Side note, stop with the "all republican" stuff. You are smarter and better than that. You insult alot of good people with that nonsense.
  11. Agreed. But still consequences apply for said bad behavior.
  12. I would think the leaders of the black community should be terrified having a white conservative raising a black child. Remember only white people are mass murderers.
  13. So I had some sort of bug yesterday. Sat if front of the TV all day. I have been trying to watch baseball lately as an exercise in slowing down the pace of life and mind. I really used to love watching it. Anyway. Wife and I are watching the Yankees Nats game. Pitchers duel until the 7th great game. Virtually empty stadium due to (D). (Compare and contrast the Braves stadium attendance same day.) But right there behind home plate with 50 empty seats on all sides (rich people suck) were two woke-scolds wearing their masks. 100 feet on either side, outdoor and I would bet vaccinated. I became enthralled watching them. They would take them off, pull em below their nose, and they kept looking around. Probably noticing other people in the non uber wealthy seat not wearing masks and woke-scolding them with their eyes. Unreal. Then watch a game in a free state. Its unreal what we gave up and the numbers are now bearing out that the wokest of woke-scold states are BY FAR THE WORST
  14. I worked for a company that was bought out by a venture capitalist outfit about 15 years ago. I got let go as I was too expensive and did not want to commute to the city. Went on unemployment, times were tought. I was so embarrassed that people would see my truck at home all day that I pretended to leave for work each morning, parked the truck at the golf course and rode my bike home. Everyday until I got a gig. That sense of shame and work ethic is all but gone in today's 'adult'.
  15. But hey, no more mean tweets mocking of Jim Acosta! "hey Kobe, how my ass taste?"