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  1. My dads friend is a mailman and has to deliver on foot. He wears hip waders with korkers ans is always the only one not to get soaked and the only one nit to slip on the ice
  2. Im in. Im 16 and me and my friend are working on making his jeep into a buggy so he can take me out fishin
  3. Epoxy a hook to it and I bet you could catch a blue with the quarter
  4. I like the browning symbal, its a good, creative Idea
  5. The reason that is put in place is so someone cant just use this forum to buy and sell, you must be a contributing member. If you can just sign up and buy, that person may just sign up, buy the product he/she wants and never come back to the site. the BST is an addition to the site and a privilege. That means you must contribute to the sight to earn that privilege. and if you dont, you wont get it. Dont use your privileges right, they will be revoked
  6. I have some kits I did, if thats OK I would like to be in
  7. The great outdoors have touched my life in many ways. First off, it has allowed me to bond with my family better. also, it has allowed me to find who I truely am. It has brought me much closer to my family in many ways. The main one being that My uncles on my dads side, both my grandfathers, my dad, and my mom all hunt and fish. They started me fishing at the age of three and hunting at the age of 4. I have grown an unbrakeable bond with my father and grandfather over the years because of it .I caught my first fish with my dad and grandfather, one on each side of me. I shot my first deer 5 years ago, and have a picture hanging up on my wall of my dad, grandfather, uncle, and I, all smiling from ear to ear. Since that first trip fishing back in 1997 I have grown to love the outdoors and my passion continues to grow. It has allowed me to find who I am by allowing me to fool mother nature. The deer, one of the main animals I hunt is so highly adapted as far as its senses go but yet I have killed them. I have overpowered those senses. THe goose, another prey of mine, has been called in by an imitation noise I have created. This shows me I was a born hunter and will always be one. The brook trout, a fish native to the waters I fish in northern maine each year, has near perfect eyesight, noticing the smallest mistake in a small dry fly I have tied, yet I have tied them and caught large on them, fooling one of mother natures own creations. The striped bass, the main fish I fish for year round, has fallen to my hand, many fish have been fooled by flies I have tied. This shows me I am a fisherman, destined to be one from birth. These two things show me I am an outdoorsman. I can see this plain as day. I am 15 years old and I have two hobbies that will stick with me my entire life. One more ething I have gained from the outdoors: Some people need drugs to get "high" and relieve stress. I relieve my stress by holding up a deer I just hunted down, fooled, and took the life of. I relieve my stress by holding up that goos eI just called in. I relieve stress by holding up that trout of striper that I just caught on a fly I tied. I am an outdoorsman for life. No one will ever change that!
  8. I really didnt mean to upset or offend anyone with my post. I said great fly, kid, yours looks great and I hope you catch big with it, and im sure you will. I have never seen one that long and I may tie a few in that length. thanks for the idea.
  9. That fly looks really familer? Great tie, I bet you will catch big on it, just hope its not a 40# stingray like my dad caught on one of his http://www.stripersonline.com/surfta...d.php?t=673108
  10. striperslayer

    Fish Id ?

    Im thinking Moonfish. Look at the lateral line
  11. Looks great! I dont think it could look any better in your hand because it looks perfest in the pic!
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