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  1. given that its at pebble, Brooks could very well tear that one up too. Its shorter but I suspect the really let the rough grow in and narrow fairways- more so than usual.
  2. well, in a major. You just can't go 2 for 14 in fairways hit and expect to shoot a decent score. Even his putter was iffy. Also https://www.golf.com/news/features/2019/05/18/pga-championship-2019-what-hacker-shoot-bethpage-black/?fbclid=IwAR14j7aKpxUMiE7IBOrMRztRA33SN8Zga369tJfy00Vnym5sslfHJI5wSc8
  3. Are you sure it wasn't just a low interest rate and a blender for opening up an account?
  4. It depends if Karlson is hurt and out. He was showing some bad signs in the 3rd period the other night. I would prefer the blues, I want the storyline to be about this Boston Bruins team not Joe Thornton finally getting a cup.
  5. Hes "world class" Hes playing very well, but I still hated the contract.
  6. They need to post this picture in the Bruins locker Room.
  7. So what? You're worried about the jets & Patriots now...... professional help may be needed for you.
  8. I didn't watch the video because you lost me on your question, see what? what will be "loose" and what about fine people.
  9. Patriots are about to sign a new 6' 5" running back.....
  10. That march occurred Friday night, the press wasn't there, the assemble was perfectly legal and permitted, there was no violence or social disruptions, there was no audience and there was no anti-fa. Even to this day no one cares about it except the democrats
  11. if the west series ends in 5 games ( doubtful IMO).....SC-final will be Saturday of Memorial day weekend. If it goes 7 gaames it will be after Memorial day , possible Wednesday or Thursday
  12. Dustin Johnson making a move this AM
  13. wow 82 from the tips on a course you never played!!! sheesh whats your handicap, must be below scratch? You already beat some pros in yesterday tourney in ideal conditions and they had practice rounds.
  14. Seriously don't worry about the patriots, you are obviously upset. This may help the anxiety you are experiencing when ever the Patriots are mentioned: Self-care Avoid alcohol, Reduce caffeine intake, Physical exercise, Stress management, Quit smoking, use Relaxation techniques, and Healthy diet The season start in3 months. You have time to recover. Remember we are here to help.