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  1. Yes....
  2. They have the right people in jail
  3. Was he "over served" at Sudsy's bunker? that would explain a lot
  4. You guys are looking at it the wrong way. The 1.x billion tax break is a bribe....a legal one. But still a bribe to build your head quarters here. Thanks you very much
  5. This broad is only 1 week in. She held a protest inside of 'office about global warming...... Hopefully she will be Hillary's running mate in 2020, it'l be fun
  6. Maybe we could just print some more money and let bygones be bygones, that way she'll look like she came out on top!
  7. Details are now coming out, when the attempt to contact him by Rothisberger via text, he ignored all correspondence. Tomlin had no correspondence at all with him. The steelers front office had not heard from him since the season began. That doesn't sound like love to you? A number Steelers players were ticked off at Le’Veon Bell for holding out through the first part of the season while failing to give them a timeline of when he may return, and those bridges have apparently been burned. With the running back officially out for the remainder of the season, Steelers players have cleaned out his locker for him, taking Bell’s custom Jordan Concord cleats along with his other equipment. https://youtu.be/CyP-7ulafFQ
  8. It will go further, like a lot further via social media. Which I did yesterday. It was liked by over 90 people since then..... Edit. Make that 132
  9. Yes, what part of free agent do you not understand. He did not show up, He can now go to any team
  10. what cheap shot are you imagining?
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone including the permanently exiled or with boo boo feelings hurt
  12. It certainly doesn't sound like he is a cancer, but this is alarming that some players feel that way and the culture hasn't changed. You would think the culture change would be Bowles number one priority. Just a deer in headlights I guess Over the summer, Jamel Adams criticized the Jets' culture in an interview with Bleacher Report, saying that when he arrived last year the team was used to losing and "everybody wanted to do the bare minimum." On Tuesday, Adams told WFAN's Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott that his overall opinion on the team's culture remains the same. "Honestly, I could sit here and sugarcoat everything," Adams said. "But things have not changed, obviously we’re still losing. And I’m not saying we have guys like that in the locker room, but at the same time, it’s not changing. It hasn’t changed and we’ve been losing. At the end of the day, we’re going to get it fixed, and soon the sun will shine." The Jets have lost four straight games to fall to 3-7 and out of the playoff hunt in the AFC. Sunday's loss to the Bills was rock bottom, as the Jets were crushed 41-10 by the previously listless Bills. Angry fans have been demanding coach Todd Bowles be fired for weeks.
  13. I'll take that as you at least knew the guy then....
  14. what he wants has always been an unknown, unless you mean getting out from under the steelers thumb. I thinking he will get more than 14.5 per