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  1. Golf lol
  2. Second post in and it nailed it. Nothing further required in this thread.
  3. Everyone cheats. R and D. So why give either another way to do it?
  4. My position is unchanged. Giving a President a hard time for golf is hack. Level 10 hackery. No creativity, no basis in substance, and just hack. If its something you use in a political forum as a legitimate issue it clearly shows your lack of gravitas. Kind of like having big scarlet R for rube on your chest. How embarrassing.
  5. They are counting on the D Governors to hold the line. If it breaks in NJ and NY, IL and MI will follow. They cant allow that to happen.
  6. Link please. Cant wait to do your critical thinking for you.
  7. I avoid them in situations where any kind of intent can be infrered. Bars, concerts, state parks. If they are around I dont want to be around. I never do anything that gets them called to my house. I support them generally, but know the stresses of the job can cause them to snap. And I want to be nowhere near them and if I have to be, I am "yes officer", "here is my ID sir" and "yes sir I will move right along".
  8. Even a clock is right twice a day. Maxx is lost.
  9. Wow first response goes against narrative. Sucks huh? You should try free thought. The very fact that you feel conservatives will support this nitwit shows your racism more than ours.
  10. While I think its bull **** when people lose their jobs for being dick heads, this Karen deserves whatever comes her way. She needs to lose that dog too.
  11. I dont think so. If he kneeled so hard he cut off his air supply totally it would have been over in 60 seconds. This was a long time and he just got weaker and weaker is my guess. If we had a video of a black officer choking out a white dude I would be just as pissed. Race card is of course being played. Which brings me back to my question about why they would think they would get away with it, especially the race card could be put into play.
  12. ****ing hate to see that ****! Why does it keep happening, or a better question why do cops think they can do this kind of stuff and not get caught? Unreal.