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  1. 6100? You could tow it with a Lez-buru
  2. The pga tour sold themselves to LIV ( the saudis)
  3. I could only play Nine this morning. I 3 putted the par 5 4th hole.....for a Dub In the last four holes I birdied 3 of them and hit the pin on another from 120 out on #9. exited with a 36 I had it going but had to leave....errrr
  4. Let this be a lesson to everyone, any time someone offers you cash...Take it, there is no loyalty anymore
  5. Greg is not going forward, he will not be on the board either....the big question will be Moynahan, hes a real genuine guy in person. from the boston area. I got to know him during the early Deutchabank at TPC Norton. Jay hooked me up to do "shot-link" I got to follow Tiger around inside the ropes. It's a memory of a lifetime watching him play every shot from a few feet away. Jay's instruction to me was fairly simple..follow him everywhere he goes, the range, the scoring table and everywhere on the golf course, if he goes to take a leak, you follow him. Don't say a word to him unless he speaks to you. Got it? I'm counting on you.
  6. Once this news hits everyone....tomorrow will have interesting quotes comments. On a side note all the pga players found out the same time we did via twitter
  7. In related news Brandle Chamblee can not be found for comment
  8. LiV events, some DP events and some PGA events....nothing changes except the players playing
  9. And he also plays lefty, something is wrong with him. He's miserable.
  10. In related news spieth and Richie will drop in thier WGR
  11. Year and PGA wasn't going to win thier law suit either. Can't beat em join them
  12. No surprise here......none at all *
  13. This is great....there is a guy at the club that has the worst luck at the club championship, he just crumbles. And does laugh it off.
  14. Reminds me of larry bird at times with his passing and dishing. The guy as such a buttery soft shot, including 3s Fun to watch
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