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    fishing of course
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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Can I ask what the handle is off of?
  2. Just got back from jersey and its on fire there! Nice fish caught by everyone.
  3. For this picture it it unistrut that I bolted down to my roof rack and pipe strut clips holding pipe to it.
  4. Good eats.....
  5. No.....what is,a canal tide chart
  6. Hurley tails are great
  7. Just noticed my old rack under the boat. I bolted it to the rear roof rack then velcro ed a square piece of foam to the front one. Cut notches in foam and velcro rods down around everything. Used for years without a mishap.
  8. 3 new afterhours plugs. The dookster has a little discoloring on the white bottom shown in pic. Clear coat good otherwise. Plugs are very nice looking .The Paint is mint. Keeping as a lot. No PP, postal money order, cash,check. $80 shipped to US. $75 meet up MaSS or RI within reason.
  9. Yes cannot walk away for a second
  10. Prayers for pops
  11. Buy a can,spray it on,let dry,clear coat, then beat the ****e out of it.....
  12. This is my current setup. In the past on vehicles with a factory roof racks i mounted tubes on the rear rack.then velcro ed a piece of foam with notches in it to the front. Worked for years. Minuses....... Going to breakfast or using restrooms after fishing ....
  13. My bike came off my bike rack just as i crossed the bourne @ 1am. It was dangling on the rack and i pulled over and fixed it right away. I think i didn't tighten it enough. Now i padlock it every time. I had to put the top plate on the ground and pound it with a sludgehammer to straighten it out.
  14. I do agree,great rod
  15. I know what your saying that popular mold has 4 oz. As its heaviest weight. Wonder what the weight with a tail and a little weight added to head would do?