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  1. It would. Man you guys need a win. Russia lol
  2. I think its an existential crisis
  3. Perfect. Beat me to it. Jesus or some other dude Jebus would not approve of willfully breaking the law, some would say maliciously. He would offer shelter in the nearest church, which as we already learned just a few posts up, has nothing to do with national borders. If they are true refugee's any church will do. Does not have to break laws to be here. Personally I think Jesus would be pretty pissed at the forces that created this 'Caravan'. But then again, if I learned one thing liberals especially the elite do not know a whole lot about Jesus and certainly not what he stood for. I find it funny when they bring him up.
  4. Romans 3:31 Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law. Facts.
  5. lol If I had to guess, I would say it was less dreaming and more purposeful. Reminds me of what FnM would do to people.
  6. Whistling past the graveyard? Sort of reminds me when people got made fun of for talking about all the Trump lawn signs. Sometimes the evidence is literally right in front of your face. Having said that, I am still not sure about the house. I dont think I have enough information to do anything other than guess. The senate is a lock for Trump.
  7. Me. Actually I was always independent, but I tended to vote more liberal in my younger years. Dumber too. I wised up. And it was not that the conservative side 'drew' me to it. The left drove me away, I tried it, its crazy.
  8. Anecdotally only; Some folks have been striper fishing for a long time. I am old enough to be considering retirement. I have pictures (real ones) of me fishing when I was 4. Thats alot of years with a stick in my hand. And while I wont say that nights Marty describes dont happen... In my experience those nights are burned into my memory... And they were few and far between. I dont care who you are or where you live. My advice is to look to your own experiences. The more experienced you are, look harder. Have you ever gotten into 30's one after the other every time you fish? They guys stalking beaches in the night know it just does not work like this.
  9. wow
  10. Maybe he will come back and be the opening act on the Clinton Brother's Farewell Tour '18
  11. I am probably just as amused as you are.
  12. Should've had a wall.
  13. Like I said no one takes/took her seriously.
  14. This crime will not be taken seriously. Mostly because no one takes the potential defendant seriously.
  15. Hey Mokes!