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  1. "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"……..For the record, everyone has a story, so here’s mine. My dad became ill with Stage 4 Melanoma, and he was a huge part of the business to me. I decided I did not want to continue on without him so I just stopped one day. Cleaned out the paint gun and turned off the paint booth, Done. Despite many people telling me I was a fool to stop and let it all collect dust and go to waste, I did. Worked hard, made lots of friends, made lots of enemies, made lots of mistakes, made lots of money, made lots of memories, caught lots of fish, I just decided to stop one day. Opportunity came along and the business was sold, and is regrouping after some logistical issues. For those that we offended and didn’t satisfy, all I can say is I tried, and no one can ever convince me I didn’t. For those that appreciated our attempts, thanks again as it sure was a great and memorable ride. And in case you’re wondering, Dad is classified as a medical anomaly, fully recovered with no medical explanation how..…..and he just bought himself a Corvette.
  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. We normally let these threads run their course and correct themselves, but this one just seems to be going nowhere. To address the issue, and not to promote our product, I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with the lure cracking. As previously mentioned, we will be more than happy to address the issue. Please check my reply to your email for more information. We make the lures, not the wood. We have invested heavily in being able to control quality of all the products we produce by manufacturing as much of it as possible in house. We punch, stamp and bend our own lips, cut and form our own wire, and do all of our painting and assembly in house. During all of these steps, we continue to make improvements on the quality at all stages of production. Unfortunately, despite any amount of time and money, we cannot control mother nature. Trying to control something that expands and contracts with the environment it is placed it in difficult to say the least. Many factors come into play when a piece of wood splits or cracks. Starting right from cutting down the tree. During my youth, our family was involved in the tree business. We are not talking about the guy that comes to trim up your trees in the fall, we are talking clearing house lots, and lots of them. The abuse trees go through when being cut, chained up and dragged through the woods via a skid steer is pretty intense to say the least, I've seen it firsthand. It's hard to believe that anything useable other than fire wood comes out of some of those trees. Drying time of the wood has a large impact as well. Any carpenter will tell you that you should let the wood acclimate to its surroundings for a few days before you even make the first cut. Add in the force applied to the lure when it's through wired and wrapped tightly and you've successfully added more grade to an uphill battle. Controlling the variables mentioned is damn near impossible, but I can assure you we give our best effort in doing so. We take great pride in being able to produce something desirable by fellow fisherman, and will be more than happy to address any and all issues our customers may have, and have always look forward to any positive or negative feedback we receive. A simple web search will locate our company website with information on how to contact us directly.
  4. Where do I begin, we shared so many great times together. Cuttyhunk, Block Island, Montauk, Cape Cod, and every inch of RI's Coastline. It's all a blur looking back trying to remember all the cookouts, birthday parties, get togethers, nights of fishing, beer drinking, and people we met. My son will remember how you taught him to stomp on ants in the driveway on the mornings you stopped by and brought him a donut. My wife will remember the joy you brought to our son's face, dinner with the families, and how you were always full of life. I will remember how important your wife and son was to you, your words of encouragement, your determination, your zest for life, and your friendship. John, you were a great person, friend, and mentor. I will miss you deeply, rest in peace my friend.
  5. Never mind how many fishing spots the guy has provide, the amount of knowledge he has passed on, rods and reels given away, and more lures from vintage Bob Hans, to one of a kind Gibbs to flies, and rubba. How soon we forget. Dave, your a good egg, I am glad I have you as a friend! Now lets go chase some skunks. It's been fun, Mike ------------------ Spinnin' Wood and Feelin' Good
  6. Hey BM, Got room in the truck for me?
  7. "Trust me, they read these threads and they do get concerned when there are defective plugs shipped. It happens a lot more frequently when a company builds a couple hundred thousand plugs a year rather than a couple thousand. Still, that's no excuse for problems that are fixable. I've personally spoken to them about the splitting darter issue - sent a few of my own back for them to disect and try and track the problem down. I told 'em flat out, for a darter to split, either the wood was not fully dried before screwing in the screw eyes or there needs to be a bigger pilot hole for the screw eyes. Ain't too many other things it could be." Tim, does this sound familiar? It should, you wrote this on August 26th of this year. Along with this.. "DaveC, I hear ya on the sealed thing...certainly something to consider...but the plugs in question (darters) were splitting almost immediately. It wasn't an epidemic, but the 3 I saw split (2 fer me, 1 fer Dubs) split rather quickly. One of mine, I threw it about 4 or 5 casts and noticed the crack starting - a certain defect - I sent them to Gibbs and they replaced them for me. I'm sure water soaking into the wood will would have an effect as well. " How can stating that a lure cracked after the first cast be bashing when you state that yours casted after four or five? Seems like being an outlet for Gibbs' product you would be more concerned with why people are NOT buying their product, then how to move the product. Only speaking for myslef, $10.89 for a lure does not phase me in the least bit. It's a rare occasion that I walk out of a tackle shop without dropping $100.00 dollars during fishing season. I want QUALITY lures that work. Why pay $15.99 dollars for a Polaris that will crack when I can buy a Yozuri for a a few bucks more that wont? Granted different materials, but the money isn't the issue, the QUALITY is! Quality lures draw more money, more time is needed to build them, better quailty components are used, etc etc. Being concerned about the price of the lure versus the quality does nothing but cause people not to buy the lures. "Unecessarily trashing another plug building company because of a few plug failures is something that is just...well..unprofessional." Tim, I dont make myself out to be a professional, and I am not sure why you condsider me to be one. In my opinion, bringing other plug builders into this converstion was unprofessional. They have nothing to with the Gibbs product as far as I know. I am sorry for any disrepect on my behalf to the other plug builders mentioned. "Tattoo, again, you must buy yer darter "special" - I've got some that are years old and haven't blown up in the water -or on fish. Get yer stories straight pleeze" I am a bit confused here Tim. One month you state that you had two in one night crack, then 4 months later, you state that you had had some for years that never have. One guy syays that there quality is not the same and all hell breaks loose. I too am in the same boat. I have had Gibbs plugs crack after a few casts, but have had some for years that have not. What I have found is that the ones that do not crack were made in Mass. It is a simple fact! Here, just re-read these posts. I didnt post once in either of them, but quite a few people who are older, wiser, and have fished longer did, and stated the same facts. Maybe the approach of "Hey what about Gibbs don't you like? Your evaluations may help make a better product in the long run." would be better than "If you don't like Gibbs, don't buy 'em, hold out for the non-existent alternative I guess". After all, you are a salesmen, right? So, just like the song goes, "I see your true colors shining through..."
  8. Got another quarter from the dryer!!! LOOK OUT EBAY!
  9. the way, I only paint with the finest oils. ------------------ Spinnin' Wood and Feelin' Good
  10. Tim, Odd how I got singled out of the crowd, but I am only stating the facts. Not all of their plugs split and crack, but it sure seems like a high percentage of them do, and not just the darters. The quality of the plugs coming out of Rhode Island is not the same as the plugs that came out of Mass. Now for painting..... Water soluable paints only means they clean up easier. You do know that they paint houses with water based paints right? Houses that are outside in the elements.
  11. a

    BM, so 'em your "special HABOMATIC"
  12. Just found 30 more cents in the couch! ------------------ Spinnin' Wood and Feelin' Good
  13. Wolfie, the fruit isn't quite ripe yet...but I'll make you a deal..... Wanna do a taste test when it is??? exchange for not leaving me hoofing it in the sand if we ever meet agian in front on them rocks...and a cup of hot coffee for the ride... ------------------ Spinnin' Wood and Feelin' Good
  14. .....HABsoloutely, just read between the lines. ------------------ Spinnin' Wood and Feelin' Good
  15. Like Joe Friday said......"Just the facts Mam".... ....I think the Rolling Stones said it the best..."I'm not the only one, with mixed emotions" Don't get me wrong Tim, I buy Gibbs plugs, the package just has to say made in MA. [This message has been edited by Tattoo (edited 12-11-2001).]