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  6. Most of the time its the G-Love and Special Sauce channel on Pandora. Depends on my mood.
  7. These would be perfect for a fundraiser I'm doing, I'll take two lots of 36, please pm me with payment instructions when you get a chance. Thanks!
  8. Its not bad, but not nearly as good as the original. I'll continue to watch, its got potential.
  9. I'll be shipping at the end of the week, had an epoxy problem, had to start over again I'll post a pic of the one thet ended up somewhat OK tomorrow.
  10. I'm fine with waiting, will be done saturday, but am in no rush.
  11. That sound in the middle of the night will definitly pucker your cornhole! Glad the damage wasn't bad, could have been way worse.
  12. I used to love battleship cove as a kid!
  13. If I were a whaler I'd throw bloody chunks of whale meat at the idiots.
  14. I strongly prefer the strap, once the cables start to fray your hand will turn to hamburger.
  15. The headstock spins feely with no motor attached right?