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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Marty you load them with anything else?
  2. Very good game, lots of talent out there on both sides.
  3. Curious what time was that?
  4. I live 15 minutes away.i cannot afford to go all the time. Saturday is the worst day to go. I went friday after work and there was no wait. They are making many improvements coming up. It is way over the top but fun to visit occasionally. The beer is delicious on the days its canned.
  5. I was watching these with my son then we stopped when he started working. It wasn't bad.
  6. Hope my wally world has some.
  7. If your ever close by text me.
  8. No lines yesterday for pints and pours
  9. Gotcha.....
  10. There might be a couple ways to log on..... Don't give up. I found one was better that another as far as networks
  11. My fantasy football, Yahoo, and local brewery are all blocked at my works WiFi..... Sol is not! F them I can surf most of stuff online
  12. Weight?
  13. Glad your still posting, wish I was closer