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  1. Is the following that terrible where he is being publically crucified? “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country. Is everything right with our country right now? No, it is not. We still have a long way to go. "But I think what you do by standing there and showing respect to the flag with your hand over your heart, is it shows unity. It shows that we are all in this together, we can all do better and that we are all part of the solution.” What the hell is wrong with press and media to go after Drew Brees fro say it?
  2. I will....Jimmy is wrong
  3. There was another group that active in this rioting "By any means necessary" They were identified at several city riots. BAMN employs aggressive “militant” direct action and litigation to support its cause. BAMN protests of official government bodies have resulted in flipping tables and other disruptive outbursts. BAMN demonstrators have been arrested for inciting riots, throwing rocks at police, and destruction of property.BAMN has additionally been described as a “more radical” caucus within teachers unions.
  4. well both the NBA and NHL have fewer games 82-84 versus MLB's 162 seasons. Stadiums easily hold 2, sometimes 3 times as many fans than rinks or arenas. MLB baseball has farm leagues and preseason games. MLB is losing fans every year. 10 years ago the average age of a TV viewing MLB fan was 47 years old, today its 58. Fewer and fewer kids and young adults are tuning in. Much of it is the product itself. Pitch clock might help
  5. Baseball lost me decades ago, way too much money. Crybabies That said the fan base has dropped every year for the past 13 years. This is will lose a lot of interest. This year there won't be any fans in the stands, as well as Stanley cup playoffs, the NBA to compete with.
  6. That is surprising, he bid 250k. I would be hard pressed to think 100k by anyone
  7. I disagree, Dave is an idiot and shot his load against Goodell. This event was to be in Roger's house. Roger works and represents the owners the owners don't like Potnoy and he was expelled and banned from the NFL. The world has enough DICKs without catering to this one
  8. Minneapolis you were given the world’s stage and had the world’s ear. EVERYONE was behind you and supported the protest and fight for justice. • The public spoke out against those officers. • Police officers all over the country spoke out against those officers. • Elected Officials spoke out against those officers. • ALL races and ethnicities spoke out against those officers. • President Trump spoke out against those officers. And you wasted it.... you wasted the perfect platform and opportunity to unite everyone together and coordinate a movement that would’ve gone down in the history books as a tipping point for reform. Everyone around the world was on your side and listening... But you ruined it.
  9. Wrong, he owes him nothing. Portnoy has abused him, insulted and I believe threatened publicly. I wouldn't invite that guy into my own house. He's a attention seeker, a rich one at that. #theworsekind
  10. From my understanding Pension, retirement & healthcare are paid thru taxes collected. It's a huge issue for some states. So much so it's a very tough argument to the "teachers ain't paid enough" crowd
  11. should not be a problem at all remember there's no fans watching the game so the doors will not be opening and closing letting the outside air into the arena most arenas have a very sophisticated refrigeration system for their ice surfaces case in point was the Phoenix Coyotes were in Arizona
  12. Finally broke 80 (78), finally a day without wind and finally a decent pace of play 18 holes in 2:55 min. I was stuck at 82-85 range this year.
  13. My company paid me 20% more to continue working these past 2.5 months, Many weeks it was just 2-3 days paid a full week ( plus the 20%) and Gave me a weeks PTO as well. Regarding the OP post I can see why, but I can't understand why someone should be bonused to go back to work
  14. An awful situation, sadly more details will come out. But that guy shouldn't have died. Cuff him and put him in the back seat end of story. The officer should be charged and the other officers charged with accessory to murder. The governor did the best he could in his presser
  15. Seems rather convoluted, I mean Boston had the best record why are they not the top seed? Whos in, whos out? Odds? Boston, Tampa, Colorado, & St Louis The top four teams in each conference will play three round-robin games — one against each of the other top seeds in their conference. This is to determine the top playoff seedings. If early proposals hold true, the opening round is expected to consist of five-game series, with the first team to win three advancing. The matchups are: Eastern Conference No. 5 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. No. 12 Montreal Canadiens No. 6 Carolina Hurricanes vs. No. 11 New York Rangers No. 7 New York Islanders vs. No. 10 Florida Panthers No. 8 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. No. 9 Columbus Blue Jackets Western Conference No. 5 Edmonton Oilers vs. No. 12 Chicago Blackhawks No. 6 Nashville Predators vs. No. 11 Arizona Coyotes No. 7 Vancouver Canucks vs. No. 10 Minnesota Wild No. 8 Calgary Flames vs. No. 9 Winnipeg Jets ODDS of winning; NHL Stanley Cup Champion odds Boston Bruins +600 Tampa Bay Lightning +600 St. Louis Blues +800 Colorado Avalanche +900 Vegas Golden Knights +900 Washington Capitals +1000 Philadelphia Flyers +1100 Dallas Stars +1200 Pittsburgh Penguins +1800 Get some action on the NHL playoffs by placing a legal sports bet (in NJ, IN, CO and WV) at BetMGM.com. Edmonton Oilers +2000 Carolina Hurricanes +3000 Nashville Predators +3000 New York Islanders +3000 Toronto Maple Leafs +3000 Vancouver Canucks +3000 Calgary Flames +4000 Arizona Coyotes +5000 Columbus Blue Jackets +5000 Florida Panthers +5000 Minnesota Wild +5000 New York Rangers +5000 Winnipeg Jets +5000 Chicago Blackhawks +10000 Montreal Canadiens +10000