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  1. I find it strange that many of you have picked "WIN" when the jets play the cowboys. I must be missing something
  2. That up by 14 at the half against the lowly browns only to settle for a tie, screwed you guys last season. It should be used for motivation this year against a much better team. **Josh Gordon TD
  3. LOS ANGELES — As this city tries to cope with thousands of people living on the streets, a few homeless and low-income senior citizens will be luckier than most next year. They will receive keys to one of 72 new apartments,complete with a fitness center, in the heart of trendy Koreatown, built at a projected cost of $690,692 for each unit, according to the city controller's office. Two additional projects in the pre-approval phase are expected to top $700,000 per unit in total costs. "This kind of cost is utterly unacceptable," Controller Ron Galperin said. "I believe we need a fundamental course correction." Despite a booming national economy, homeless people have set up tents in makeshift encampments in major cities on the West Coast amid a housing shortage that has driven up rents to unaffordable levels. In Los Angeles, the tents are spread out on sidewalks across the city, the homeless emboldened by a court ruling that allows them to live outside if no shelter space is available. Making matters worse, many live in filthy, third-world conditions without basic necessities like toilets and sinks. It makes them and those who venture near susceptible to disease.
  4. Should be a great season
  5. Bills maybe a surprise this year in my opinion, although a one and done if they even get to a wild card. They can play tough in Buffalo and the fans & ownership are demanding more.
  6. The seasons hasn't officially started and you are now worried about the Patriots, as I have said before don't loose sleep over the Patriots, they'll be fine. I doubt a vast majority of Steeler's fans are worried about other teams, if you catch my drift. Carry on, should be another great season.
  7. I like the idea of undrafted players making an impact on any team, Ill look for him, you feel he's that good huh?
  8. Jimmy G ain't holding up his side of the bargain
  9. Lots of sideline critics out there, good that you Gami have the balls to post. I'm not as optimistic, but thats just how it is.
  10. exactly......as sh/tty as they are on any given sunday they could beat more than half the teams in the league, that said I think they'll go somewhere in the 6-7 win range. I think Jags, Bengals Skins and Miami are potential wins, with 2 more adding to the total by a remarkable jets game and potential implosion cluster playing ( injury) by opposing teams
  11. at least one, yes!
  12. Maybe it was Tomlin who pulled the alarm at the at the wrong hotel....LOL He been known to get things wrong when the Patriots are in his head. I hope the Steelers have another great season!
  13. I am not in the flowery crowd......last year what 4-12? This year with a new coach, new GM, New system and some acquisitions many of them way over paid IMO. I think very optimistically they could win another couple of games ....but will be sitting out of the playoffs again. Optimistically another 2-3 seasons before they could be relevant.