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  1. Have you seen Booker in action lately? I think the embarrassed gene has been bred out of liberal politicians.
  2. The ego thing is weird. Of all the reasons to keep your yap shut, ego never occurred to me as a motivating factor. As a matter of fact it seems kind of counter-intuitive. I have found the ones telling everyone where, when, how, and has pix that absolutely HAVE TO go the interweb are the ones with the ego. Until I learned how important it is to keep your pie-hole shut I was considered a kayak fisherman. Once I learned the lesson and the desire to # my chest ceased I found out that I am not considered a kayak fisherman anymore. True story, heard it right here in this forum.
  3. If it looks like a slut,,,er,,,duck and walks like a duck....
  4. I bet this lady has a frequent flyer account. Any takers?
  5. I very politely lie my ass off to them. Everyone. I even lie to my wife just to keep sharp when she asks where I am fishing.
  6. I think she is realizing it in real time and its horrifying. Like many liberals who make outrageous claims of racism or sexism, when confronted with actual facts or are demanded to provide actual facts they have an 'oh ****' moment where they realize they are way out on a limb. Boozing some wine while watching the Emmys and yell 'You go girl' to the TV is a whole lot different than this. She is looking around right and left and realizing she has nothing to gain and has already probably lost everything. She is screwed.
  8. Russia lol Keep ****ing that chicken.
  9. No qualifications to the motivation. Lets say you were watching a football game and commercial came on for a store or a service that was super proud of being white.
  10. So thats a yes right?
  11. The left would love for Trump to fire Sessions so they can
  12. White people are a fun loving, vibrant community. We have a passion for life, music and food. We are friendly and love to celebrate with our community. I am very proud of being white!