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  1. I dropped it off at Brielle B&T last week. Thanks. I do have a problem with a new Fathom FTHII20LWLC that feels like it is skipping a tooth or something when retrieved under pressure. Started almost immediately on first time out. Should I handle that through Philly?
  2. I was thinking about a third opinion from one of the best cardiologists in the world. He isn't a surgeon so he isn't going to be pushing for bypass unless that's the absolute right thing to do. He was who I went to after two trips to the cath lab for stents and then problems after created by the wrong blood thinner. Those were at Jersey Shore. This was just a thought. Bypass, as routine as it has become, is still major heart surgery with all the risks that go with any kind of surgery and I would explore it before jumping in with both feet. If you don't hasta, don't let a surgeon make the decision for you.
  3. Need a quick repair done on a 113HS, most likely anti reverse dog or spring. Any local dealers doing reel repairs?
  4. Road Trip to the Cleveland Clinic!!! I'll drive. Rated the #1 heart hospital in the nation for close to 20 years. I can get you to the head of cardiology, the guy at the top. What do you say, Timmah?
  5. A few weeks ago, when the COVID crap was starting to hit home, TimS told me, "You can't drink all day if you don't get started in the morning." Now dems words of wisdom.
  6. Even if the movie had nothing in common with the Spenser novels, it still sucked. The plot was weak, the characters over-acted and totally unbelievable. Just another action over substance bullchit movie playing off the author's name recognition. I always enjoyed Parker's novels from the Spenser series and it's two spinoff series to his western books like Appaloosa and Gunman's Rapsody. They were fast, fun reads and as you got to know the characters they became like old friends. Parker's writing style was more like reading a screen play and he always left a lot to your imagination. I'm not sure how many books were in the Spenser and spinoff series, but it was many dozens. Really liked the Jessie Stone spin offs, the Sunny Randall books were OK. The Jessie Stone Lost in Paradise series that ran on cable a few years back was quite well done. Tom Selleck did a good job of capturing the character in the books. I miss reading Parker. Maybe I'll enter the wayback machine to 1973 and start reading them all again starting with his first, the Godwulf Manuscript.
  7. My uncle, who lived next door to us throughout my childhood, was in Patton's army through the Bulge and later liberated two of the camps. He never spoke of it or of his military service in general until I was in my 30s and only in very short none descriptive terms. My aunt told me he had recurring nightmares about the camps for the rest of his life. He passed away about ten years ago and was buried with full military honors, as was my father some years later.
  8. Back to reviewing the show. I was expecting it to be less comic bookie, a bit more serious. Especially with Pacino in it. I heard an interview with the creator and writer of the show and he talked about his grandmother, who was concentration camp survivor and whom he dedicated the work to. He talked about his conversations with her and her strength and I guess that's the grandmother figure in the first installment. Then his got into his love of super heroes as a kid growing up and how he sort of combined the two to come up with the whole Hunter story. Bad combination. Turned what could have been a really good fictional story into something really stupid, incomprehensible and just not entertaining in the least. I'm done with it after watching the second show. On another note, just finished watching the Morning Show on AppleTV (got a free one year deal) and it was a really interesting and well acted fictional take off on the Matt Lauer #metoo goings on. It was produced by and starred Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Corel as the Lauer figure.
  9. At one point I was on the bridge and the captain let me take the helm. We were going at what felt like a snail's pace and then I looked at the GPS and the boat was making 30 knots. I thought that can't be right and commented to Sam that there was almost no perception of speed due to the size of the boat and the library quiet environment on the enclosed bridge. He smiled and said, "Follow me." I handed off the helm to the captain and we ran to the circular stairway, down and around to the salon level, then across the living room quarters and out the aft door to the cockpit. The sense of speed became immediately apparent, actually it slapped me in the face as I was looking up at the walls of water to port and starboard that was the wake the boat created. The sound coming from the 12 cylinder, 2600 hp MTU engines could be felt resonating in my chest. That was when my ears popped. It's getting warmer Cartopper. Bass should be on the move in the river soon.
  10. I had the pleasure of testing the Marlena and writing it up for Marlin Magazine a few years ago. Spent the afternoon aboard getting the tour from Sam and then a few hours running the boat with the captain. Sam rarely runs the boat, he has a captain and crew for that. Said he loves to take his grand kids out on it to fluke fish in the summer...can you imagine. Fluke fishing from a 105' luxury yacht. He told me the boat is mostly used as a home away from home as it does a circuit from Florida through the Caribbean in the winter, then they bring it back up to Montauk in the spring. The flats boat on the bow probably gets more fishing time when he's in the Bahamas. As ostentatious as it is, the boat is simply breathtaking in its beauty and scope. The interior is spectacular. Every drawer is custom designed so what it is meant to contain fits into slots so it can't slide around from dishes and silverware to the tool chests in the workroom off the engine room. The amount of thought and detail that went into the build is incomprehensible. I don't think I could afford the day head off the mezzanine in the cockpit, I'm just a center console guy and you could fit two of my 23' Makos in the salon on the main deck and one more on the bridge level helm and living area. It's that big. Sam mentioned that he has owned dozens of various fishing boats in the past, remember he owns a yacht brokerage at Star Island, leading up to Marlena and that he gets as much enjoyment from being intimately involved in the design and building of the boats as he does owning them. I've had the opportunity to test hundreds of fishing boats from flats skiffs to offshore battlewagons for most of the national boat and fish mags over the years, but Marlena is in a class by herself.
  11. I used to have a wife and spent next to nothing on her the last few years of our marriage. A reflection of what it had devolved into. Now I live in sin with my sweetheart, no desire to get married again. Spent a pile on an expensive dinner for two, roses, candy, a sexy card game and a gold chain with charm. Worth every penny.
  12. The place on Newman Springs Road in Lincroft is under new management with a name change to Asian Bistro. Got take out there the other night and it was the best Chinese food I've had in years. They are fixing up the dining room so will try eat in next time. They also do Thai and have sushi. The pad Thai with chicken was delicious!
  13. Sold and gone to Cartopper. This thread is closed.
  14. My apologies, but I moved from Brick a few weeks ago and am in Middletown, so closer to you. Haven't been here long enough to get my fingers to stop typing Brick when I'm asked where I live.
  15. How about $85. I feel like I'm almost giving it away it's in such good condition. I only used it rarely when putting on fishing seminars and not at all the past few years.