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  1. You hang your hat on the thinnest of hatracks. We get it. Now do 2018
  2. The open, porous, non existent border was a key part of the plan. Not a small part, one of the KEY parts. The fact is they could have leisurely walked right in if they were not stopped by the Feds who infiltrated the plan. You correctly answered the question but as usual stood well clear of the point.
  3. As far as I am concerned that is a bell he cannot un-ring. I will always keep this thread in mind when dealing with him. If I was a mod I would have banned him just out of principle. Reflects poorly on the site and PG.
  4. The NRA affecting schools shootings is what the president is to affecting gas prices.
  5. He has been issued the ass warrior AR challenge before. He does not know. Dumb ass probably think AR stands for assault rifle.
  6. Why would an AR make you a better deer hunter?
  7. I tried to chase him from my thread, but I dont have buttons. After his first two laughing emojis he would have sidelined. It goes to show that some of the snark is far more than just an act.
  8. Beat it **** face
  9. You totally suck dude. Please leave my thread.
  10. How about he pipes down and takes a cognitive test.
  11. We have got to start putting effort into identifying these individuals and at the same time hardening our very softest targets. Guns are just the easiest tool available for the mentally ill to use. Take them away and there will still be these senseless killing in America. There is rot at the center.
  12. I saw somewhere there was a pile of unspent Covid money allocated to schools. Lets go get that at least, understanding they will never 'give it back' anyway, and start making schools more secure ASAP?
  13. It is the scenario that makes the most sense when wondering how Joe could be so bad. He was put there to be bad. President Puppet.
  14. Me either
  15. What the hell...