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  1. Tough going...Man, they need Edelman back. With the confirmed talk of trading Gronk to the Lions that was nixed....what is Belichicks outlook on this season? Defense is horrendous. Gillmore sucked.
  2. You don't need to be around seals to have juvenile whites on patrol in places like Cape Cod and Rhody, Newport and Compton. Many kayak angers are still dragging around the days catch on a game clip. You live with em and keep on fishing.
  3. These are very popular baits in Florida. I used em on Red Fish and did good. Not a tiny peanut but a good size peanut under 3"...and right now that's about the size of the Peanuts I have seen. I need to pack these and try em on Albies. Unfair Lure.
  4. Let's see if Seal will stick one up his ass.
  5. I like Brooklyn..."Anybody see Ritchie?" "Keep coming back till somebody remembers."
  6. I went through Idlers one time.. Never figured out what happened.
  7. So that's it.....CJ has to lead. The G man knows he is done. I hope CJ kicks ass, 49ers release G man, some how the Pats get him back.
  8. The most spots I ever had on an Albie on one side was 10....this just shattered it.
  9. Fishing was “Spotty” today.
  10. WTG HFG!
  11., but it doesn't look good. I wanted to see him do well.
  12. In the 80's I had a GK 250 ML, called the Lunch Box. It was like 500 bucks back then. I don't think they make it anymore but it was great in the room with built in effects.
  13. Who pissed off Mokes this time? Is he breaking personal bests?
  14. "Are" Irish. but you look french though. Mokes got off the boat too....he split from the whole program.