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  1. Would anyone here fish with a Purple Reel...Other than "Are" Goya? We want to see it all when complete.
  2. It's always the Puerto Rican's that want the bright colors.
  3. Atta Boy Mac! Paul Coffey would be proud of that rush.....and just like the B's give it back. lol
  4. I feel bad Steelers fans to go out like that. I blame Tomlin for the failed fake punt and Giving the Saints prime field position down by 4.
  5. 250.
  6. Sold as a pair. One is fished and used the other is new never carried but has what looks like a brown mark on the belly weight of the new one. You can see it in the photo. 330 shipped for pair. PayPal only.
  7. Closing thread. thanks.
  8. I dig your 19 Otis. I have the 20!
  9. First Kapernick and now Machado.....Greatest Heists ever.
  10. Gods Of The Throne Must Be Watching From Hell Awaiting The Mass Genocide Soldiers Defeated By Death From A Smell Bodies Lie Dormant No Life Rising New Souls On The Land Where They Fell Demons Not Ready To Die Nothing To See Where The Sleeping Souls Lie Chemical Warfare!!!!!
  11. Used this set up once. Comes with 50lb braid. Ready to fish. No shipping pick up only in Metro Boston area. $115.00
  12. Final drop 280 PayPal shipped.
  13. Thanks for that updated information. Maybe someone will get the redesigned Tekota A and see if it can cast well. That’s how the Saltist started. I think reel handles upgrades are ones taste. Certainly not a must. In fact here are two of my D Saltist 20’s. Coming up on its 7 or 8th season. One has an Accurate handle upgrade the other one is stock. Both purchased around the same time and used for plugging and jiggin’. I used both and didn’t seek out another Accurate ball. In fact I like the paddle handle more. As far as I know the Saltists reels were created for trolling? My old Saltist LW 20’s don’t have brakes. Glad they put in centrifugal brakes now for those that need em. Agree they have the LC counter option just like the Tekota you let me know about. But many of us have used the Saltist for jiggin and plugging.
  14. If it’s the new Tekota-A series I dig it. Hi speed baby! I wish I can pull up a schematic with it to see if it had brakes but probably not. Seems to be made for jigging. The thumb may be able to tame it if not maybe changing the lube in the bearings can slow it down or just add a mag. I wish these manufacturers would add a mag option right out of the factory. I get there maybe be butterfly jiggers buying this reel but eventually most all will want to cast at some point. This new A will compete with Diawa Saltist 20-30 size LW.
  15. Thread closed relisting
  16. This plug was fished and caught. Picture shows rash and rust on hooks. $155 PayPal or Money Order includes Shipping
  17. And rightfully so. So what is your position? I do stand corrected here. Here is what I found and its possibly it's current.
  18. Nope. As of today you cannot claim Bankruptcy for student loans. So are you still ok with it?
  19. It doesn't matter what branch of Socialism it is. Either you run out of "other" peoples money, war happens and you lose in your attempt of world domination, a civil war happens? The end result is the same, the system fails. History has shown us this.
  20. Yeah, but you said you are ok with allowing Student Loans to be washed away with bankruptcy. The way the laws are now you can't claim your student loans in Bankruptcy and walk away scott free.
  21. So, John can goes to Rutgers University, graduates with his degree, goes into debt immediately and files for bankruptcy. 1 year later all his students are wiped out. John gets a job with his degree and rebuilds his credit again....and you are OK with that?
  22. So tell us what the difference is.