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  1. Good start to the trip. The first morning is rough to get out at times. First night celebrations can get a little long at times. Just got to remind yourself why you are there and power through it. No rules against napping at the beach... Just make sure you don't get burnt to a crisp first day. Leave that until mid-week... Looking forward to reading more. Work is killing me. Reading beach reports is a good reminder of why I have to put up with work b.s.
  2. Good read. Glad you didn't end up hurt from that wipe out and didn't lose your fish. Good call on the plan B. Usually, I end up packing enough for plan B, C & D... By Tuesday/Wednesday, I am usually only carrying enough for A & B though.
  3. Nice! Good to see you are getting into fish and gaining a fishing buddy!
  4. Awesome pompano and trout! Best luck to you guys out there this week. Keep up the reports. Always makes the work day more enjoyable.
  5. Are you talking from the surf or from the pier? I had a bunch of bite offs from the pier (a couple years ago) and added a 1' - 50# flourocarbon bite leader. It seemed to help a lot with the bite offs, but cut my strikes in half or more. I maybe should have made that longer? I had a few pretied leaders with bite leaders on this past trip, but ended up trimming the 50# portion off, since there didn't seem to be a need for it from shore. They all seemed to strike the metals from behind (besides the lizard fish, who often seemed to strike with their eyeballs or stomachs)...
  6. No matter how soon that I rinse gold hooks off, they start to rust... Seems like I can only get a day of fishing out of them, then they need tossed. Anyone know of a good brand that will hold up to the salt, or a trick to keep them from rusting? I use red hooks, which aren't the best at rust prevention either, but usually takes a few days to start showing rust, if rinsed after use. Then a good washing and light coat of 3 in 1 oil seems to keep them until my next salt soaking. I have some gold beads, that I need to take a mental note to try in some rigs...
  7. I saw ONE sand flea the entire week in Emerald Isle. One that my daughter snagged on a treble hook (about 1/4" big). The surf zone is usually loaded with them, but didn't see any. The wash had a ton of baby pompanos, but didn't see anyone catching any larger ones. I'd assume they moved off to beaches that had more sand fleas available. Not sure what the deal was? I love pompano. By far my favorite fish to eat. The bigger ones put up a nice fight, smaller ones okay if lighter gear. If fleas were around this past week, I would have likely fished for them a lot more. But I let the conditions dictate what the likely easiest catch would be... Grilled and smoked Spanish mackerel are pretty good, and flinging metal is pretty fun. The early morning and late evening bite, fits my family vacation schedule best too. I'd trade for pompano biting any day though. BTW - on the rigs - I like to add a bead or two. Bright orange to give the look of eggs, seems to work.
  8. I use the same 20# fluorocarbon that I use for Spanish mackerel leader material. Not sure if it matters, but why not? Sand fleas for bait. I like to use round weights and let roll in the surf. Usually catch more mullet than pompano myself. More of a nice treat if the pompano are around. I use #4 octopus hooks.
  9. I was a good bit south of Salvo, but I tried the "John Skinner" approach my first evening, and got two really small flounder. Sort of knowing your arsenal from this site, you seem to have something for every fish that swims in the Hatteras Island waters. I'd personally let the conditions tell you what to go after. At least going off of experience myself. Seems like conditions change so quickly, that one species jumping in your lap this week, will be lockjaw next week. The thing that I like the most about Hatteras Island, are the options available. Miles of ocean and sound access. Usually if one is rough going, it makes decent conditions for the other. Or decent conditions for Oregon Inlet, or The Point or the jetties at Buxton. Hopefully you get into some. Sounds like you need some fishing! Best therapy for me, by far. BTW - Check out the "Onefish Twofish" Youtube channel. They are a couple that fish the OBX a good bit. They will show how to catch trout. Probably something that you have done before. Pretty simple. Jig + Gulp. Add popping cork or don't. Live finger mullet/shrimp/mud minnow fished the same way.
  10. This is the first time that I have caught them right from the beach, so I am very much a novice at it. I got 6 the past week, and had double that many get off, some at my feet after reeling in for 30 yards. Then about 50 other "hits", but could have been lizard fish or others. Half of them, I saw jumping a few casts before they hit. There was one day that they were really corralling baitfish, and blitzing the baitfish. I couldn't buy a bite from them. But the single jumpers, to me, were a sign that they were in the area and seemed fine biting (at least during that first and last few hours of light). I got a few hits and landed a few by blind casting as well. I also got one by seeing in a wave with 4-5 others. I didn't have much luck during the day when I saw them jump, but I didn't see them jumping consistently, nor did I cast consistently during the day. Granted, conditions were about perfect all week, so I am sure others in the know could have had 20 fish days. Hopefully this trip wasn't just a fluke for me. A few small things that I noticed that are a bit different than what I had thought from trying for these unsuccessfully for years (although caught a few from piers/other on Gotcha plugs)... I caught many right in the wash zone. Knee deep water when a wave was not there. For years, I would wade into or beyond that same area of water and try to cast as far as I could, getting pummeled by waves in my chest/face or trying to jump crashing waves. I am sure there are times it is necessary and might work, but would have been casting over the fish that I caught. About half that I caught, would have easily been in casting range of a standard freshwater medium weight 6' rod, which I saw many guys using. There were some hook ups that came at the very end of my casts though, which I wouldn't have been able to get to with a 6' rod. I have two rods that I use for this. One is 10' and the other is 8'-6". Neither are surf rods. Both are salmon/steelhead rods (not noodle UL - each has 2oz or more lure casting rating). Comfortable to cast over and over and over and over. The 8'-6" rod is more comfortable to cast repeatedly. I tried doing a test between them in a field before vacation with a 1oz weight. I could get maybe 10' more with my 10' rod. But the 8'-6" rod is much more comfortable to use, casting probably 2000 times this past week, if not more. By mid week, it was what I grabbed most times out, unless my daughter came with, then I let her use. I couldn't imagine casting any of my surf rods that much, even my lightest has a sweet spot more in the 3oz zone, so actually losing distance with any of those rods. If that is all you have, then it should work, but will be a workout. It isn't much more packing space to take 3-4 rods, than it is to take 1 though, or add one more rod to the 3-4 that you packed... Something comfortable with a 1-2oz. sweet spot, and your arms will thank you. Do yourself a favor and don't bait fish on another rod while you are casting. I have done this for years and probably why I have failed so much on the Spanish mackerel before. Of course, I started vacation like this again, as I just wanted to catch some fish and figured, it likely wouldn't be a Spanish. Every time that I would cast my "mullet" rod, a Spanish mackerel would jump within 2-3 minutes. Having me reel in and go grab my "Spanish" rod. Likely missing a few fish, if I would have just been casting. If you really want to catch one of these, or a few of these, then focus on them. If you want to catch mullet or others, then focus on them. Have faith that they will eventually hit, if they are there (like other have mentioned on time and water clarity). Lure speed. For years, I have unsuccessfully been reeling as fast as I could. When doing this, these metals spin, skip across the top and your arms feel like noodles after 1/2 hour of casting. Try a faster retrieve than most fishing you do, but let that lure do it's job. If there is a long shore current, slow your retrieve in that a bit to let the lure work. If casting into that current, then you likely need to speed up your retrieve to get the lure working. LOOSEN YOUR DRAG!!! The bigger ones hit hard. I had my drag looser than I usually have and was doing okay. I had what was probably a 25"er on for 2 nice runs, then spit me out. I checked my leader to see if frayed (which you should do after every hit/catch). I noticed one of the hooks on my treble was bent straight... After that, I loosened enough that they could run. My catch rate the rest of the week went way up. Sure, small lizard fish would pull a little drag when they hit, but I didn't lose any more at my feet. Once you catch a few, you can figure out what a good setting is. For those that have steel head fished, it is pretty similar to that. Not worrying about your 15# running line or 20# leader breaking, but pulling the hook from their mouths. Not sure about the teasers. I have lost many lures off of the piers from bite offs. That said, it seems like they hit the Gotcha plugs from the side and the surf metals from behind. Not sure how they would hit a teaser. I tried some, and fooled the lizard fish (caught a lot of them this week BTW). I didn't get any Spanish on them. If they hit them from the side, then you are losing a teaser and a surf metal.
  11. Friday was fun. I slept in a bit but didn’t seem to matter. Got on the beach around 8:30 and within 5 minutes had my first Spanish on the beach. Took a 1/2 hour break and then back at it. Another in maybe 20 minutes of casting. Then the kids wanted to ride some waves. Had a great day swimming and just having fun. Grilled up some chicken and started the process of packing. Made it down to the beach for one last evening of casting. Was rewarded with a 19”er. First 3 Spanish surf day for me! If really putting the time in, likely could have doubled that. A great week of vacation. Great weather, clear bluish water every day. Waves were rideable but not crazy. The kids had a blast riding and jumping in them. I wish more public sound access in the area. In rough ocean conditions, the sound has saved our vacation before. Still a toss up for me with Hatteras Island. Both are great.
  12. We did Bogue Inlet Pier. I love it there. Fishing wasn’t the best today, but last time here, we stayed about 1/4 mile from the pier and fished just about every day. The Spanish showed up for an hour or two every morning and evening with a few showing during the day too.
  13. Yesterday morning, had a really nice Spanish on in the surf. I had my drag too tight and straightened my hook... Yesterday evening, had one self release at my feet and 2 others on for a few seconds. A few other hits. This morning I took my daughter on the pier and was pretty dead. She got a spade fish and a pin fish. One school of Spanish about 40 yards down the pier that didn’t make their way to us. A nice one caught by the live bait guys at the end. A nice flounder got off at the surface by another, and some other small fish around. Nothing really too exciting. Spanish seem to show up an hour after high tide recedes.
  14. 2 lizard fish this morning... Had what I think was a small Spanish on for a bit. Could see a bunch breaking about 100’ beyond my casting range. Hopefully can get out this evening for some redemption!!! There isn’t a sandflea to be found at any beach that I have been on. I have covered over a mile of beach too. I might have to switch over to panfishing. Saw a few nice sea mullet/whiting landed. Always fun to catch too.
  15. Made by Clarkspoon. Both the chrome jig and shad jig. Pink shad on my largest. Chartreuse chrome on my other two. No takes at all on kastmasters, classic and long. Then again, it is probably 100 casts per fish. So might have just changed out too soon. Hung out with the family this evening. Hit the surf right before dark, but nothing. Saw a few jump. Fun to see them go airborne when out swimming. Tough to not want to cast!