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  1. nice
  2. I'm calling around to get one without a drive. I have like 4 drives hanging around don't need another. If they knock off 200-300 bucks without drive I will pull the trigger and try it out.
  3. It may be a July opening now from delays.
  4. The Topwater is great but man is it heavy. I never weighed it on a scale but with drive on it and loading in the back of the pick up it's over 100.
  5. hahaha just shoot it.
  6. You have it backwards. Sitting low with low free board is more stable than sitting high with more free board and volume. The PA can pancake and you can turtle in an Outback. Believe me on open water when you dump it's easier to recover in a Revo 13 than the PA or Outback.
  7. 10-11 kayaks are nice little platforms to have but agree when the wind picks up it can be a pain in the ass. I hope Hobie comes out with a 14' version thermoformed 28" wide, let us choose our own seat, add some rock and front hatch and it could give us something worthy for the salt.
  8. Relentless
  9. What makes the Outback and PA good for the Salt?
  10. Proof right there...just take the shot.
  11. Edelman sucks.
  12. That would make a nice winter kayak for me.
  13. Absolutely a nice boat. I shopped around for a 21 SE before I bought my NorthCoast 20. The 18 is a flat bottom hull unlike the SE model for more choppy and unfavorable conditions. The 18 will bomb around the harbor and it will be good on gas. You may slam a little on 2' chop depending on speed but it's fine. You can head out to Stellwagon 16 miles out on a reasonable day. It's coming back into a SW/W blow is when you will slam the hull in the chop. It will be a slow ride. I had an 18 Maritime Skiff which is lighter than the Parker 18 and would slam. Then with tighter and bigger swells you can be limited on speed. Things get better with the 20' or greater for me which is why I got out of the Maritime 18 after 2 years. Now I am thinking about