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  1. tragic again! Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was intoxicated when a dump truck hit and killed him on a Florida interstate earlier this year, according to a toxicology report released Monday by the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office. The medical examiner's office determined that Haskins had a blood-alcohol concentration of at least 0.20% at the time of his autopsy, more than double the legal limit in Florida of .08%. An accompanying investigation report states Haskins went to a club and "drank heavily" the night prior to his death.
  2. You guys arguing over flying rats in a thread about electric vehicles,,,,,,,
  3. Just wait till when the stats are broken down for you, it dives right into it. Pretty impressive. You look at this when you're not playing. I've already taken a club out that shadows the distance of another.
  4. I'm looking hard at the new Toyota Rav4 prime, 45 miles range all electric, 37 on gas...129 miles combined, best in class. ( we own a f150 truck so this is for trips and farting around town in)
  5. Because its a major, nerves...etc
  6. Yes, Our club is called The Ledges, that course is called Ledges golf club
  7. New to me...anything to speed up the game though. maybe today was a test???
  8. In Maine, York maine
  9. I like arccos, today I'm using the LINK, so I won't have to use my phone. In all seriousness, if anyone on this site wants free 3rd gen sensors (14 plus putter sensor) I have code, just IM me.
  10. I'd consider a hitch mount, easy loading and unloading, and the bikes can easily be locked. The rack itself can be taken completely off the Car/SUV/Truck easily when not in use If you drive in heavy stop and go traffic make sure bikes are clear of tail lights. Also, make sure they are up high enough so a high-speed compression bump won't bottom out the bike wheels to the pavement. there are various manufacturers of these hitch mounts holding 2- 4 bikes.
  11. what about pachysandra (sp)...not sure if it's native or not. I have it on the north side of my house, that slopes away from any possible sun
  12. News: Huge heat wave, temps in the 90s, real feel near 100. stay indoors, hydrate, and don't exert yourself..... meanwhile, Saturday hit about 65 Sunday is a high of 70
  13. Turnovers and the spectacular display how to miss lay ups and bunny shots to start the game, had to be 10-12 easy shots