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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Would you know what colors will be available?
  2. Expensive also starting with a bare roof.
  3. Confidence
  4. Phil i think you need to test these out and see yourself. I'm thinking at a test site or while in an actual fishing situation. People can tell you but if you test them out you will know what they do and see what they do and take the guess work out a 0 dark thirty. I have a test facility nearby(i recommend getting one yourself) that i bring new plugs in my possession to to test. I see how they cast with different drop lengths, retrieve with all different style and speed retrieved and most of all how the look. I go to the waterfall and see what current does to these findings as well. When i get out on the water i want to know what a plug will do for different situations.then i plan from there. When I'm fishing whether its the ditch or beach i Always have a plug or two that i do some kind of mental test on. A lot of times its after sunup or slow fish times. Your plug pictured looks very nice i would like to hear your findings,how deep,castability ,ect. Cheers mate
  5. Nice solid tail wrap
  6. Some assembly required
  7. My club releases birds on fridays and juvenile hawks practice their killing skills on them. Leaving them mostly intact. We have around 500 acres and had sections select harvested leaving certain trees and brush piles for small,medium, and large game. This has helped with the birds.
  8. 200 club
  9. My club got approval from the state to be a game preserve. We will now post it as such and buy our own birds and have an extended bird season. Pheasant, partridge, and one other i forget what. Also we will be aloud to bird hunt on Sundays.
  10. Bunker i have yet to swim
  11. Keep an eye on BST forum.lots of deals come up on used plugs. Check out couch cedar works,Afterhours, BM,Gibbs, jigman....too many to list. If you have a chance to go to future shows you can see a bunch in different price ranges.
  12. Not into BBall, Pats fan yes
  13. Sorry,
  14. Dookster
  15. Welcome aboard