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  1. I'm very sorry to derail this thread. I will without question keep an eye out for the stolen property and report it to the proper authorities if found or spotted. I was just curious as to why anyone would leave that kind of money in a pretty much unsecured location. I just learned a long time ago not to trust anyone. When I had a boat at a slip I would take home all electronics, rods and reels everyday. I'm sure a lot of You were thinking the same thing, My problem I guess was that I said it. It would haunt Me the rest of My life that an extra 15 min. would have saved Me the pain and anguish of having all My stuff stolen. I offer My appologies to anyone I have upset for saying what everyone else was thinking!
  2. Mitchman- Who in they're right mind would leave 11 thousand worth of rods and reels on a boat nomatter where it was docked or parked? Most of us cherish our tackle and will take every precaution to protect it. We have worked too hard to afford it. I could not afford that kind of gear but if I could it would be locked up in My house at night. Leaving that kind of gear in a locked tackle locker is just plain stupid. I would never be too tired to bring 11 thousand of rods and reels into My house so they would not get stolen!!!!!!!! What do You not understand about that?????
  3. mitchman- I am pretty sure a rod locker can be broken into with a big screwdriver. I have never been so tired not to take anything of value off My boat when I got back for the simple reason is I would'nt want it to be stolen. Trust nobody! Like I said I'm sorry He got ripped off, but I don't know anyone who would leave 11 thousand dollars worth of rods and reels on a boat anywhere. A locked rod locker? You gotta be kidding Me..
  4. I'm with fishbulb. Who in they're right mind would leave 11 thousand dollars worth of rods and reels on a boat overnight unless they were sleeping next to them? Sounds like another case of more money than common sense..Hope He gets them all back and has learned a life lesson..
  5. I would buy SOL, pay the Admins and Mods. Also hire someone competent to make this the fastest website on the net instead of the slowest!!!!
  6. I was channel surfing and came across this show. What are these so called parents thinking? You can tell most of these kids do not want to be there! Almost all of the mothers are fat and ugly as hell! They should all be put in jail for child abuse!
  7. Most cops I've met are good people. The minority are real morons. Don't give Me the crap about what thet see everyday. If they can't handle it, quit and go to work for the dpw. If You can't handle the stress of Your job,QUIT!!.. Do not give Me the crap about how stressfull the job is! If a big tough cop can't handle a 120 lb girl in cuffs without smashing Her face against a wall theres really nothing I can say.
  8. I have seen a website that had some cameras on some traps. The Lobsters ate the bait and just walked out of the traps, so I would think the more often You check em the better the chances. I had a boat at a slip in Quincy for 4 yrs and caught more lobsters in the 3 traps i tied around My slip than I ever did out in the deep blue. ... Only problem was the marina poachers .. I usually like wet spots, just not where My traps had been pulled during the night
  9. Don't know Sharkey N Sons,but He has good advice. Someday I would like to shake His hand. ..He knows things the rest of us don't and is not shy of sharing it with us. Unless He is a good ********ter, I think He has been there and done that. Thank You for Your service!
  10. A few years ago i wanted to split a box 100 bronze baitholder hooks with a friend. Got back to count em up and there were 75 hooks in the box. Went back to the shop and got a song and dance about they were weighed at the factory. The new box had a 100 in it. Must have been a factory mistake. I would never accuse a local shop of any underhanded dealings. Just strange there were exactly 75 hooks. Buyer beware I guess. Never would have noticed if I didn't split them..Was not Dicks, just wanted to share My experience..
  11. Sharkey i admire Your style and advice! When divorce was imminent I Installed a recording device in the basement. Recordered every call coming and sent from My house for a month. I removed it on a friday and was served with a restraining order on Monday. I'm 6'3 and 240 and when the 2 cops showed up i asked them why there only 2 of them. When I saw the looks on their faces I invited them in with a smile and evrerything went very smooth I did not know about the mass laws regarding taping phone conversatioins. Of course this is a hypothetital situation and never really happened don't record in Mass..
  12. Will firefox mess with My email or is it just a new browser?? I'd be willing to try it, but don't want to screw anything else I have on My Machine. Thanks!! I
  13. SOL is probably the slowest site on the net now. Tim is definatly loosing traffic. It seems the Longer I surf here the slower it gets. Its a shame that after all the work He has put into the site its now the the slowest or one of the slowest on the net. Unless something is figured out its gonna die. And the answer is not to tell us to upgrade our browser or buy a new computer!!!!!!
  14. Fer Chrissake please capitalize SEAL. Thanks!
  15. SEAL is always capitalized. Thank You!