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  1. Highlight of the day: Cunner with a big red pimple on the right side of belly. Looks like a fishing line floating in front of the cam this morning with seaweed clinging on to it Cunner with a cleft lower lip loves the camera
  2. Nope. Just sharing the info. Decent price for a full day trip if he can find the fish.
  3. Just saw some info on the American Classic on FB: " Price will be $125 per person. 4am-6pm on sunday the 29th. Bait is included. If you bring your own rod you will need to get to 400ft. Rod rental is $10. We are targeting pollock and haddock."
  4. Evening trip as in after dark? I didn't know weakfish will eat after sundown
  5. Went out today to look for them, plenty of small ones..... biggest was only 14" ...... ZERO fluke.... not hitting the right place. 2 keeper tog, 1 HUGE scup and plenty of smaller ones. Wind held out until 9-10am then start whipping. Not as bad as they forecasted depends on where you fish.
  6. At what temp do they get more active?
  7. I know, been about 5 min and still sitting there. There were few other big ones cruised by too. This one might have togged in for tonight lol.
  8. There is a BIG tog just sitting in a corner now.
  9. Sure , let me know the info.
  10. Would you do $55 shipped?
  11. Any more details on the teasers? Size of the hook? weight? All new or used?
  12. A sea robin showed up.
  13. Basically you order from them, they order from someone else that's out of stock, so they email you back that they can't take your money.