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  1. Nice to see some true fall run action this week. Bait is abundant and the bass are too. A couple more weeks like this one would be great. Hope everyone is out there running and gunning whether from land or in those floaty things with motors.
  2. As if the surf from Paulette wasn't bad enough. With Hurricane Teddy seeming to be heading toward down east Maine we are looking at even bigger surf. If that storm gets nudged closer by the high pressure it could be epic surf. Stay safe folks...
  3. Yes, concerning. So little bait. Where are all the peanuts? Starting catching juvie bonito on pencil poppers this week. Odd fall...
  4. Yes.
  5. They are herring but when the one jumped outta the water I thought wow, was that a shad? Had my permit checked by the EP when I was catching them too. Macs have been mixed from tinker to a few jacks.
  6. Have not pursued the striped ones yet but the macs and herring are plentiful. Herring are big ones too, had one leap out of the water when I was reeling it in. That was neat.
  7. Got into some migrating fish yesterday in the Rkpt area. Nothing huge but fish up to small keeper size. Smashing the DOC out of the water. That plug really does seem to piss them off. Get out this this week folks because the weekend Nor Easter could mean an abrupt end to the season. Could...
  8. Still big schools of them here on the north shore. Aggressively feeding on peanuts and silversides. Has been fun watching them assault bait as they are very acrobatic and tend to fly out of the water in pursuit of the baitfish. Seem to be a bit bigger yesterday and today with a few pushing 14-16 inches. A blast to catch too.
  9. Everything seems to be blowing up in a good way the last couple days. Great action, big blitzes, peanuts everywhere, fish of all sizes on every cast no matter what you throw at them. Hope everyone is having fun with the run.
  10. Rudder? Pilot? Sergeant?
  11. I ate several that size last week, delicious! Also used some to entice stripers!
  12. Not sure what the guy who caught the larger ones did with them but I just pan fried some of the small ones and they were quite tasty. Also used a few to entice some nice bass. A good day overall.
  13. Gloucester Harbor so well north of the canal.
  14. The local harbor has been invaded by big schools of juvi bonito. There were actually a couple of larger Bonito in the mix (second pic) I have seen a few up this far over the years usually as an incidental catch when mac fishing but they are everywhere this week, blitzing on top and eating 3 inch silversides. The pogie schools are also abundant and I "heard" there was a pair of Bald Eagles out on 10 Pound Island. Have to assume they are feasting on the pogies? Anyone with insight as to whether Eagles would target pogies? Crazy times! Gonna use the bonito for striper bait but want to eat some too. Preparation suggestions? Quick pan-fry?
  15. Copious amounts of bait in my area of Cape Ann, plenty of small bass and some jumbo mackerel as well. My buddy caught a big mackerel on a guppy pencil from the beach last night.