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  1. Let's start a thread... Lol, he hasn't accepted my apprentice either
  2. RI trip this September? Yes he's officially my fishing husband
  3. Let me assist... @TimS the thing is mikemc is a goat focker, so you have to keep that in mind when reading his posts
  4. Looks like someone had a blast!
  5. Happy BDAY to the fluke slayer
  6. Hey where can I get one those shirts? Do they come in long sleeve and or other colors?
  7. Auce, what's up bro! Long time no see... Robo calls yeah ... Maybe stop entering your phone number in all those porn websites and Nigerian prince emails?
  8. I have one question, do you own jeggings
  9. Now a day's when I see someone coming to 'share' the spot I'm fishing with me (people are so friendly in the striper community) I take off my jig and put a plug on or just leave. I did see an almost fight at North beach last year. Some moron caught a big pork chop and couldn't figure out how to unhook it. I had tears, crying laughing - I told the guy who hooked the pork chop to just hold tight and don't say anything if he wanted to walk away
  10. Got PTO on calendar for 12th too, gonna stack that premo chit, ooo nuts 2 pee
  11. Still waiting on that chapter... This book must be 100,000 pages long by now. Can't wait for it to hit the presses!
  12. The funny thing about hockey... No one actually cares... about hockey. Just sayin .. thanx
  13. I'm leaving, Mr fluke thief is here
  14. Put me on the waiting list please. Hellz maybe we do concurrent trip if roomer participants at surplus
  15. It's pronounced possum but really it's opossum :nod: