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  1. On our second CR-V first was a 2005 that we gave to our son and sold it with 180,00 miles still going strong. wife has a 2018 touring loaded. both are great cars no issues with either. A few minor recalls is about it. Have a 14 pilot too just turned 100,000. Never a problem here either. Free lifetime oil changes on these helped too. My next ride may be a pilot too. I always had American made trucks but after 100,000 it’s one problem after another. Got tired of working on them. Also had a 2013 Fit as a commuter. Can’t say enough good things about that one. Perfect for running the nj turnpike. Get a price for the Fit and post it here before you trade it in. Let someone get a good used car here.
  2. All I got out of it was don’t buy a electric car. It will take off without you and wreck on a highway somewhere. Lol I agree with slicedcornbread the ending was terrible
  3. Ok great sending pm sold to Bomberman86
  4. Yup answered above. The decal was there with info. thanks for replying
  5. I watched a few. It’s like “Team America” with live actors. Lol
  6. Up for sale. Black Label hand carved. New but no package. Small blem under chin in finish shown in photo. Nice lure overall. $30 shipped first class. pp f&f, cash meet in north Burlington co. Thanks for looking WR
  7. I have several older factory loomis rods I still use today. I don’t believe that I ever built one. They stopped selling blanks 2008 I think i read. These have been sitting a long time and they will get put to good use next spring.
  8. Ok now I just feel silly. Lol. Right there in the package are labels. Duh I’ve had these blanks out several times,knowing the lengths and power rating just needed line and lure. Thanks Stu for replying
  9. Trying to find specs on these 2 loomis blanks. Online search found nothing. Maybe someone might have a old catalog laying around. Going to wrap them for next season
  10. lures are sold thanks Great I’ll pm you info
  11. Have these 2 new Big Fish Prey for sale. 2.3 ozs 6” new in packages $45 shipped each usps priority PP f&f or meet up central nj cash or postal money order Thanks for looking WR
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