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  1. So what is the point in getting the jab?
  2. So did Watkins Glen when they ran F1. Some scary, interesting stuff!
  3. BINGO. Haven't watched a minute since them.
  4. I'd say The racist, pedophile-loving traitors in the Democrat party need to worry about 2022 before looking to 2024.
  5. It's what's inside that counts. We may bust on him, but there's few among us that are a better person. He is in the top favorites of anyone I've known through SOL. We should all aspire to Derrick's generosity.
  6. By the way, this forking platform is absolutely freaking garbage. I don't know how your regular posters deal with this 1995 bullsquat. I know you made the original, so I know you're better than this flipping junk.
  7. Tommy two times?
  8. His TV show was great. I watch reruns on occasion.
  9. I'll never forget, and always be grateful for your hospitality.
  10. Well, the fact you are still judging my comments by your old hurt feelings kinda, sorta absolutely proves my point, does it not? Tell me how I'm wrong. I pride myself on being always right, usually correct, as we know. I'm not afraid of education. Wanna build a snowman? Seems like there's still plenty of snowflakes amongst us, no?
  11. The help I got was supplied by Anheiser Busch, Phillip Morris and now I've added the Middleton Corporation. Oh, and some prescription stuff for high blood pressure so I can keep my CDL and operators licenses current. Retirement gets boring. Have you retired? IIRC, we are close to the same age. Grandkids keep me hopping. You have any grandkids?