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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner


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  1. That looks very real
  2. The king of burning his own spot
  3. That's what I was thinking he meant.. You could go around though right?
  4. More like a slow dance at high school
  5. The guys that think it will make them look cool can't afford one! Sorry guys save your pennies. Maybe no lap dances for a couple months? How does it make you look cool when it is dark and nobody is around? I think nothing could make you look cool Maybe a corvette? Not one of those 80's style the split window one. Then you be cool
  6. Those are good hooks and I'll bet better than today's
  7. Those look great! It's time for them . I think they are gonna get you a slob...
  8. Yes just a couple.
  9. Damm and I didn't have anything to write it Down. Secret safe What were those hooks that bent? I use mustad 7/0&8/0
  10. Yes for sure , if you already have the hitch
  11. We talking paddle tail or sluggo style? I didn't think paddle tails were around at that time...
  12. No fish in the the canal