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  1. Hey guys. I have an original Commando bag (spring 2010). It's not really a collector item and none of the guys in here may follow this more recent stuff. But I'm going to sell it and trying to figure out the value. Some friends of mine who are hip to this stuff tell me it's worth a bunch of $ but I don't really understand why. It's a relatively clean older surf bag. Granted, it's the finest bag I ever owned. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Pm coming all gone thanks guys.
  3. Also i just packed up those 2 lots and looked at the beach masters. The bottle plug may be a Gibbs even though the tail wrap is right. I also re wired one of them. 55$ for that group now. The eel is in great shaoe
  4. Like I said I honestly do not know values of plugs in the current market. Could've just taken a beating but it's all good.
  5. Hey boys, it's been a while... Got a bunch of stuff to unload here if anyone's interested. Everything should be considered well used, except the stuff in the package. Obviously some are better than others, but nothing is unfishable. Beachmaster lot. 75$ shipped Rm/Johnny lot. 90$ shipped Random lot, tattoo throwing timber, Gibbs, Ss, Cordell, guppy, BC. 70$ Shipped
  6. What is the brand? I'm interested in 1 spool of 250# depending on the brand.
  7. Still interested in the 250, but I need a little more info.
  8. I'm out. Offers withdrawn. Found what I needed, thanks.
  9. It's hard to hook a small fish when it's trying to eat a big bait, especially with a circle.
  10. Cool. Did you get to handle the 30w or 30a (narrow)? I'd like to work out a trade for your vs200.
  11. Interested in the 250. What brand and color is it?