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  1. A very sad day for me as well.

    I first met Kay in the 70's . I wandered into the shop knowing zero about surf fishing. I had fished freshwater from the time I could walk, but never the surf.

    She got me started with the right gear, and excellent advise on where to try it out. In those days, we could catch Cod from shore on Plum Island in late winter/early spring. It was common to catch 30-40 in a night. As spring rolled on, Stripers became the hunt. Kay is responsible for getting me hooked on the sport. Without her taking the time, it would not have happened.

    Over the years, I became friends with her, and had many discussions on the history of the sport. She would haul out her scrapbooks, and show me some of the "Golden Age" of Striper fishing.

    She had a vast amount of knowledge, and was always willing to share it with those that would listen.

    More than that, however, she was truly a great lady. "Salt of the Earth" my dad used to call it.

    Her passing has left a hole in my heart, and a great loss in the fishing community.

    She will be missed, but I'm grateful for the chance to know her. I will always think of her when I'm in the surf and tossing a plug in search of that next hit.

    Rest in peace Kay

  2. If there was ever a "celebrity" that I would have liked to sit a have a beer with, it would have been Anthony Bourdain.

    His curiosity and sense of adventure really came through in his shows.

    He had the ability to fit in, no matter where he was, or who he was with, from the richest guy, or the poorest peasant.

    He will be missed.


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