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  1. Who was the outfitter? I'll be down there in a few weeks.
  2. Found one, closing this out.
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  5. Looking for a VS 150L, not picky on color. Thanks!
  6. Could have been part of the guides ground rules. Some outfitters sit you down and specifically forbid a client to shoot at something attacking a guide for fear of them catching a stray bullet.
  7. NJs deer management is more about killing the most deer possible, not really about keeping a healthy ratio. How many bucks can we kill? How many doe can we kill? 6 month season! lol
  8. Yes it is a 13 footer. FF is a Lowrance Mark-4, its an older model - B/W w/ GPS. It will run for a good length of time w/ a 12v 5ah battery. As far as travel goes, if you are loading the kayak hull down you wont have to remove anything. If you are loading it with the rails down you will most likely will need to remove everything sticking out past the rail ( though you can adjust the FF to sit somewhat inside the cockpit area. It all comes off very easily. When I car topped it on my cherokee I removed everything but with my pick up I leave it rigged.
  9. I'm selling my Hobie Revo w/ all accessories seen here (see below for list). I'm the original owner. Make no mistake, this is a well used and well cared for kayak - I've caught a TON of fish on this and it has been all over the east coast - major mojo . Garage kept on rails. Never had any hull issues. I'm selling to make room for an upgrade. $1100 located in Monmouth County NJ. Hobie Revo w/ sailing rudder Paddle Seat Drive w/ turbo fins Cassette Pole extenders (2) RAM pole holder Fishfinder
  10. Took the rx100 for a test drive a couple nights back. What a fun camera to carry around - so light and small. Probably needed to take another exposure to get some of the foreground details w/o getting grainy. It definitely doesn't have the dr of my big(ger) guy.
  11. i picked up a used rx100 and am paring it with an ultrapod II. the whole setup is about 13 ounces, it should fit the bill nicely for what I intend to do with it. if it ends up working out well I may invest in one of the newer ones > I really wanted the mark III version w/ the built in ND filter but /i didnt want to fork over the cash (just yet) ...this little camera is cool!
  12. Bored on a rainy Saturday :/ Took this three years ago with a borrowed dslr and no idea how it functioned other than the higher f number means more stuff in focus lol. Even with the jpeg file I was able to pull out some details. Somewhere in southern Utah