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  1. SJust as well anyways...I hate when the pogies bunker come in at night. Gay pogies.
  2. It died out..... Slappy was right!
  3. I am on the water and see the lightning. If f you are in a tent hope it’s water proof .
  4. You can always wait and get the 106 Topwater on sale. Certainly won’t hurt to invest in a prop. I prefer the Old Town PDL drives and the 106 Topwater is my winter assault vehicle. The blades I used in the video are made by mosshawg. I had to cut it apart and epoxy the holder to the housing. Wish someone would make a housing to direct fit the hawg plastic blades to the prop drive housings.
  5. It all depends on what weeds we are talking about. Millfoil is diffeeent from Hydrilla. Here is a test I did with Overgrown hydrilla . If you add cutting blades to the housing of a prop drive? It will outperform a Hobie hands down in Hydrilla. Some weeds are so bad it can be impossible to lift a hobie or prop drive! The paddle rules there!
  6. Not in parts north of the Cape. Harder in Mass Bay because blues seem to be for the most part “non-existent”.
  7. Rhode Island yesterday? Pretty easy to find Blues. Some were 8-10lb class. Not there to target them either. Where I fish at home in Mass? Boston area? I hardly ever see blues and I fish regularly with rubber.
  8. Someone was making those Hester cabinets! Syndicate!
  9. Must use two hands, spit and make washing machine noises....Tinder!!!!
  10. They are out there. He’s real.
  11. Awesome!
  12. Feel the same way. People go flipping ape **** for these fish. Love the chase but I am hearing some messed up stories out of MV this week...and the Albies are not even here yet!
  13. I know he failed in “are eye”. But he’s untouchable up here. We will take your trash!
  14. I want to fish with you Dingus. Share your rock man!
  15. I just want the drive to try out in the hobie lol