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  1. I fish in shorts and boots a lot too if I can get away with it, but i like the buoyancy and padding of a wetsuit if I'm swimming to rocks Nice thanks Do you know what the difference is between the regular nrs farmer John and the ultra John?
  2. Help me out: 1: Which zipper front farmer John do you like/dislike? Can you take a leak without taking your arms out using the zipper? What mil thickness do you like if you're rock hopping and occasionally swimming but mostly dry? 2: What do you wear on top of it on a night where you don't need a jacket? I currently use a 3/2 top entry wetsuit that is a pain in the ass getting on and off, and gets hot to hike in so I'm always rolling the top down and back up in warmer weather. I really like the 2mm legs with knee padding (xcel brand). I'll continue to use this suit when I'm getting serious or it's cold out, but I'm looking for a more casual option for quick outings of rock hopping. Thanks for any opinions
  3. Back on topic here is a new 200 and an old 200. Both nice IMO
  4. You inspired me way back to screw around with needle shapes and colors, paid off last night on weird size/color homemade
  5. I know, it's weird, I was surprised when the VSX came out that it had the screw on stems because this 150 I have was one of the last of the regular VS production runs it seemed like they were going to switch to that style.... Seems like it would be cheaper to produce. Maybe they held off because so many people started to want to switch to the longer stems from the VSB? Also, I'm very embarrassed how clean my real looks in those pictures when it was new, it's been through some battles since then
  6. Vs made them that way mostly, but they made a run of 1 piece bodies more than 10 years ago
  7. Lil duct tape and jb weld she'll be alright
  8. My vs150 (sn 28xxx) has a 1 piece body/stem construction I think I bought it about 10 years ago I was actually annoyed because at one point I wanted to switch to the longer stem but can't
  9. 7" hogy straight tail premolded jigs = confidence for me
  10. The naked guy with the 5' SpongeBob zebco combo is laughing at the guy with the 7' inshore combo in a bathing suit, who is laughing at me with my surf gear, we are all part of the universe
  11. The best way to clean glasses is to get lasik surgery That was the single most important thing I've done to help my fishing, had some rough nights and was always scared to swim with my spectacles on For sunglasses let's be honest just wipe with whatever shirt or rag I got
  12. Zero tolerance 562
  13. Is that an 0562? I've been thinking about taking the plunge on an xm18 but might go for the zt instead
  14. A few wraps around my palm is usually enough to break most snags with 20# braid to 30# leader.... I've had to use my sleeve or a rag maybe a couple times on 50# braid #50 leader but these days unfortunately I don't have to fish that heavy line anymore very often
  15. Yes, they are advising us and have recommended a company. We are shell shocked by some early estimates of what this will cost so we're going to need a few different bids. BTW I'm Mike's friend that lives right by "the farm", mike has introduced us once before