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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Yes But they have the right to. And do not care.
  2. I have this that i will sell for 70 bucks shipped. Not sure if its to large for your needs, if interested i will need to test cast it before I sell it, its been sitting for a long time. Abu Garcia 7000 ic3. I dont do paypal.
  3. What weight are you jigging?
  4. I like a bunch of the yozuri products, i change all the rings and hooks.....i know i know
  5. Some solid advice at the end of this thread.
  6. What will this tell you? I know it will tell you if you are positive but will it tell you if you had it in March? I was feeling wonky around the same time.
  7. Love me some Hallowed be thy name cranked up,
  8. What size reel?
  9. Are these legal? Oops read the bottom
  10. 2 1/2???? Thats tiny
  11. Who the **** are you.... . Who who
  12. Things are chugging along, How are you doing?