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  1. Now that is obvious! I would take Romo 100 times over Whitten and tessistore- 2 wet diapers, I like Romo, true he talks, but he does bring some insight to the game, true he is wrong sometimes, but hes often right......He does what he is supposed to do, offering color and commentary to the game...he maybe reading some of it but there is a lot of time its coming out from years of experience. I think the next guy who hits the booth will be named Manning
  2. Cool I DVR'd the real game to watch during the Pro bowl, but this will be better, especially bonus coverage
  3. why not have it like hockey, like a shoot out.....settle it with field goal attempts, each attempt 5 yards back till someone misses. Personally I like it the way it is, play D or play offense for the win.
  4. I believe that was Mahommes worse passing performances of the year. Keeping mind of course the game plan was to take away Tyreek Hill and keep Mahomes off the field and limit his rushing yards,( they were in the negative) and expose Andy reids weakness......the defense
  5. 100% accurate, saints got jonesed....There will be some fall out and a remote video refereeing in the future....that play (miss call) alone should seal the deal for it.
  6. Here is an interesting stat sheet.....( proabaly make the haters go nuts momentarily) also now 12 game winning final drives in playoff games.
  7. Given how sick he is, indeed a possibility. But back to the question, would he get one? should he?
  8. Great! Then that makes two of us.
  9. Josh Gordon...If ( a big If) the patriots win the superbowl does Josh Gordon get a ring? He played 8 games thsi year. Does he deserve one or is there protocal? National anthem singer Rene Rancourt got a Stanley cup ring when the Bruins won, Garciapara got a world series ring, even though he was traded away 4 months earlier I have heard of explayers, trainers getting rings.
  10. This game was exceptional, they stepped it up, But looking at the entire season Coaching should get the MVP. Coaching is what led to some wins and kept the team relavent towards the end of the season.
  11. PI is also a calculated risk by the team, take a PI rather than have the player catch the ball for additional yardage. Certain situations must dictate taking it, hopefully not making it too obvious. Makes you wonder why some teams are heavily penalized overall and others not, bad coaching and technique and its in the game plan.
  12. In hind site I think the plan was to keep him off the field....his defense bolstered this game plan
  13. Ulta high def cameras, better camera angles, replay, slow mo, TV clarity and 3 times as many cameras .....Has changed how critical we are of the refs...Refs were never perfect. and the rules now are different and complexed. Having been on the sideline at ground level during some games, its so much faster than one can believe, Im surprised they don't miss more
  14. Most of us remember how poorly they were playing during Sept and OCt and some of Nov. (the haters really remember) Brady is done, time is knocking at his door......should have kept Grappopolo (sp) and so on and so forth