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  1. Too bad about that, IMHO. I never liked the bunks below deck, it gets nasty down there real quick.
  2. Just saw the piece about this on the Weather Channel. Good luck, guys.
  3. Wow, I had no idea they were that "twitchy".
  4. There's a main forum? When did that start?
  5. Actually, both were, irregardless of how Hollywood portrayed it. For example, it took nearly a month for most of the fighting to die out in Europe. There were actually 2 surrenders by Germany, one of the military, the other of the civilian government. One of the major holdups, as I recall, was because of the Russians. No German wanted to surrender to Russia cause the Russkies were pissed beyond all belief and were taking it out on every German they could find. The circumstances were a little different in Japan, thanks to the atomic bomb. But, in short, the military didn't just roll over one day with hands up. They were prepared to fight to the last man, woman and child. Both the German and Japanese surrenders were the products of months of intense, behind the scenes negotiations. Oh sure, the press and politicians called them unconditional, with a wink and a nod and fingers crossed behind their backs. There were concessions, side deals and understandings reached. Let's just call it an unconditional surrender, with some conditions attached.
  6. You certainly don't need another selfish coward hanging around. One is plenty.
  7. Maybe it's just a matter of definition. For some, maybe winning a war means fighting until a negotiated "surrender" is reached. Which you would then celebrate by giving the losers billions of dollars from our treasury so that they can rebuild their infrastructure and factories to state of the art standards, allowing them to then kick our ass in manufacturing and finance. At the same time, we pay for a military occupation force to keep them safe and sound for the next 100 years or so. I guess I'm more of a traditionalist. Winning a war to me means crushing your enemies to the man, before you rape and pillage their homelands. Afterwards, a cold beer while you relax, listening to the lamentations of their women and children. How I long for the good old days.
  8. Don't see how, maybe you're just making a funny. Just pointing out the different perspectives involved. The 2008 Civic, with 180,000 miles, is the newer of my 2 vehicles, by far. I don't even think there is a restaurant anywhere near where I live that has valet service. The Obamas, meanwhile, have become multimillionaires by playing that race card against the American public. And they did it with your money, and mine. You think they would at least show a little gratitude. Just get the box off the shelf and shut up, Michelle.
  9. If we had really won WWI, there wouldn't have been a WWII. If we had really won WWII, we wouldn't have had to fight every war that came after that. So, WWI and WWII were draws at best. General George S. Patton knew it. Why do you think he pushed so hard to keep going into Russia? Cost him his career, but he was right. All it did was allow our enemies to regroup and grow stronger.
  10. Sorry, Tim, forgot where I was. Let's try this: We might look good on paper, but I"m afraid in a direct conflict with Russia, we would end up getting our asses handed to us. The Russian military is not nearly as constrained as ours when it comes to fighting wars. I do not see them being overly concerned with those artificial constructs that we adore, such as human rights, Geneva Convention, rules of engagement, civilian losses, collateral damage, etc. The US hasn't really won a war since maybe 1812. We lost our stomach for it long ago. Every major conflict since then has been a draw at best.
  11. Always the perfect opportunity to tell the boss what you really think. Don't hold back.
  12. This is old news, he has never tried to hide it. He is also a big fan of donuts and cannolis.
  13. I never use them. Don't want to take the chance that the guy will go joyriding the hood with his GF in my 2008 Civic.
  14. I also heard that Moochelle was ticked when she was in a store and someone asked her to get them a box off a high shelf. Oh, the humanities!