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  1. Absolutely a nice boat. I shopped around for a 21 SE before I bought my NorthCoast 20. The 18 is a flat bottom hull unlike the SE model for more choppy and unfavorable conditions. The 18 will bomb around the harbor and it will be good on gas. You may slam a little on 2' chop depending on speed but it's fine. You can head out to Stellwagon 16 miles out on a reasonable day. It's coming back into a SW/W blow is when you will slam the hull in the chop. It will be a slow ride. I had an 18 Maritime Skiff which is lighter than the Parker 18 and would slam. Then with tighter and bigger swells you can be limited on speed. Things get better with the 20' or greater for me which is why I got out of the Maritime 18 after 2 years. Now I am thinking about
  2. Just updating the thread. Took the boat out Sunday for an hour and no loss of oil.
  3. It’s all good. What I am learning now about the way forums work now is people will come in here with their minds already made up. YouTube videos of how Angler X says this kayak is the best and so on. You can have 12 people recommend kayak “A” because they know how it works and what it will do. Meantime the poster already had their mind made up with kayak “b”. But it does make for a great time suck while this mother of a rain storm passes. What ever kayak you chose you will be on the water slamming fish and there is always Craigslist, Fb marketplace , SOL to sell in the event the platform of your choosing does not work out.
  4. Haha you moon lighting?
  5. Kross would have made it.
  6. Silence.....
  7. That was an awesome 5 minutes.
  8. what a move
  9. ****ing onsalught...
  10. The Giant falls.
  11. Mike Milbury sucked.
  12. Stay tough B's.
  13. A discontinued Sebile imported from Poland. 5" swingtail. Great Pike Plug. The bass don't care right now they are not too selective. Sebile, SP, doesn't matter.
  14. I have been spending time in a lot of moving water in the PDL TW for the last few weeks with spring rain and dam releases. The latest issues I need to report on is in the current making casts and having 10 knot wind off the stern. The wind controls even with the rudder kicked hard. I am seriously thinking about making an oversized fat rudder to try and compensate for the wind cocking issues. If Old Town reads this...please give the mold some Rocker! It would help. With that being said you can still catch nice early season Bass out of the TW.
  15. No offense dude. You're all over the place. 99% of those choices that you have up there goes against what you originally were looking for. You want to car top light on top of your pathfinder and you want to do some hauling over sand and launch in reasonable surf....and you came up with the Blue Sky? The equivalent of what you are doing like buying an F350 and competing against fast sports cars. The only worthy candidate up there as long as your leg inseam isn't over 36" and you don't weight over 280 is the Revo 13. I just saved you 3 hours in kayak shopping and wasting valuable fishing time.