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  1. Just took Bert to horse cove. A bunch of boats right off shore.
  2. Where you at ?
  3. Batteries are not green. Give me a break.
  4. My old man raced speed skiffs there. I remember him racing in shark river one year also.
  5. Have your transponder number ready when you call them.
  6. We always put a barrier up between the spot and where the people are and at least 100’ away. still not 100% safe.
  7. Was going to say I know what 4K looks like but no comparison.
  8. We’re only allowed 150’ of trot line here in NJ.
  9. There’s an art to a show. Different speed fuses and matching different bursts and colors. Filling the viewing area of the sky. That should be a good one. Have fun. Be safe.
  10. The euros are playing the Irish Open at Mount Juliet this week. I played there in 01 great course.
  11. Those hot chicks pedaling there ass off and yelling at you in the commercial is compelling.
  12. If it’s broken off it’s not a set screw.
  13. Light house will eat your lunch. The other course at glen riddle is war admiral. You played all the good ones down there. Did you play Baywood on the way back? That’s what we do.
  14. I thought about using traps on the little boat but can you picture me trying to pull and sort them with Genni helping.
  15. We do hand lines now no traps anymore. Not looking to for a bushel. Got a dozen this weekend in about an hour.