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  1. Like a child....petty troll. You got nothing Wigeon.
  2. All of us who use conventional and bait-casting reels for jigging and casting don't have a need for swivels because you don't deal with line twist. It your trolling with a tube, different story. It's simple. Main line to leader using the knot of your choosing and tie direct on the business end or use one of the popular Tactical Angler Power Clips or similar.
  3. There is no defense in the AFC.
  4. Looks like ****head had too much to drink again.
  5. What is going on in the AFC?....Jaguars suck defensively now and Pats and KC defense is atrocious. Pats lucky to squeak this one out. What a crazy game.
  6. This is awful. That took less than 12 seconds.
  7. Chris Sale admitted to hospital with stomach illness Rob Bradford October 14, 2018 - 9:28 pm Categories: Local Sports Local News Chris Sale was not at Fenway Park during his team's Game 2 American League Championship Series meeting with the Astros Saturday night. The Red Sox starting pitcher has been admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital after experiencing stomach illness. He will be kept overnight for evaluation, according to the team. Channel 7 was first to surface news of Sale's hospitalization.
  8. Unbelievable Brady....
  9. Somebody please assassinate Collinsworth.
  10. Come on Pats....wTF!!!!!!!!!
  11. WTF did Brady just do? Holy ****.
  12. The Italian!
  13. Good as a
  14. Timlin in the eighth, Williamson in the Ninth. Timlin in the eighth, Williamson in the 9th.