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  1. Just passing the deal along. No affiliation. Duckett is having a 50 percent off sale. For 80 bucks these are an absolute steel. A quality blank, fuji guides with alconite rings! Perfect for the kayak without spending 200-300. They rate these medium to heavy on the spinning. No line or lure rating. Think 2-3 oz lure for the heavy. These medium and medium heavy are excellent all around Bass, Albies, and Blue rods. Terry Nugent from Riptide had em on 50lb class Tuna the other day. Thats tested.
  2. This should be fun. Just picked it up on a score. 1990 14' DV Mirrocraft. 99 Evinrude 15.
  3. Good for him. I noticed that a few years ago when some original people on YT would do hang, fish and cook. Some flopped some were cool. Meat Eater show opened opened up a lot of this. There has been a void since Spanish Fly show ended tragically.
  4. Had two easy nights. The rest has been scrounging for something. A lot of work. Coming up empty has been starting to become more common.
  5. I do that too. 1/2 and 3/4oz with 34185 or 34184 8/0.
  6. This ones for you Montgomery.
  7. Various. 4"-20"
  8. All is right in the world again....for now!
  9. What did you get per pound? I like tossing the rubber. Stuff I make. Sometimes it works sometimes it sucks. Sometimes others get fish and I get nothing. And vice versa. Be back out tonight hoping for an easy night.
  10. Snag and drop pogies? I thought that was illegal. That's not my game. I need a ton of squid to come in at night. I actually break dance when I see the pogie boat. My mother from beyond the grave can catch 30lbers snagging and dropping.
  11. A bunch of that will change things.
  12. Total agree with that assessment.
  13. It's actually good news to hear that. Looks like it will be July-August bonanza for me, I hope. I just need to find where the stuffed cows are grazing at night.
  14. Lol....I need them in the rocks. July August.
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. We are all just trying to make the best out of what is dealt out. Seems to be the same story among most.
  16. GT
  17. Be weary of any alarm service company giving away free doorbell cams. I just got off the phone with ADT. 3 weeks ago I paid for a new service. Two outside cams and a free doorbell. The door cam has glitches. Out of nowhere it will not get picked up by wifi. A virtual appointment guy said, don't worry we will send someone out. Don't worry, because its 211 bucks. After arguing I got my way to get it off but be aware free is not just free.
  18. They give you 90 days.
  19. They get their share of people paying that 211. When I ordered ADT service I thought I was getting ADT equipment. ADT apparently does not have a doorbell yet. The bell cam works on google app. Any future problems I will be calling Nest and see if I can get help.
  20. Bastards. I wonder how many times a day they bang out 211.
  21. If that story is true I cannot believe there is a human being on this earth that would approve of that method. But there is.
  22. This casual abortion stuff is really disgraceful but people for there own reasons want to chose this.
  23. So what's your problem then? The supreme court is out of it. They should have never got involved with it.