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  1. Ya, I personally haven't caught my first keeper .... plenty of schoolies. I don't want to chase my dream fish when I would probably just wasted my time.... fishing is fun itself. Especially with the new regulations this year.
  2. Alberto knot?
  3. When are you coming back to MA for Haddock trip?
  4. Long fin or short?
  5. Looks like grease I think it came with. Changed it and put 90w in there. I think it's leaking from the front gasket.
  6. Is this just beaches that you are refer to or docks/launch ramps? Fishing piers?
  7. That's the whole point of this thread. I've tried rambo style to turn the silcock or the nut, no budge.
  8. Perhaps, it's under some wood panel. I have to dig it all out and see that might be very possible. I know how to sweat pipes, with the close proximity to the base wood, is there are anything I can do not to burn it? How do I cut the pipe if it's close to a 90 degree corner (wall and base)?
  9. There is another 10 ft pipe behind it with another shutoff valve. That one was leaking too but sorta fixed it.
  10. I've been having leak with this silcock for a while. Perhaps it's time to tackle it. So it's leaking from everywhere, just small drips. Because some moron painted it, I was not able to remove the whole thing or even part of it. Tried banging on it real hard and won't budge. I am afraid of breaking something else when i try to remove this. Anyone have a suggestion on how to replace this?
  11. From what I just heard, they crossed the boundary that the weren't suppose to or something to the similar.
  12. Been eyeballing the weather like a hawk.... can't find anything clam within the next 10 days....
  13. I heard it on the new the other day 7 cannon ball run record were broken (maybe more now).
  14. Wonder if this seal is bad.
  15. I would imagine you will just hook the bottom as soon as you get down there with it.