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  1. I guess mediocrity for the steelers is a decent year for you.....Ok then suit yourself.
  2. Bettman just like Roger Goodel other league commissioners answers to and conducts his job with 100% authority representing the owners, not hard core fans, casual fans nor the players themselves. They have a union & a voice for that. The wilson event(s) is dumbfounding, on one side we don't want the further PPussification of the game and yet still want the physical portion intact. There is a fine line. Wilson crosses over that line from time to time, he's big , he's physical he's the guys fans love to hate. with all the negative press regarding wilson, the refs will be watching, some players will try to get him fired up and "goat" him into making a dumb mistake. Like wise coaches and GMs will be giving refs and ear full prior to each game. Which involves a face to face meeting of each team and referees of what they want the refs to watch for. Wilson will be watched in playoffs and the capitals coaches will encourage him to step up to line but not cross it
  3. No I didn't, you are (so) wrong. I did predict the 12-4 steelers collapse, go ahead look that up too. Will the steelers make the payoffs? I guess not
  4. Maybe its me, but he looks like he could be brittle....JimmyG-ish
  5. Just curious why commissioner? Goodell does the heavy lifting for ownership, that's who he works for. Todays read is that Brady is very pro player with the NFLPA. I could see Brady being an owner or team president after he retires.
  6. Nope, my only opinion is that "I feel" they won't make playoffs. One can assume you feel the same way, since you have not said otherwise The Browns did improve substantially and Ravens as well....
  7. Tampa Bay took him, meaning they have no plans to use him for 2,3 years (or longer) other than the practice squad and making sure Brady's kelp smoothie is the right consistency. JimmyG ship sailed weeks ago. Roger expressed 3 teams he woul play for, none were cold climates teams and none east of the mississippi (sp)
  8. What round was Trask? We didn't need 4 QBs with 3 of them being rookies
  9. Steelers are so 90s
  10. I didn't. the baby Gronk was a good pickup. I still think they will miss the playoffs, You can put me down for that. I could be wrong, maybe via the WC
  11. Most fans and nonfans gave Newton a bye, a pass if you will on last year. He had a ton more excuses against him showing any success last year. No camp, signed almost too late, a year after shoulder surgery, no practice to what is considered a complex offense system. Explained thru zoom calls. The number one offensive player Edelman played a couple of games and was a shell of himself. * players sat out, several were starters, COVID and Covid fog, lastly, the core offensive players were/are still in development stages ( not ready for prime time). The coach and organization didn't think the season would be completed- but it was. They could have tanked, but did not. That was all last year, ancient history, next season all of that goes away. Newton will start the first 4-5 games unless he tanks or lacks effort. If he looks the same as last year, unlikely....he'll go the whole season. BB doesn't have a history of throwing in rookie quarterbacks, Stidman for a recent example. There is a lot of mis information , hot stove football talk on the radio, much of it created for listeners
  12. Even with The New improved Newton, no Covid, one more year away from his shoulder surgery, more players that can catch, 2 good-great tightends. I expect 10-7 on the high side. As sh/tty of a team last year, with no Edelman they were 7-9
  13. Isn't that (16m) what he's basically worth? He played 52% of all games scheduled. Let see how much Green Bay offers him. Especially if he comes out flat.
  14. Seven positions worse in the post draft power rankings..... 21. Steelers (14): You really have to wonder if this offensive line, which didn't get reinforcements before the third round of this draft, will make QB Ben Roethlisberger's last dance a short one.