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  1. Holy shad, is that normal for it's size?
  2. Front ring won't work since it's at the bottom of the boat. I think it's just use for towing .
  3. I've only seen them as far around Boston, nothing further than that.
  4. Whoa? Isn't water a bit cold for them to be around? This is fluke and not winter flounder.....
  5. Why don't they just make a picture of it with 28" measurement and states 1 fish. A picture is worth a thousand words. That can go along with all other fishes requirements.
  6. Welcome to the bottom fishing club. There is seriously no right or 'wrong' way to hook a crab. Fishes are picky. Somedays they prefer crab with legs, somedays dont. Some days they prefer half and some days half. Just hook the crab tight and toss it in. On the tap tap swing part, I always wait for the 'pull'. It feels different than a tap but more like a 'tug'. You'll get a hold of it after swing and miss more times. Sometimes fishes are just too small for you to hook it, they will just steal your bait. For the smaller crabs that are about quarter size, I'll just hook the whole thing on a hook.... or look up yo-yo rig (more advanced).
  7. Thank you again for your insight. I will check and recheck all things with my friend to make sure we are safe.
  8. Someone from Mass. environmental police came by and inspected the boat at my friend's house. He took a 'look' and spoke with him, then signed the paper for him to go get registered. The bottom was sealed with silicone. I don't know if it was damage and reseal or just scrapes and the previous owner just decide to add silicone to it. The plywood is old, but I don't see damage or cracks. Granted I am only go from launch to somewhere that's just beyond reach of shore fishing, that was my intention with this boat. So somewhere that's 50 feet off a jetty or pier. IIRC the capacity is 1000lb on it and we will be throwing a electric motor and battery for this.
  9. Please give me all you can. We went through inspection and getting a HIN / registration for the boat. We had it in the water and it wasn't leaking..... So you don't think it is safe? PFD for sure and only going to places just around the dock or 50 feet from shore really.....
  10. Thanks for your pointers. I finally have time to circle back to this topic...... Unfortunately I don't remember the model. It is a Orion (or something like that). A very old type with wooden board on the bottom. Below are some pictures. On the side there is some rings that has a rope tie to it then goes to a ring in front (bottomish) of the boat. The places that we will be going will be fairly shallow and with a little bit of current. It will have a electric motor and loaded with probably 3 people and gears; say 700lb or less. We will be going to places around 15 feet deep or less. Bottom will be sand or rock for the places we scout for.
  11. Wow interesting sinkers! What if you thrown one in the canal? I guess it will get stuck?
  12. I've been tying to search a system to rig the anchor to a inflatable boat without any good youtube video or pictures. My friend and I got a 10' inflatable boat late last year and been trying to get it setup for in shore fishing. Safety is always first as always and I can't find a good example to rig our anchor and tie to the boat. There is only one ring below the bow of the boat that attach to a long line (for towing and pulling the boat). I don't believe we use this for hooking up the anchor to it. There is no other point on the boat that's strong enough to hook the anchor to it. How should we approach this?
  13. Just to show you guys how mobbed it was past Saturday...... and this was half of the crowd
  14. What's the deal with the stupid net anyways? I was there last year and basically pushed everyone to the end of the jetty, fishing sucked too....
  15. Was the jetty mobbed? I was at another place saturday with a little bit of rain, but the area was mobbed elbow to elbow..... On the other hand, fishing was great. EPO stopped by mid-morning to check shorts..... he has a good eye too!