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  1. I have a century 1065 with a Abu 6000 \6500 reel. I have dual purposed it and used a stella 6k on it with no issues. Not sure how low in weight I've cast. Sp minnow would be tough I think. My thoughts are its tough to throw under an 1oz. With a salty conventional setup? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong as I'm always looking.
  2. If I go I'll pm ya
  3. Thanks Phil, I have lots to report
  4. This coworker wants to get flyfishing lessons first before tying classes. She lives works in RI and has property in Maine.
  5. Bar is open.small line. I got my draft and cans yesterday. Good time to go now.
  6. That is great!
  7. Dammm how long before you noticed? Just one contracor in that area? Sorry that sucks for sure....
  8. Suffix 832 has worked great for me. Is it a thinner braid that is neded? I would not switch and chance a problem.
  9. Ray from the WSC?
  10. Very basic dicso style beat. Not my thing
  11. That's OK but 10 years of drum lessons took me here forever
  12. Not terrible