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    i suffer from fish rage.
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  1. What I wonder... Is why.... the para military guys they post at train stations, airports etc have .40 h&k instead of the regular old 9mm mp5...like what are they anticipating?? AR15 are intended for long distance killing
  2. Strolling along at my home base, what's this, a basserman approacheth... And it's freaking BobS, sol'er og* in the flesh
  3. Newsflash: no one cares about hockey
  4. Uhm, wait .. can I make the flukes with teh rooners
  5. I come from the interwebz
  6. Town only allows 15x10 ' that can only be the height of the house. Am thinking I will do a basement and foundation for the shed too. Thoughts
  7. Let's start a thread... Lol, he hasn't accepted my apprentice either
  8. RI trip this September? Yes he's officially my fishing husband
  9. Let me assist... @TimS the thing is mikemc is a goat focker, so you have to keep that in mind when reading his posts
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