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    I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth
    I will speak no more of my feelings beneath
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    Zooming and Booming
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  1. Lovely....rules for thee not for me. No emergency, Wu's Boston Police Female Driver had the lights going and causes an accident. This will be all swept under the rug and covered up. I hope someone from Boston Police holds the Socialist responsible.
  2. I wish I wasn't in recovery for 28 years......Imagine a free pass for one weekend? 2 ounce's of coke, 100 valium, 100 perks, 1 ounce of weed, 3 gallons of Southern Comfort and Cream Soda with plenty of ice, 3 cases of Killian's red, 3 Asian Hookers, a bottle of Viagra, 3 sex swings, A case of thin non latex condoms, a few cock rings, assorted dildos, 2 trusted friends.
  3. Also pouring baits getting ready for the June Run. New moon coming up. Please no more NE wind!
  4. Cooler Project Complete and Mounted. The pain in the ass was doing the cover. I used spray foam in the end. Pipe insulation for the outer gasket seal. This can be used as a cooler, live well, locked storage if needed.
  5. Eff the media. He was there for his exit photo and retirement ceremony. The real crime is how he got a pension. A little arrogant on the selfie nothing law breaking. Blame the NYPD brass.
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