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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Is he in this league?
  2. Sweet setup
  3. Just jammed a load of plugs into my pellet stove......wish me luck.
  4. I watched one game and it was ok. Then the 8pm game wasn't televised. Pay only. I wont go searching for it.
  5. Ss little neck poppers? A great plug.
  6. Why didn't someone tell me before I bought all these plugs? I knew it.
  7. Very cool color.
  8. Looks great! I have to eventually make one. I have just been doing a few with the shake and bake method.
  9. Can I ask if anyone tried powder coating over old jigs? If I heat and dunk into fluid bed will these be worse? Sorry to OP for adding on to your original question.
  10. I collect empty beer cans,dam things keep piling up.
  11. Not for the dentist....no problem for them. I used to tell at my son as he was eating candy. Hey those braces are my GTO HB
  12. That works great the first time. In a perfect world I guess if you can use a 300 yard spool of braid the the redo would be very easy.just stop old braid to backing every time with little waste.
  13. I looked into line counters but the reviews were not great. If there is a way I can take the proper amount off so I could add it to my desired amount it seems like a line counter is the way to go. I use empty plastic wire spools(small) with a threaded rod and a cordless drill. This works great.