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  1. Like was already stated. The water drips will find its way in on the low profiles. It’s a lot of maintenance weekly or risk replacing expensive parts. I feel Round reels like the Calcutta and Conquest hold up better. But these too need maintenance just not nearly as much as the low pro.
  2. Not yet. The best thing that happened was allowing Democrats to see Socialist Cortez and Omar in action.
  3. What ever material was used, bondo, whatever, a candle was used "soot" up the mold so lead won't stick to it.
  4. Not all of us Dems are communists.
  5. Hold on a second Mr. Jump to conclusions. I know it's hard of you to see but not every Democrat is about free stuff. I am a conservative democrat and I support Governor Lepage's system of Able body workers....if Trump follows suit, next year in doing the same? I will read and see if it I will support it.
  6. I have sit in, sit on top, and two different pedal kayaks in the arsenal. Some you can stand up on, some are tugboats, some are performance, and everything in between. The only common? You can catch fish with all.
  7. I just can’t vote for him but I do buy into wearing it for the shock factor. Hating another and calling them racists for a hat. A hat that says something positive. Just hope a half breed beaner can wear it.
  8. Hahah classic! Death ray!
  9. It’s insane. Klan robes?
  10. I just saw a guy wearing a maga hat. The snickering and it looked like it made people uncomfortable. It was awesome. I never have and never will vote for Trump, but It feel like I am the only Democrat to support a wall at any cost and hopefully next welfare reform. The hat will upset liberals up in Mass. I just want to wear one around because it infuriates people.
  11. Thank god my mic mother chose a beaner!
  12. The chic called me an introvert and walked out last night. I didn’t want to go see the ghey country band with other ghey country fans. Now if it was metal? Let’s go!
  13. That episode was a positive spin on how to conduct ones self when fishing in crowds. Leyva hit it on the head, all our emotions are up high when your catching or not catching. Then you have prime example with the non-fisherman who just wanted to cool off and decided to hop in while they are fishing and filming....that was good humor glad they showed that blooper.
  14. The new handle works great.
  15. Cashing in before the wall goes up. My beaner cousins would be gateful.