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  1. Ok, thanks guys. I'll look into the trim piece. Any LED retro fit bulbs recommendations?
  2. Might be easy task for most of you guys but I have zero clue. I have these older type of lights with a flood/LED style bulb that puts out pretty light in our kitchen. The other day one of them flickering and I had to find a single replacement which realize I don't have. I have to replace them with all 4 same color so they match. My question is, the outer ring, is that just clip on? Glue? The bulb goes deep inside this hole into a regular bulb socket. The outer ring might be separate from the socket, but I can't tell. Thinking of these flat LED retro fit from amazon. So they can plug in play....... (ideally) Thoughts?
  3. It was open the other day but gate is locked yesterday. Does anyone know what's going on?
  4. Outside is cold and Windy, better off fishing inside and pick your spot. Stripers are around but very scattered. Tog bites were so so. Scups are around..... Weird day.
  5. These are asian crabs....
  6. IIRC - The regulation applies when the scenario happens at the time/place/date. For example: You go to RI catching togs, if you get searched, you have to comply RI rules at that time for limits. When you dock in NY, you have to comply with NY rules when you dock (when you get searched). When you are traveling from RI to NY and search while in RI waters, you have to comply with RI rules. Simple as that.
  7. Is it easy when you fish at 4am in the morning?
  8. At a certain river location is packed today with everyone on a small rock pile. Fishes were caught.
  9. Wow, what are they?
  10. Different base on area, tide, lights etc
  11. They are around. Fun if you find them around.
  12. I tried it yesterday, NO FISH!
  13. If you can find crab it's good, but if not, seaworms, clams will work too. Just have patience when you are fishing for them. They don't eat all the time. You will try a spot for 5 min then move on to the next hole. It's a constant search with bait from the rocks. Don't have to toss too far out. Eventually you will find them, small or big. Been keeping an eye on the water temp, seems a tad behind then other years. But perhaps some are starting to show.
  14. That's a lot to fork out....