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  1. Good stuff Pilotman! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I agree with you 100% on the fees that aren't being used. Same thing with the insurance for us in FL. Those policies seem to be a scam. Any realtor or home owner looking to have any of those that canceled to ever use them again, should be trying to work out some sort of credit to a future rental. I imagine that ours will really end up coming out to about 1.5 the amount of our original cost. They say $250 re-booking fee, but have to pay any difference in rate increases (which I imagine they will increase rates for anyone using)... But we get a vacation out of it. I am sure you and most others would be just fine with that too. If not offering you 50% off your next rental or something like that, then this company is going under. Hopefully this assistance package passed by the Feds, will have something in it that Surf or Sound changes their ways on dealing with customers that had no choice. I'd look into the details of it and possibly even contact Dare County to see if their closure has anything mentioned in it to safeguard visitors. Their economy is dependent on tourism, so I would hope that they would do something to make sure the tourism money returns. If they don't, please keep us posted. I personally will not rent from Surf or Sound again if they can't work out something with you. Again, my message wasn't meant to be negative to your situation at all. There are a lot of people hurting from this stupid virus, that really isn't anyone's fault.
  3. Are they offering you anything? Like a voucher for future booking? We had to cancel our trip to Florida in a few weeks. I inquired a few weeks ago and they said no refund. Now are offering that we can re-book with them, but an additional $250 re-booking fee. Which to me, is more than fair. I was expecting to lose my whole deal. I may end up losing it all, plus $250... Which I wouldn't have been happy about and completely understand your frustration. Please do not take what I am going to say next out of context, this is not meant as a direct response to Ghost, who I feel is handling this situation in an extremely professional manner. There is another side to every story, and by no means am I saying that I agree in any way of how Surf or Sound is handling this situation! Just keep in mind that many of the owners of these places are mostly regular folks that have saved for many years, dreaming of owning something near the beach. Many are paying mortgages and bills on these second properties, to mostly break even every year or enough profit to put back into the homes to keep them updated and attractive to vacationers. Basically get a place to stay for a week or two, then in 30 years after mortgage is done, is when they profit. For my situation, that is how the math worked out when looking to purchase something myself. Trust me, I wasn't looking at $M homes. My search was less than half of that, using 10% down, and still over what I was comfortable with. Most will need to rent out well over half of the year to break even, but will be gaining equity. Under normal conditions, it seems like a pretty good investment from what I could tell. But factoring things like this and hurricanes, the regular stock market roller coaster might be better in the long run. Right now, they are losing out on the next few months worth of rent. Also possibly half of the summer with people scared to go and probably all of the fall with fear that this is coming back then and just regular hurricane fears. Many of those people are going to be $50k-$100k in the hole this year over this and likely see many foreclosures due to it. With the market tanking, most of their reserve funds to cover when people are not renting, are 2/3 of what they were, if they even had reserve funds. Some of these people could be in financial ruin over this. Hopefully the aid package that was just passed addresses these people, and in return can work out better deals with those forced to cancel. Again, I am not siding with anyone, as I completely feel for anyone that has lost money over this, especially from the county shutting down and agree that you got a bum deal (especially with the fees that you mentioned). Every case is different and not all owners are the same. Some could be families that are well off and can pay $1-2M cash and able to handle $50k-$100k hit without a major disruption. I certainly feel lucky that I didn't pull the switch and purchase a property. I know a few others that did and fortunately have dual incomes to stay afloat, but will be hit really hard. Some others are not that fortunate.
  4. Avon sounds like the perfect place for "social distancing" IMHO. Although, I have a feeling the fish would do their best to stay 2 meters away from me...
  5. This is our plan. Although seeing that you cancelled yours, doesn't make me feel any better... I called the condo that we booked, about 2 weeks ago. They said no refunds and basically we are SOL if we don't use. I am wondering if the flights shut down, Disney now shut and whatever else happens between now and then, and realize there is no way for people to get there, they might at least work with us on re-booking. The airlines says cancel within 7 days, so I still have a little time for that. Rental car, I can cancel up until that day. I feel bad for those trying to rent the condos, but would have to imagine they can work something out.
  6. Mine is talking the same. First time that I have ever booked a place without travel insurance too... Things don't appear to be getting any better by then too.
  7. Next year, I will hold off the congrats for another week. Try to keep the run lasting longer for ya! White perch aren't bad eating either and more scrappy in my experience.
  8. Great read. Hope you got into them again today.
  9. That is a pig. My favorite eating fresh water fish. Hope you get into more.
  10. I have not taken mine (not a bass boat), but have talked to others that have taken other smaller inland type boats. I would think if you have experience in the Chesapeake or DE bay and don't push your limits, you would be fine. Get yourself a depth chart, if your electronics don't already have. Have a good source of info on winds/wave activity, apps available. I'd imagine that you have a radio if already taking out on those larger bays, if not then probably not a bad idea to have one for emergency. Take your your phone and take tow service, USCG and other numbers with you. Other emergency stuff like flares and fire extinguisher. Check the local laws too, you may need to carry some additional things that you don't normally carry? I don't think you need to go very far from shore to get into some good fishing, although I am not sure where the fish are in May. There are a lot of guys that do very well with kayaks at least from reports that I have read, that I don't think are going all too far out. But still able to cover a ton more water than guys stuck on shore. I also see a lot of smaller dingy type boats fishing/crabbing closer to shore as well. They have higher gunnels than the average bass boat, but imagine if you don't push your luck on choppy days, you would be fine. I have only waded the sound, but I have a 17' & 12' boat as well as kayak at home and familiar with what is comfortable boating conditions. With the exception of storms or wind conditions, the sound at least close to shore, is no rougher than most PA inland lakes. That all said, I have had a few times with intentions to take my kayak or rent one, and the week of vacation turned into 20+ mph winds the entire time. Which had me scrapping plans to travel with a kayak. I wouldn't consider towing a boat 500 miles in those conditions myself. My family doesn't fish much, so towing my boat to fish a few hours early morning and maybe one day trip isn't worth it to me. My trailer isn't in the best shape either, and have heard horror stories of trailer issues during the commute. I had a clutch go on an old truck of mine on I95, 20 years ago and was enough of a nightmare for me. I was lucky enough to have it happen 20 miles from a friend's house and near one of my company's offices.
  11. That is awesome.
  12. Looking at that sharky thread, I would be considering a drive from Deerfield to West Palm if need be... That looks like a blast. I have no idea about seasonal migrations, but would imagine some of those would be around Deerfield as well?
  13. The past few weeks of research and working with a realtor and others that I know that own, have really taught me a good bit about the area, condo wise at least. I was completely uneducated to the topic prior, so learning is relative. Most towns or the condo associations themselves, do not allow rentals of less than a month at a time. Ponce Inlet has some great looking condos for sale at some nice prices, but don't allow weekly rentals. The ones that I have found in Flagler and Palm Coast, same. Although some definitely rent weekly, but twice my price range. Many other areas, as noted about the pig with lipstick. Look nice, but in buildings that are visibly in need of repairs, that have "special assessments" lined up. Many even noted in the listing. I can't figure out NSB. The sale prices do not reflect the rental prices. The more math that I do, the more that beach condos sound like investing in boats...
  14. Sonny - I have one reserved for our stay in NSB. I haven't found any to purchase. Still trying to figure out some things. I want to take the week and explore the beach towns and decide which one we really want to be at. We want 3BR, but finding it to be at the very top of our price range. But if it rents out 270 days per year, then definitely in our price range... I am trying to find some market averages of rentals. This whole thing is way too confusing. I just want a place to fish!!! Looks like you can't get much closer to a place to fish!
  15. Thanks Reelfire! When we get a bit closer to the date, I will get with you to see if schedules can match up. We are going to have a bit of a busy week, that I will be fishing around my "work" schedule. Likely not have a full day for fishing while there. I am going to do my best to wet a line at some point every day for at least an hour. We are meeting with realtors, property managers and touring a bunch of the beach towns between Jacksonville and Cocoa, to see if a rental property is a possibility for us. If the realtors/property managers convince me that we'd have it rented enough to break even most years, with the ability to be in the area 2-3 weeks per year to fish as much as I want, and a place to retire to, it might just happen... If not, then I get a week to check things out and wet a line as much as possible while there and try to avoid sharks while boogie boarding with the kids. At this point, I am just looking for basic info to get gear together and daydream while it is 30 degrees outside here in Western PA... I am assuming that it will be similar patterns to summers in NC? With Spanish mackerel and bluefish in the surf early morning and late evenings (sling metals to mimic glass minnows). With sand fleas or fish bites on high low rigs for whiting, pompano and black drum? Guessing the lagoon is similar to the ICW there, with jigs to mimic shrimp and mullet, on their own or popping corks (live bait if I can find any)? Hoping puppy drum, trout and flounder around? Even more hoping some other fish that don't frequent NC are around. Mangrove snappers, jack crevalle or snook. Guessing the last one is more of a pipe dream and I'm pretty sure you guys mostly try to avoid the jacks. I got one last year that was maybe 12" long and fought like it was 20". Let me know if hot or not on my thoughts. It would help on packing. Usually when going to NC, I have about 200lbs of fishing gear packed into our SUV. I am trying to get that down to about 10lbs in my suitcase. Which means no cast net, no crabbing gear, narrowing down to 2 rods, and leaving 80% of my other tackle at home. Which is all that I usually end up using in NC anyway... Just every time I go, I end up using different gear. Hopefully we find a place that works and has storage for me to have a stockpile of gear!