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  1. Much appreciated Tim. Always on the ball. Thanks SOL.
  2. This was on computer on chrome.
  3. Haha, good? No(never). I still have not gotten a keeper in my life. Caught many other fish along the way. Oyster cracker to be a weird spiece. I fish when I can and learn every little thing along the way. Thanks to SOL, I learned ALOT! But now I take my fishing more serious. Learning about tides, moon phase, wind factor (few days), months, water temp and few report to decide on where to go. With others said, Friday night's wind storm is what I am afraid of. I never do well during these times. Bayside usually never yield anything for me (my spots anyway).
  4. I heard it wasn't bad. Just don't go with babies/kids. They just can't tolerate it. Heard this from a family friend, went from Boston to Florida(disney).
  5. Haven't been able to go out for a good while. I have sometime this Saturday to head somewhere with an old friend that haven't been out for few years too. I want to put him on some fish from shore, anything goes. With this weather pattern after the storm yesterday, I would assume the water will be settle down by Saturday. But the wind is going wacky with NE - Thursday, South - Friday and NW Saturday. I have options of going North to plum island area, Cape cod (face south) or RI Jetties. Tide is also wack too with no high tide down the Cape Friday night until Saturday afternoon. I never know how to fish this tide (always weird with no fish). Any pointers?
  6. How's the water after today's rain?
  7. Contract listed they will dig 6" down, fine grade foundation with 3" of asphalt.
  8. Thanks. I am feeling a little bit better and not taken by this company now after reading all the posts.
  9. Again, yes, I am stupid or regret at this point. However listening to other's comment, might not be that bad going with bigger company to have the job done. But we are talking about $5k vs. $8k. To me it is a lot of money, that's why I am thinking it that way.
  10. I did get one other bid, which was about the same. But I got a call almost a week later for another quote which is much less.
  11. It was written on the contract with the date of 50% down
  12. Cheaper doesn't always mean better, I do understand. But they are about double the cost. It is a big company, but double?
  13. I called. Guy won't back out. Might have to take that next step legally.
  14. I know this sounds ridiculous. But I didn't think it through and signed a contract and made a stupid mistake and put a 50% down (4k)payment on a paving job on my driveway. Found out 2 weeks later that I can have it done cheaper and want to back out on the contract. Key thing is, job has not started. It's scheduled for another 2-3 weeks out. Is there are a way to back out of this (even with some penalty)? This is in MASS. Contract did not indicate a time/date of when this starts, all verbal. Contract did not indicate a penalty if I don't follow through to have work done.
  15. Wow, old canal? There must be a good story about it.