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  1. They miscast Hildabeast, she passed that weight sometime in 2010. Perhaps they should have used Gabrielle Sidibe?
  2. Yep. Its hilarious. And they are coming for you... (image from last night. my guess is CNN did not show this shot)
  3. Jesus Christ **** already Frank.
  4. They were raised with pure bullspit. Their minds were polluted with SM and phones as Dude noted. They get to a certain age and discover that world does not actually work the way they were told. They simply cant deal. They look at the BS people post on FB extolling their perfect lives and despair. No money, no skills, no one to take selfies with.
  5. Then that person is a fence sitter because in many cases there is no nuance. People that find it in abortion or guns are part of the problem. Not saying that are not exceptions, but if you find yourself smack in the middle on all issues you are a sociopath.
  6. Yuuup. **** like that is done only in really shady transactions. And not for nothing, we owe Iran nothing. They have caused many American deaths.
  7. I think its not an overall calculus that earns you the 'centrist' title. I think a centrist is a person that may hold views that both 'sides' claim. For example you can be hardcore in immigration and totally cool with abortion. Those are two extremes, but a person that holds those views can claim to be centrist. Its not that you are just the right amount of pro/con on immigration and just the right amount on abortion etc.
  8. Actually if you would leave there do seem some here that want to discuss this. I find it an interesting topic. One that you are, as per usual, trying to **** all over. I will just stay and point that out endlessly until you go away.
  9. When I figured out his dick was bigger than Franks. lol (funny post btw)
  10. With you I am. Absolutely. I have no desire to debate you on the issues because you are incapable of doing so. So when it comes to you, I am basically here to do unto you that which you do to all us. It was getting much better when you were banned.
  11. I would love to see your 'positions' that define you as centrist. I am a conservative. I would not quantify myself as a centrist, but I guaran damn tee that I hold more centrists positions than you do. Because here you are a contrarian, radical, progressive. Maybe at home where you dont wear the pants you are a more center person, but your persona here is anything but. 17 agencies lol
  12. It was cut and pasted from NY's state gubmint website.
  13. All them illegals are probably not living in inner cities and demanding each vote counts equally right. lol
  14. wink wink right lol
  15. Google to see if they can get a SS # too. Build that ****ing wall.