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  1. How quickly mokey pokey forgets how new to the canal he is. Pay attention pilgrims and learn a few things from the guys that have been doing this for years.
  2. Not a day goes by without a bobby story
  3. My pleasure. If you don't get my drift then your not a canal regular.
  4. Capie thinking!! Never a good thing.
  5. Mr. Dingy you are correct sir. We are now like the RI forum.
  6. Mark Knopler the pad t few road trips.
  7. We agree to disagree
  8. I also realize tackle shops, cell phones , are also a major problem but that doesn'take away from the sol contribution to the madness.
  9. Bob. Do you really think stripers online hasn't contributed to the hundreds of white Wal-Mart rods on the canal.?
  10. No wonder this forum has lost some good contributors over the years.
  11. Stripers on line has done its damage to the stocks also. Stupid threads like this just drives the wedge between commercial and rec fisherme
  12. Bite mm e by you crappie capie
  13. The Shimano long casts are just that! casting distance reels The line lay is great due to the slow oscillation of the of the spool during the retrieve. I have been fishing the the Shimano CI4 for a few months, best reeI have ever owned. If longer cast distance, light we ight and