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  1. I go by how many social media likes they have
  2. Well, do we live in the past, present, or future? Is the bass stock healthy or not? Other than riling up a message board, you have an agenda that promotes killing striped bass. Fact. You are a rec fisherman who is using a loophole to kill more/larger fish, legal or not it is unethical in my opinion. you are online, soliciting the public to buy striper meat. If it was not available for sale and it was a c&r rec fishery there would be plenty o' fish (fact based opinion)
  3. Honestly he is a good troll to feed, I am learning something from this train wreck, and it's a case study in deviant psychology to watch the pretzel he is twisting himself into
  4. Never knew that. That makes the commercial landings total even less believable to me than it already was. Mass fisheries just takes the permit holders word as to what you brought home? So if you hold a comm permit and you're fishing on a commercial day, you can legally keep a slot fish and up to 15 big fish whether or not I sell them? Then it's up to me to tell the state the poundage of what I kept?
  5. So that >35" commercial fish you harvested for personal use was not reported and counted towards the comm quota?
  6. The removable front pouch of that 3 tube flatlander, that's where I keep mine
  7. Gotta scroll down on that window, looks like it's open? If that 120,000 total is to be believed, those guys you know with the 1500# days are some of the only ones on the fish
  8. Curious of your opinion on how the southern states have managed their inshore gamefish (snook, tarpon, redfish). I believe we can and should do likewise with striped bass They realize that the true value of these fish is fun not food
  9. Strongly disagree when it comes to striped bass and other game fish. There are many more people making a living on their fun value than their food value. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) of people who pursue them recreationally and get the quality of life improvement. I personally would have a hole in my heart if I couldn't crawl around in the rocks and catch a striper anymore, I'll be fine with my Norway farmed salmon if they would stop raping the Atlantic. I like cheeseburgers and vegetables too.
  10. Paintball tubes are a good cheap option, I keep my skin plugs in one I have a single tube flatlander and I wish it had a belt loop sewn on, it's a little over engineered with the buddy lock plate but it is very nicely made otherwise
  11. You want felt soled wading boots for the rocks with studs screwed in, and neoprene dive booties for the sand if you don't want to go barefoot
  12. Sounds like you have your mind made up on the Hyundai and it's a great looking car. I have a friend with one they are happy. I'm an admitted toyota fanboy, I'll give you kia and hyundai have stepped up their recent crossover AWD midsize SUV game and I'm sure both would likely be nice rides, but gimme a highlander all day. (I just bought a 21 sienna but we have a 6 person household). Toyota is still king in reliability and resale. Might not have quite the interior luxury but the limited trim is enough for my snobby wife. Highlander is built in Indiana, usa I have a buddy who owns a hyundai dealership in MA. According to him, there isn't much wiggle on that model unless you want to wait for the 22s to come around and look for a leftover
  13. Trm atom and superfreek
  14. I'll take a black one
  15. I have a 100 and 300 lexa (silver ones, not hd) and I use the 100 for inshore fluke and seabass, it's light in the hand and can handle inshore depths and sinker weights. The 300 is great on an inshore plugging rod, enough beefiness and retrieve ratio for stripers/blues. You could obviously fluke with it but the 100 is smaller/lighter. Get both