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  1. Secondary did not lose the game. They came up big when the had too. You must have broke the screen of the TV because clearly you didn't see the game.
  2. Dropped balls, Brady pick, offensive line penalties cost this game. Patriots defense played welll after a shaky first half.
  3. Pats will host a home playoff game which they should win the division. Lol we hope. They suck on on the road and you never know what will happen in the playoffs. Hell, San Diego or KC , one of them not winning the division could upset someone and bam the Patriots host the second game. Who knows what will happen.
  4. Terrible.
  5. Penalties killed em again..
  6. Steelers made the big plays the Patriots could not make.
  7. That series of downs was doomed, questionable calls, challenge flag thrown, penalties....Patriots could not dictate what they do best.
  8. This is some ****ing bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Harmon again with a strange pick~!
  10. Weed Rage! It's true.
  11. Dingus is the Gene Siskel of the Tavern.
  12. If I am a weed dealer I’m selling hard in that parking lot.
  13. how lucky is Harmon? Tips or the ball is thrown right at him. omg!
  14. You have to pressure Ben.....suck