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  1. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Were they blitzing schools of bunker at the surface, like bluefish/stripers do?
  2. Great looking fish. Congrats!
  3. Awesome report and nice photos.
  4. White seemed to be the color of choice my last few times to Avon and Emerald Isle. The head color didn't seem to matter. Here is an easy loop knot. Seems to work well.
  5. Use Google Earth or other satellite image maping for some good spots to check out. You can see where some deeper water is (looks darker), closer to shore to wade. If you have a kayak, even better. If you have a cast net, there are usually ample amounts of mullet and other small fish around. Shrimp seem to hang out in the grassy areas. If using shrimp, I personally couldn't get it in the water more than a minute, without a pinfish tearing it apart. So, if you have kids that you want to just catch some fish, a small hook, 1/2 ounce weight and small piece of shrimp (or small piece of cut bait) will be similar to fishing a farm pond full of bluegills. For the bigger fish, what Anton58 said.
  6. My bad TimS. I deleted. I should have known better.
  7. Hope you don't mess up the finish on your roof with the sand. I like that color. I had a WRX wagon when they first came out, with the bug eyes. Was a fun car. Too fun to have when the kids came along though. Would have been nice in that color.
  8. Nice looking beach crawler. Be careful in this rough surf with that board. My kid's named mine "BlackJack". Which kept them entertained for about 2 hours of our drive, "racing" other cars... i.e. passing a car on 95. Which on that road, is kind of racing if passing anyone.
  9. That is pretty awesome. I'm sure clearance would be the only issue with a Subaru. They are pioneers of AWD. But lifted, you are probably just as high as many SUVs/trucks. I'd imagine you turn a few heads while out. I'd personally think about adding a hitch carrier, with extension like the "BlackHat", to keep the slop outside (and able to open the hatch). Probably the best thing about trucks for ORVs, is the ability to worry about the slop later.
  10. Edit
  11. They say, fish into the wind is the best. That wind should be pushing plankton and other things that baitfish eat to you, which should bring the whole food chain to you. Personally, I fish whatever I can, when I am able to... I would definitely not overlook the Sound. I love fishing the beach, since I am about 300 miles to the closest beach. But, the Sound seems to have more "bigger fish" willing to play. Granted, I never make it to Hatteras when the big drum or big cobia are around, and never target sharks. In those cases, the bigger fish are in the ocean. To me, the "bigger fish" are the puppy drum & speckled trout compared to the sea mullet and croakers that are usual Summer fair. The Sound is loaded with fresh bait too. Most of the bait shops are pretty honest when you stop in, buy some stuff and get a report. Not sure how honest the reports are online. I doubt they lie, but stretching the truth to get more people out, wouldn't be far fetched.
  12. North side, is north of the Point, where the ocean is to the East of the land. South side is south of the Point, where the island turns, and the ocean is to the South of the land. Different winds and other conditions are more favorable for one vs. the other. Same can be said of the Sound behind the island too.
  13. Looking forward to reading some reports and other notes on all of your adventures. Safe travels, and best of luck on the catching. Reports are looking great on catching something. Monsters at night. Enjoy the extended Summer!
  14. Looks like a happy dog and great trip.
  15. Impressive collection. Looks like you are ready to retire to the OBX permanently!!!