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  1. Epic battle!
  2. I just saw Dave P. who is mentioned in OTW mass report, has that same scar tissue you have in his replacements. I really hope the issue is solved soon.
  3. Squirt it on jigs.
  4. Was it worth it?
  5. I see you are in Maine. Many of us in Boston have been on fresh bass for 2 weeks. It should be on there by now.
  6. I don't know when that speech was made but it is absolutely spot on today.
  7. Just heard. Sources, Jimmy was offered 16 a year and he turned it down killed the trade., was Mac Jones Belichick's B or C plan?
  8. Gay Taco
  9. White men. Stole our Taco's and the Weed.
  10. Old El Paso?
  11. Go to Taco bell. 2 for 1.
  12. I am pretty much in the same boat. To be fair I have Haitian Blacks next door to my house and I secretly go over on snow nights and blast it out with the blower. They wave and show respect and I give it right back.