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  1. Found these at local flea market last month. Anyone recognize them. Popper looks like ocean port tackle or Robbie Mitchell possibly. Other 2 are thru wired cotter pin construction. Could be Lido or folk art? Bought them as musky baits with the wire leader makes sense I guess. What do you think? WR
  2. You may be right mike,I’ll get a better look at it tomorrow. I thought it was epoxied on the ends. I’ll try to turn them
  3. I have no idea on this one but I like it. Thru-wire design topwater I’m guessing. it definitely doesn’t look new.Has initials R.P. Anyone recognize it or have info? Nj builder maybe? Thanks for looking WR
  4. My sons does that right out of the box. Not bent
  5. Closed
  6. Nice lot,just missed them
  7. Sorry no scale but I’d guess around 2ozs
  8. Price drop $60 Shipped on jointed DP
  9. Jigmaster sold to downtown thanks
  10. Last bump on the jointed DP
  11. Ck your pm
  12. Good to know. That was basically my question. Just air down and go until it gets soft then hit 2nd gear and hit lock button. Thanks all who replied
  13. Sorry conman my bad. Should state 4wd,fwd would be front wheel drive when talking about these vehicles. Not like we’re talking about our old pick ups.
  14. So Foilfish you do use 2nd gear with the VTM lock button pushed on? Do you ever just run in drive? Mine is a 2014 FWD not AWD so I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ve been driving on the beach for a long time just not in this type of vehicle just wanted some first hand input. Thanks
  15. Do you need to use the VTM lock and drive in second gear ?