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  1. The world Authority on Pox now and as usual you can't question his science. Not even other scientists.
  2. They are blaming the Nigerians now. Q the facebook stand with Nigeria.
  3. Hopefully Costa is still using real glass. Like on the 580's. I got a pair of Peahi's with readers 2.50 and to my amazement they use a plastic lens. To be fair it hasn't scratched yet its good quality but its not a glass lens and its noisy and cheap like a plastic lens loose in a frame.
  4. And straight to the plate.
  5. Kicking around or not. New York offers crap in the energy kickbacks for its homeowners.
  6. I was surprised to see nothing in New York and small rebate numbers in Jersey.
  7. For anyone who wants to see which Mr. Cool DIY qualifies in your state you can search here. I would also call your state program to see if there is any conflicts.
  8. You hope for Okuma after taking so much angler feedback to help their product and it looks like not much has changed.
  9. Here is a 2022 form:
  10. Yeah, it says 21, online that is the only one I can find. If a 22 is found that would supercede.
  11. The restrictions were tighter on the loan program. I was given misinformation to begin the job. When I spoke to Clear Result, who handles the loan program, they told me Self install is not allowed. Mass Save told me yes. The mini split program was rushed out and it left people wondering what was going on. It was hard to get the correct information but did later.
  12. I was shot down on the Self install via loan. That would have been a score. Even if I had to pay income tax on it and every room would have had its own ceiling cartridge. 4-5 zones in all. Fujitsu stock came to 7400. The next best deal was the Mr. Cool. That was 2100 and change with shipping. Just front up the costs and hopefully get a check after inspection. You need to book Mass Save to come out.
  13. I think other members here can answer that. I believe Mass Save wants a license, not just plumbing. Electrical etc. Once the line set cover comes and I will install an outside reset t-stat for further savings, then I will start the rebate process. here is the form:
  14. Found a pic. To expand living and area and potential for a legal inlaw or 2 family it made the best sense to rip out the air handler and tank. My new gas condensing boiler is on far back wall on the right. Its in the other pic with partial oil tank still in view. That is all gone now, framed and rocked.
  15. When I bought the house it came with oil forced hot air. It made sense to convert to gas for me. Ripping out the oil tank would give immediate space to the downstairs as well as removing the air handler after I get the mini split installed. I will see if I can find Zillow picture of the way the house looked when I bought it. I had everything kicking around to install the boiler and 1/2 the baseboard. It was a win and Mass Save kicked me back over 2 grand. Hoping to get 2500 more for the min too. From what I am understanding Mass Save wants a professional lic. on the install. My Master Plumbers will cover it. I know you live in New York, I would inquire about incentives are, if any.