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  1. I could never tell when they should be up river or down..... incoming tide or outgoing... Still learning!
  2. Many moons ago one summer had them big too. We were at a far walking location and slaying them doesn't matter what we do. We even have to pick out the big guns and toss back some 15"er (consider small).... Finally my friend and I had our limit.... 50 scups. IT was maybe 40lbs total....or more with all our gears walking back to our car about 1 mile away. Since then we have not target scup ever ever again.
  3. However Boston harbor and North shore has been a disappointment. At least the reports and the outing have been so far. When they are around, they are just around finger size.....
  4. It was very slow to start this year. But ya, the report are saying it's picking up. Perhaps the hot weather?
  5. Hmmm What model year? 2, 5, 10 year old?
  6. *sign* .... no boat....
  7. Fish up north on the high outgoing at a pier. Skate all around + a schoolie to show for. Bunch of small size squid can be seen on the surface from time to time under the light. Storm was very close and lightning was seen from a distance (star was shown above) Nothing much around.....
  8. What's going up north now? Found child care and could probably sneaking out on a high tide at night tomorrow. Any pointers on what bait they are on?
  9. Maybe the salty air dries with salt residue on it? Just a guess....
  10. Bike and Lawn chairs on RT3 - 2 lane hwy..... every single summer.....
  11. They get big.....
  12. I have a very old inflatable boat with this type of valve. We've been trying to find a pump that will fit this valve. Anyone know what the type called?
  13. They do swim by there. Caught a shorty about a month ago.