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  1. amen, in any sport. I believe the problem with the NFL is none of these guys are full time professional referees, lacking consistent training by the NFL
  2. Maybe something a lot stronger.
  3. very classless as was the player who did it in the superbowl too.
  4. when I saw that I figured he was farting out that buritto he had for lunch earlier.
  5. I do not, but before I give an opinion is given particularly on rules and policy I do the research on it first and usually state that. I don't make the rules. Rules have constantly evolved over every sport. Trouble is there are many armchair fans here that have no concept on the rules migration over the years. Others are too lazy to understand & think football should be immune from change and would prefer football to be played between the Christians and the lions in the roman colosseum . By the way the Lions always won . I don't believe Dez's catch was a catch at the time by the letter of the rules. Again today the rule or interpetation has changed on what a catch is, but what hasn't changed is the timing of the Dez catch /noncatch and what was at stake- the emotional element.... be it Clay Mathews or Dez's catch should have no relevance or bearing on the rules. The one thing I despise is a foul whistled in the first QTR, period or half but not called late in the game. A hold is hold no matter when it occurs and yes I have been a trained referee at multiple levels in sports.
  6. Yes, I did answer it. My answer remains the same of what I saw and that is no- there is far worse. But by definition of the rules and one must also forget about the timing of the play or the end result of the play ( interception by GB) I'm paraphrasing but The rule states among other things that the linebacker may not lift/scoop the QB and /or use his body weight to drive the QB to the ground. Mathews did that, you can see it in other angled replays..was it blatant, malice, was it heavy handed? nope, but he ( mathews) did it. Cousins, was stationary & positioned on the hash marks, Mathews scooped him up and dropped him away from the hash marks, driving his body weight thru his right shoulder into the Cousins to the ground. I didn't write the rules and no I'm not a lawyer or litigator.
  7. wait till your promising and highly favored play off team's QB goes down in a season ending injury from a rookie practice squad fill in linebacker in a meaning less regular season game.... late in 4th quarter. Your season could be done, will you be yelling cheap shot then?
  8. The helmet rule explained.....If you don't like the rule blame your crappy coach and undisaplined players. Earlier this month: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn't concerned about how the NFL's new helmet rule will affect his defense. "From my standpoint, there's really...it's not a change for us, for our coaching staff," Belichick told WEEI on Tuesday, according to USA Today's Lorenzo Reyes. "We've never taught tackling with the crown of your helmet, putting your head down, leaning your body forward in that type of position. I don't think fundamentally that's a good position to be in. It's not effective. "We've always tackled with our head up, eyes open, head back, so we can see what we hit. That's the only way I've ever coached. If we do it that way, we'll be within the rules."
  9. Roughing the passer has always been a rule. Was my point. If you don't like the new revisions or rule definitions, blame the players and coaches on YOUR team. Read below So that everyone is clear Rules are not passed or instituted in a dark mahogany board room by people in suits, Roger Goodell & company that have never played football. Many here think otherwise and do not know the rules themselves. Some rules have been in effect for 5-6 years some post here like it brand new. New procedures, definitions and rules are escalated by actual players, trainers, coaches and owners for approval and consideration by the competition committee of the NFL. The Competition Committee’s actions are based, in part, on feedback from a variety of sources. At the end of each season, the 32 NFL clubs fill out a survey, answering questions about player protection, officiating, competitive balance and technology. The Competition Committee, which currently consists of two owners, two club presidents, two general managers and two head coaches: Note there is no referees or anyone from the NFL officiating- Nor anyone from Marketing, Media or public relations from the NFL. Rich McKay (chairman) – president, Atlanta Falcons John Mara – owner, New York Giants Stephen Jones – owner, Dallas Cowboys Mark Murphy – president, Green Bay Packers Ozzie Newsome – general manager, Baltimore Ravens Mike Tomlin – head coach, Pittsburgh Steelers John Elway – general manager, Denver Broncos Sean Payton – head coach, New Orleans Saints The committee holds a meeting before the National Combine to prepare agenda items, discuss the feedback it received and review information with league medical advisors, members of the coaches’ and general managers’ subcommittees and NFL Players Association representatives. After the combine, the committee reconvenes to review video, draft rule proposals and positions, discuss proposals submitted by clubs and prepare its report of supporting statistics for the membership to discuss and vote on at the league’s annual meeting. At the annual meeting, the Competition Committee presents a report of its findings to the 32 owners, who vote on any proposed new rules or rules changes. To be adopted, a new rule or a revision must have the support of 75 percent of the owners (24 yes votes out of 32 clubs).
  10. Who would have guessed that inside of one week their would be two catastrophic storms....Total destruction and Impacting millions. Florence and the Cleveland Browns
  11. Bump.... to get this to 100 Pages
  12. His cut and paste button works... but only on the Moveon.org site
  13. Suicide hurts the living...Its a terrible thing. Mark my words as more and more of you guys get into their 50s you'll hear more and more of it by otherwise cool, seemed happy and level headed individuals- many of these will be male and solid friends of yours earlier in life.
  14. His cut and paste button works... but only on the Moveon.org site
  15. Jobless claims lowest since 1969..... That is all