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  1. You are getting some weird advice so far. Wetsuit is awesome for many reasons and you can have it hanging right next to your waders no need to limit yourself to one or the other... 3/2 has been plenty for me in a chest zip surfing suit for ma/ri fishing, wear a surf top over it if you need to be warmer. I do a lot of hiking and the surfing suits are very comfortable/flexible. Top entry is awesome once you are in it but sucks to get in and out or to pee. People with bad shoulders or a fat gut would do better with a back zip. my next suit will be a John style back zip maybe 5mm diving suit easier to get into for colder temps but less hiking, fatter gut
  2. Not an expert here, but could be a pelvis from a seagull I found something similar and that's what it turned out to be
  3. But all of these choices are parabolic and you are sacrificing max performance at either end, as was said earlier I generally use a lighter rod for up to 2.5oz , a heavier rod if I was throwing five, and I bring out the vapor trail when I might have to throw the whole bag
  4. Cts vapor trail 11' 3-6 is a true 1-5... Mines a 1 piece and I trimmed a few inches off the butt Same capability as a gsb132 1m but crisper You could do 1-5 with a gsb 120 1m but not as light and fast as many of the rods you're talking about. I have always liked the xra lamis better than gsb, the xra 1205 and 1322 aren't talked about much any more here but are some of the finest plugging blanks ever made
  5. So as of yet has anyone from this thread: 1. Met up for a fist fight 2. Paid for Tims California vacation 3. Caught a bass on this lure 4. Caught a bluefish on this lure Just wondering
  6. Remember you can get 200+ large bass on each one though
  7. Damn, NorCal must fish hard, I'm trying to imagine how someone could go through 400-500$ per year on soft plastics, especially someone who tests and fishes wood plugs too
  8. Not sure we're talking about the same baits, I'm talking about the premolded hogy "pro tail" straight jigs with the barbarian hooks, the material is much tougher than a sluggo with less action, must have a spectacular vortex though because fish like them I didn't care for the paddletail pro tails when I tried a couple, we need jay S to explain the hydrodynamics but I didn't like the way they swim as much as a basic shad body on a jig head
  9. I'd pay $9. Looks really nice. Aside from the action, curious how durable this is compared to the hogy pro tail material. My #1 most productive lure is the 7" straight hogy in different weights. Only last 1 YED though and I'm already crying about price
  10. Forget the 3 buckets, a small soft cooler with an ice pack much easier and more portable. The zipperless ones with one hand closure strongly recommended
  11. Good topic, I fight with this dilemma too. I spend way too much time loading my bag for each trip but it has its benefits. My method is to dump out my bag on the workbench after fishing and reload it before the next trip. Sometimes the same exact lures go back in but usually I'm adding / subtracting. Right next to my dumping ground is a few bins full of tackle that I can scan to see if there's something I'd rather be carrying. You might notice a bent hook or damaged hardware you would have otherwise missed in the dark. Not that I don't have back ups for my backups or a bunch of bags but I still find myself doing this.
  12. Here's pics, slightly shorter than a amp, little bit heavier. Tail button turns it on to last mode selected and the side buttons cycle through red strobe, red, and 5x white brightnesses. The older ec11 has a red button and a white button with 5 levels
  13. I just grabbed a Nitecore mt10c because I like my Nitecore ec11 (discontinued) so much for necklight use I wanted a backup I need to use it a little more before reviewing, but I've been using the ec11 for a few years and really like it. Direct access to red, multiple brightness levels for white, great size/shape. It's been waterproof for me, but I haven't submerged it deeper than doggy paddling with it around my neck and getting splashed by waves. The mt10c has a brighter red light right out of the box which was my only complaint about the ec11 (too dim). Also has a tail switch instead of the side button which I think I will like better but I was used to the old way
  14. Bumping an old one , what's everyone using these days for necklights? Here's my favorite, a Nitecore ec11. A couple of drawbacks: It has a pretty weak red light that I wish was brighter. It's good for tying a knot but not bright enough for safety walking through rocks so I have to use the white light where sometimes id rather not. The other drawback is that it runs on a cr123 battery which will be bright right up until it dies and not fade and give you warning. I try to carry a spare battery, not a big deal. The performance of this light is pretty impressive for such a small and lightweight unit, it has a direct button for red which is a must. It also has 5 powers of white to cycle through and will remember the last setting used so I can leave it in low which doesn't wreck my vision too bad. The brightest setting will light up a whole area. Here it is next to a ptec amp 1L you can see it's about the same size. Can anyone beat that? I'm hoping for something with a brighter red light along with white, waterproof and lightweight
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