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  1. Hi. I take it to mean you initiate a hard crank on the bench, then suddenly stall the reel and you get a brrrrt, right? Normal operation, only noted on the bench, not the water. The pinion has little hooks in it, to catch the clutch on the spool, when you crank in, on the water. On the bench, the position holder causes the pinion to jump up and down on the clutch, as the spool is in reality going backwards, and still in reel mode, not cast mode, so the pinion therefore cannot hook into the clutch (when you do this on the bench.) It will only do it with a spool of decent weight of line, which provides the inertia to keep the spool going. Try this with a 7000, and listen/note the time the spool chatters. It's quite the hoot.
  2. Hello. There are many Abu familiars on site, so I'd like to speak to 1, and 2. The grease inside the plates is a corrosion barrier. Aluminum and salt water are not the best combo. As to type of grease, for barrier, and regular application places, many folks really like outboard type marine product. The blue kinds from Yamaha or Evinrude are very popular. Bike grease is ok as well. Your sde plte residue could very well be salt water condensate. Not normal. As to 3 and 4, I have input, but it would be fairer for the rest of the crew to chime in.
  3. Glad I was not alone.... all I have are little black boxed x's on the exploder, and absolutely no indication of pics (at all) except the last one, on the firefox.
  4. The Redl distributor's staffer must have been on some serious meds...A terse curt "gone" does not mean some nice revisions. Their staff must have taken out a charter membership in league of dimwits.... The web page tackle tour, has the blurb.
  5. Heard a rumour from a distributor that the Ambassadeur 7000i series of reels, have been discontinued. Evidently, in another related rumour, all will be revealed at some sort of show or other. That usually means a large trading area, such as the Eastern Seaboard, or perhaps the golden state. Has anyone at the SOL, heard any more on these. Thx, kd.
  6. Hello. I'd suggest you scurry over to the Texas site called 2cool. Most of the reels in their reel maintain forum, are Shimanos. Dan Thorburn, a Shimano rep, posts there. .
  7. I'd start by opening Shimano drawings, and look for the commonality of the hex handle nut. Any of the Calcuttas would be a good staring point. It's like the Captain Obvious ads running on tv now....if the handle ~nut~ is the same, then the handles ~have~ to interchange. Corsairs are CS's, and Calcuttas are CT's. Mr. 78's post above, appears to verify that concept.
  8. I suspect that your cast cap barely covered the 0-ring, and then went past it, to come away. You could try for the slightly longer cast cap, used on the solid axle reels before the u/c model. Use of the longer cap keeps the unit covering the 0-ring, lessening the risk of a fall-away. One part number is 12486. There are several from back in the day. Remember to also buy the tension disk 20090, and a shim. As above post, you may be able to shop the eeb, eh? for less. Cast caps normally run between 5 and 8.00, plus the shim, and the tension disk, before taxes, s/h..
  9. Uh, Nope. "Country Pricing" is all the rage these days... all the other products, as far as I know are not available in my trading area here in Canada. Possibly the marine grease, but the corrosionx is unheard of anywhere up here. .Your 4.00 4 x 10 x 4 bearing is not a 4 x 11 x 4, unless that was a typo. Boca shows 4 x 11 x 4 from 8.00 each up to 60 plus for ceramics. SS run about 16.00. Add in stamps, duty, tax, and exchange, and they almost double. For the fresh water stuff, I just use the .99 cent Boca 3 x 10 x 4's, and the 4 x 10 by 4's. 50 bearings, 50 US dollars, and stamps.
  10. Grease and oil are personal products, whatever works best for the conditions at hand, and the reels affected. I do plain Penn 330, 340, 345's for a guided operation on Haida Gwaii. (Queen Charlotte Islands.) The reels are fished 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, from April-September. I use 6.99 a pound white lithium grease, cut 20% with summer grade chain saw bar oil. This makes a pink grease, as the bar oil is red. Anyone who has not dealt with summer grade bar oil should see if they can take a look at this stuff. If you put a bit between thumb and forefinger and pull away, the string can be over an inch long before it breaks. Added to the grease, the end result stays where you put it. When I first took over the lodge's reels, I replaced lots of bearings, totally corroded and rusted shut. Mostly the small 12.00 ea. 4 x 11 x 4's in the frame, but several 30.00 ea. 1/2 x 7/8 x 1/4 in the crank of the 340/345's.Next year, 5, on reels that were not included in the first set the year before. Now: zero. None. No bearing loss for the past 8 seasons. The first year, I replaced 11 worms and every pawl in the set. The second year and thereafter, none. Now the only worms I change out, is when the assistant guides botch a pawl replacement in the field. I am not good at removing synthetics.....petrochemical solvents, or detergents do not seem to work too well. So I continue to use petro type oils and greases, as I know how to remove them efficiently, with minimal brushing, or swishing.
  11. Try: A factory rep posts over there, if a poster at large has no answer for you.
  12. Where possible, when handles are riveted on, I just use one of these chain saw bar grease guns. When empty, I can use the grease of choice. The cone-shaped business-end fits pretty much all the little holes on the paddles. Up this way, they run maybe 10.00 a pop (CAD), and last for about 50-60 reels, or .20 cents per reel first pass, a nickel when reloaded.
  13. To expound on a metal washer in drag being in wrong: To be more specific, the eared washer 6954 would be on the very top, and not nestled in the middle. When the eared washer is on top, the drag operates directly on that washer, and that washer (because of the ears) causes the main gear to unwind, taking the star along for the ride. This for folks experiencing the same deal, and not figuring it out in a hurry.
  14. Glad it worked out. Good fishing and fishing. KD