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  1. foxfai

    Rod Holster

    Yes, but that plastic will be strained against the strap. Again I don't have it but thinking it might not work or it will just break that thin plastic clips on to the belt.
  2. LONG ISLAND (WABC) -- A drone filming off the coast of Long Island captured a large school of bluefish making its way north. The fish were seen migrating near Water Mill Thursday. Bluefish have sharp teeth and are predators to smaller fish. They can be a good sign to people fishing as it means there are likely smaller fish in the area. However, large groups of bluefish can attract even bigger fish, like sharks. The video was shared to YouTube by photographer Joanna Steidle.
  3. foxfai

    Rod Holster

    Been looking at this and something doesn't make sense is (you can see it in the picture) that you might be able to put like a 5' rod with a short butt , small baitcaster in it. Not a 10' / stella combo with a 20" butt into that and not have it lean over.
  4. So I guess I should go buy some lottery. Ran my 4HP Evinrude on my dingy for fishing for the past 3 years. Changed the impeller this past winter and everything has been fine. Took it out 6 times fishing this year and running top shape. Came back from fishing few days ago and put it in a tub to clean it. Ran for a about 2 min then stalled. Tried to start it again and it wouldn't for the life of me. Had to put it away as it was a hot day. Today took stuff apart to see, everything looks well EXCEPT I wasn't getting fuel at the fuel pump fitting. Traced it back to the line all the way to the primer which is faulty. Primer seems working and firm after pumping it. Had another old spare bulb and changed the line and voila , engine works! Guess some of these things are just had to be changed every (few?) years. Guess I was just lucky this time.
  5. For the first couple of times fishing at the canal, I stay way up and not dare to go down at all. But that wasn't fishing for stripers yet. Until I learn later about waders and krokers, then I begin to go down to jig. Still have slip and slide a couple of times, fell maybe once or twice. However, I always scout around the spot to go down to land a fish before I even begin. But after a while I realize this isn't for me. Too squeamish to do this alone at night.
  6. So I've been pondering about this for a little while, I've been jigging BSB with a bucktail and a simple leader for a while. Regardless of the not needed for the teaser, I am testing out a few methods so don't mind me. I've had a few times a BSB would chase and ate the bucktail then pop up to take the teaser. I wonder if they are just hungry, or methods I was messing with, or these BSB at just very aggressive chasing things down. And have others caught other spices like stripers, flounders this way?
  7. Would you ship on my dime? I'd consider tables for the kids to mess with. Thanks
  8. Fishing was slower most of today for some reason, nearly limit out on BSB. Also found a 20"or so (didn't measure) weakfish.
  9. Can't say if this is 2lb, but was a bycatch while fishing for BSB.
  10. Sorry, can't tell. Could be bunker size fish. Not smallish. No birds on them. But also this time of the year dog fish are in full force breeding.
  11. I haven't caught one like this since like 10 years ago. They give a good fight!
  12. Limited on seabass with 2 ppl. Large scups are all over. 1 small kingfish. 1 short Weakfish. 2 dog fish. 1 searobin. Saw something (small fish?) boiling about 50 feet away, not big fish but not sure what it is.
  13. Report indicating weakfish are around now. Hoping to catch some tomorrow too!
  14. It was an ounce spro bucktail. Previously a bait fisherman. Then lost a big one at the end of the jetty with a cheapy Creek Chub school bus popper. I was mad.
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