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  1. Here is what he is saying. Anything they do to get him impeached, any subpoena he will fight. For them to get info to impeach they will have to have an investigation or hearings. He will fight those. He is basically saying he is willing to fight it has high as it can go. Eventually. Him say 'first' is just a class a troll. Its like the 'wire tapping' thing. Calm down. Unless you want him impeached and then you should worry.
  2. Taaaaaaaaaaake Caaaaaaaare of Meeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. Term limits. Duh
  4. Hindsight is 20/20? Lol How about the years of people telling you what was going on. Showing you what garbage the Obama admin and the DOJ were allowing the Russians to do. It was explained to you here in so many styles and manners they are uncountable. We yelled it at you, tried talking to you like an adult, we ridiculed and disputed you. And you talk about hindsight. God help us all.
  5. Please correct me if I am wrong. Are these people using super-delegates to subvert the rank and file vote the same **** tards screaming about the popular vote and the electoral college? Its freaking mind boggling.
  6. Based upon the ridiculousness of the Democrats up to this point, I do not doubt they will try. Its the next step. Madness. Guess its gonna be a couple years of this Impeachment lol
  7. Joey for President. **** "Lock her Up" as a campaign chant. We have a new one. "Shoot the sumbiatches"! Where do I sign up?
  8. Its the Howard Stern Paradox In the beginning the only people that listened to him more than his fans, were the people that hated him. true story
  9. You just have to chuckle
  10. Dude you quoted me saying that they will have low ratings and thats worse than violence. And you come at me talking about my side? WHere in my post you quoted, the entire post even, did I talk about sides. Where in my quote did I talk about sides. And you second post was incoherent.
  11. Day drinking huh?
  12. The far right is one guy? Tom is right, take a breath kid.