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  1. So the white cop gets the same 3rd degree murder charge the other black Minneapolis Cop got in 2017 for shooting the Innocent white lady.....just like 2017, none of this os racially motivated. The only common here is negligence and huge mistakes. You have to go to stand charges in both incidents.
  2. And Refried BeAner
  3. It's heated this week.
  4. Target is mostly a white store. Civilized, pay more for your ****.
  5. They can stay home and rub one out. Safer, nobody gets hurt.
  6. We are proud to have supplied you with outboard engines over the past 110 years. For business reasons, we have made the difficult and thoughtful decision to discontinue manufacturing of our outboard engines to focus on the next generation of propulsion. We know you probably have questions about how this decision will impact where to go for services, parts availability and whether your current warranty coverage or service contract are affected. Rest assured, our teams and dealer network will continue to be there to support you.
  7. Thats insane. To focus on boats? Stop making Etec motors? For those I know who have etecs? They love em. Hopefully you will be able to parts down the road.
  8. Reds new Avatar.....exception is gas station pizza.
  9. Just an example. This coating I do not use. But some like it. You can buy em in a variety. What ever works for you. Personal I think Chemical Sharpening and coating process is sub par. A jigging hook I bought from VMC to make my own jog heads rusts too fast. Not worth the dollar a piece it commands. I use the Permasteel 4x. That rusts too but can last the year into next if you wash and air dry. My opinion.
  10. This also explains a lot. The more Westerly, NE wind we get right now will keep the water temps down. If you have tons of bait and cool water, really no reason to move Striped Bass. We need Easterly for a week and get that Orange up into Southern New Jersey. That will speed things up.
  11. VMC 4X 2/0 works for me. Put a swivel with an extra ring on it and attach. No tail hook.
  12. I agree on the bait situation. Here in Mass Bay 90's through 2016 was mostly Bass in the Rocks, scrounging. Eating crabs and Lobsters. It made Bass fishing easy, especially for the kayak angler. Macks would come and go, Pogies/Bunker would have a spring showing and only a hand full of Falls They would come in thick. Then there was 6" sea herring from 2011-2015. Those were the best plug years.....but through all that there was still Bass to be found in the rocks. Now the Mackerel Don't leave, small sea herring drives the feeds currently in Mass Bay and beyond. Last year and the year previous there was an incredible amount of Pogies/Bunker. Whales were off my beachfront....and the Bass fishing last year for larger was tough to come by. Small concentrated schools of big fish. Some anglers got resident bass, I didn't last year.
  13. Its going to be some lean years coming up. Schoolies no problem up and down the coast. Which looks great for the future. Today was acres of 20" class. Theres a chance the smaller will beat out the larger but today I had the big boat out standing on the bow looking after hooking .and those larger pretty much absent. No escorts, no larger swimming by. The large will all find us at various times but this is a complete turnaround from what we had in the 90's to see some issues in 2013.....2017 peaked for most and it appears to be sinking fast. Sadly.
  14. ...are seeing good Bass right now because up here in Massachusetts for most kayak anglers it's way behind from what we usually see.