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  1. A few days after a particularly nasty nor'easter I was at the marina in Point Pleasant getting my boat ready for an outing the next day and a friend pointed out an unusual looking fish swimming back and forth along the bulkhead. I grabbed a light rod and a piece of clam, if memory serves, and dropped it in its path. Gobbled it up, caught all 2 pounds of it, and put it in a bucket filled with seawater, then drove it to Jenkinson's Aquarium. The director was the wife of a guy I fished with a few times and she knew me and promised she would get back to me with an ID because she didn't know exactly what it was. The next day she called and said it was a black ruff, most common to the North Atlantic; Madeira, the Azores, and the coasts of Spain north to the entrance to the English Channel, the Celtic Sea and southern Norway; also in the Mediterranean. She said stays have been encountered in Massachusetts, but they are very rare. Go figure.
  2. Southwest Chicken salad with the chili-lime dressing is a fave.
  3. Great handgun. I found it fit my hand better than most. Was looking at Glocks, glad I got this instead. Points very naturally. Simple take down, rugged and accurate. Shoots up a storm.
  4. When I bought my Beretta Px4 about five years ago from a Jersey dealer he would only sell 10 round capacity mags, but the standard magazine holds 17 in 9mm. I think back then Jersey law only allowed 15, but why would he only sell 10 round mags? Weird. Well, when the zombies get too close I guess I only really need one round.
  5. Looks like somebody is well prepared for the Zombie apocolypse. When the dead rise to eat our brains there's a lot of people who'll be wishing you lived next door.
  6. Read "Last Stand" last year. Interesting book, well researched and written.
  7. I just finished reading Indestructible, the story of P.I. Pappy Gunn, and his impact on the air war in the Pacific from the fall of Manila to 1943 or so. It was a remarkable book that read like a novel. Really enjoyed it.
  8. Bruce Willis - The Fifth Element
  9. I got a 3500 and 7500 a few weeks ago and they are a significant improvement over the Spinfisher V. I have two of those that I have been flogging for a few years and they are holding up just fine, performing as expected. But the gears in the VI are noticeably smoother and overall performance is just more refined.
  10. Attention deficit disorder???
  11. There's a small art house cinema in Asbury Park that has some interesting offerings from time to time. They were showing a bio pic about Gilda Radner and the trailer looked interesting considering I was around for Second City, Firesign Theater, the earliest Monty Python vinyls and the first few years of SNL, when it was actually laugh out loud funny. While the film had interesting moments about her life, it was very poorly put together and did nothing to really let you get a feel for just how funny she was as it went from one fragmented clip to another with horrible picture quality. The Robin Williams biography on HBO a few weeks back was spectacular and really let you enjoy his comedy genius while walking you through his private life and his public accomplishments was in stark contrast to what the director and producers did for poor Gilda. I didn't realize it was produced by CNN until the film started rolling, which probably explains a lot.
  12. The outfit is sold and I did ship it to Wisconsin, of all places. Went to the first person who contacted me via email, before the first response to the thread here. Sold full price plus shipping. Thanks to all.
  13. I'm in Brick, NJ, a shore community about half way between NYC and Atlantic City.
  14. For sale: Ultimate giant bluefin tuna outfit. The rod is a custom built 4'-10" stand-up built on a tough as nails Calstar blank rated for 150-lb. test, beautifully wrapped in blue/black/gold with Aftco Bigfoot guides and Aftco Unibutt by Classic Custom Rod's/Paul Buchard. The reel is a 2012 Penn 80 VSW 2-speed set up to put out more than 80-lbs. of drag. The reel is loaded with about a mile of 200-lb. test braid backing and it currently has a 100-yard topshot of 130-lb. test Hi-Seas Quattro mono. Used once for three days in Prince Edward Island, Canada where it beat several giants to over 1,000 lbs. and made it look easy. Don't believe me, ask TimS. Pictured below is the outfit in action with an 800+ lb. and a 1,000+ lb. bluefin on the other end. $850 and will include the Braid Brute Buster belt and harness. I'm getting a little too old for this kind of stuff. I'll stick with yellowfin and bigeyes in the canyons. PM or email to caputifish@comcast.net if you're interested.
  15. Yeah, camal crickets, not the typical black bodied crickets that make all the noise types. I seen those every fall under the outside garbage cans and stuff, but never see the cave crickets under things outside. Never see them in my pool, but see the standard cricket carcasses floating all the time. It's weird actually. I don't see that many in the basement, just one here, one there. But they were thick outside the house around the retaining walls for the concrete porch. Never saw them like that before. I saw one in the basement today, first one I've seen in a week.