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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. I had a vehicle that was a smokers. The dealer put the ionizer in it many times. On rainy damp days it always smelled smokey.
  2. Yes UL listing Agree with this, leave the wiring to the pros.
  3. How far of a ride is that from west Greenwich? Maybe I will go after work some day.
  4. Cool video,you land it?what was it?
  5. I didn't say what they were......
  6. Some hazy goodness
  7. Fourth one down on left side has really produced for me. Same color as pictured. Cast's and works great! What weight gets you to bottom?
  8. Chuck your on a roll
  9. I got 2
  10. I do not build plugs but find this very interesting..... So no waders? Does jig man jig em up from the bottom?
  11. Hey great reel! I have its bigger brother 6000c
  12. P e e l e r s Zzzzzzzzzz