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  1. ..... thought I share it with you guys....
  2. Ahhhh, the halibut fever!
  3. Tried to go back out a second time to clear out the left over freezing rain. No dice. Everything was solid and it's still coming down pellets. It's all froze, steps were salted and sorta cleared.... will see if it will melt and hold it clean. Won't be able to touch anything tomorrow....
  4. Was out there for 3 hours (seems unnecessary) to clear out a driveway and a car spot on the street. It was fine until half way when temp dropped, everything I was working on froze plus incoming ice pellets. I was trying to move the second car after the first and door was stuck froze. Figure I might not use the second car I'll just leave it until rain in a few day. Everything is heaving. My second stage isn't doing much with the ice sheet on the ground. Ugly out there.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. However I was unable to do what you suggested. There is already flashing that goes under the last shingle and I am unable to squeeze in between the shingles. The last flashing is sitting between 2 pieces of shingle. So I had to pull it up and re-nail it? Now I had put a flashing piece nailed to the wall side just to cover the hole trying to find another idea.
  6. From what I heard, the daughter took over Jacob Wirth, then she stop caring about the customers.
  7. Shack line did suck, but I had the most luck on them when I was there. My noodle rod didn't do much. I was even using sibiki that go from bottom to about 2 feet high with multiple rods and different depths. Maybe.... maybe next time..... it's too far to drive for nothing. I never thought smelt is so hard to catch!!
  8. For the past few years I've been trying to get out to target them. Last year I went up to the camps with friends and only got a few for both trips. I rigged some rods and use their beam fishing lines and have them set to different depths. Most had worms on it and I used some with gulp pieces when some said those works too. I started off fishing down in Hingham area in one November day in 2016 and caught more than I went up to the camps...... /sigh
  9. I found this the other day while changing a light bulb, old asbestos siding that came off god knows when. Looks to be patched and came off again. Do I replace with another single piece that just cut into piece? Co-worker said to use a sheet metal and cut into shape to nail it on. No clue what to do here. Just wanted to patch this up before winter comes.
  10. Oh wow. I was up there twice last year and both time was a bust. Both times were evening hours, fished once incoming and once outgoing tide. I was close to not wanted to take the 6 hours round trip drive again.... I was reading about an article that smelt mature in a 2 year cycle so you will do well one year and the next not? Any tips on making me go again? Used worms that they gave us, had self made fishing rods and also using their stuff. Used jigs, little gulps, etc and only caught 3 total both trips...... Oh and a white perch.....
  11. I was going through last month and this month's bill. The thermal usage is exactly double of last months. But amount isn't double, it was more. So I look into why and notice the delivery charge is almost 15 cents higher than last month.... why? November bill: December bill:
  12. What's the rating? It's cut off from the picture. Location?
  13. Found this on my FB page through NJ division of wildlife:
  14. Thanks. That's what I was looking for.