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  1. Shop up in Washington,NJ has a 2016 left over Hobie Revo 13 (yellow) for $1799.
  2. I emailed VS a few weeks back about plans to re-release right hand retrieve reels, they replied they had no plans to at this time.
  3. My wife is a teacher in Wall, there were a lot of issues - I believe most of the board meetings are on youtube, they play out like a TV show > FYI the previous superintendent is in prison ..they pick em good down there lol
  4. Haven't posted one in a while...
  5. I'll take it - send me PP info
  6. Who was the outfitter? I'll be down there in a few weeks.
  7. Found one, closing this out.
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  10. Looking for a VS 150L, not picky on color. Thanks!
  11. Could have been part of the guides ground rules. Some outfitters sit you down and specifically forbid a client to shoot at something attacking a guide for fear of them catching a stray bullet.
  12. NJs deer management is more about killing the most deer possible, not really about keeping a healthy ratio. How many bucks can we kill? How many doe can we kill? 6 month season! lol
  13. Yes it is a 13 footer. FF is a Lowrance Mark-4, its an older model - B/W w/ GPS. It will run for a good length of time w/ a 12v 5ah battery. As far as travel goes, if you are loading the kayak hull down you wont have to remove anything. If you are loading it with the rails down you will most likely will need to remove everything sticking out past the rail ( though you can adjust the FF to sit somewhat inside the cockpit area. It all comes off very easily. When I car topped it on my cherokee I removed everything but with my pick up I leave it rigged.