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  1. That appears to be a larger one!
  2. My penis looks bigger now.
  3. “My sinful glare at nothing holds thoughts of death behind it Skeletons in my mind commence tearing at my sanity Vessels in my brain carry death until my birth Come and die with me forever Share insanity Do you want to die! The waves of blood are rushing near, pounding at the walls of lies Turning off my sanity, reaching back into my mind Non-rising body from the grave showing new reality What I am, what I want, I'm only after death!”
  4. Mother was born in Salthill. If you make it to the Blarney Stone do not kiss it. The locals pee on it.
  5. Great photos guys..makes me want to fish days more... have to wait for Albies or if we are lucky skipjack!!!!
  6. I think I may launch my top water tonight just to remind myself why it’s just too f’ing tall and heavy to launch off my 300 yard Long Beach even with wheeleeze 30cm wheels. I couldn’t imagine anyone launching a tuggy through the surf zone either but it works for some.
  7. He is using twitter now.
  8. I don't really troll anymore, it's all light outfits with braid but 30-50lb Ande Back Country Blue was my go too. All I use it for is leader material now.
  9. Self centered student, but funny.
  10. If I was him I would buy a White Ford Bronco for my daily driver.
  11. Tough to kill a Sounder first time but if you don't use di-electric grease or ox-gard on your connections it will fail down the road, guaranteed. I also use the Helix7SI but I don't have mine on a Hobie Island Package catching massive splash from wind blown water while sailing either. I leave my unit in the rain and mounted on the sailing mast of my hobie revo 13 with electrical connections protected by ox-gard. I would mount your next unit away from splash if you can.
  12. Visicarbon works for me. It's very bright. I normally put the orange flag over it to dim it out. Too bright and it will effect how you see at night. I normally have all lights off when in full stealth mode and have a strobe on my vest, visicarbon ready to go and head lamp to fully light up when needed. I think the strip light on the outside is a great idea. Nothing wrong with having as much light as possible if needed. Still will need a light to go higher. Once swells or chop the lights will disappear.
  13. I once had a tackle shop owner give me the hairy eyeball when I was asking for certain hooks. Told me, "You don't need it for Bass Fishing". One of the best fisherman I know who lived on the West Coast can't believe the brutality of what a common 40lb class bass can do too hooks and rings. I've had bass take a plug in shallow, scrub it on rocks, smash and twist the plug, and got off. Even jigging with a single hook. They get leverage down there and they tug pretty good especially in shallow. Big swooping tails to roll into a boulder field, grabbing lobsters out of crevices and shaking the crap out of them and ejecting the claws, crushing with authority. Lb for lb they are up there with some ruthless critters that also break tackle and hearts. I love it. Glad we get to fish for em on the New England coastline. It's fun.
  14. I also had a Standard Horizon floating model. Even in the dry bag the light would blink and kill the battery.
  15. Make your own and slam the **** out of the large! Go home with a grin because you kicked ass!!!!