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  1. bumpity !
  2. Hi, looking to buy a vacuum sealer. not looking to break the bank, or have a fancy counter top appliance. just need something that works good. thanks!
  3. im in... thanks for the shot
  4. Ill take these for asking, pending PM. thank you.
  5. im in! thanks to you and SOL!
  6. im in ! thanks !
  7. ill take the permits 125 shipped. no further questions. if it still works for you.
  8. ill take the Permits 100 bucks shipped ?
  9. duct tape for me as well. has worked well so far.
  10. aesthetics are one thing, being able to sleep in a wrangler is another ! hahaa
  11. Surprised the jeep guys in this forum have not picked up on this one yet ( or maybe im really late to the game) ! really sweet and really over priced !! wish money wasnt an issue, because i would have had one of these yesterday ! hahaa ! This could finally give me a good reason to get divorced ! Anyone have any more info on these, they look sooooo sweet !
  12. Truer words were never spoken! this should be a sticky for sure. Spent 12 years as an ocean guard on the south shore of long island growing up, and i can tell you that it happens in an instant. Have seen countless people that have no respect for the ocean, and take its power for granted, and then pay the ultimate price. I like to think of myself as an all around water man, I fish, surf, boat, sail, dive, kayak.... you name it. Knowing what to look for, and being able to reconize the signs of a person in distress is key in saving a life, time is a tremendos factor ! If and when something does go down, and you know what to look for, your already 1 step ahead of the game, it could mean bringing back a fishing ( surfing, kayak, etc..) buddy back home alive. I'm also a dad now and have have a fearless 3year old and one on the way, being an informed and vigilant parent is just as important. With the summer just around the cornor ( wishful thinking ), this is a great read for everyone ! Thank you for posting this !
  13. Good lesson to learn here for all paddlers ! you never know what the water will throw at you, regradles of experience level. Glad you are ok , and thanks for sharing ! nothing like a mid winter nail bitter ! haha.
  14. I really like this idea. its realistic, and the idea of needing a tag to keep a " trophy " would really be a game changer for the better.
  15. 24 please ! Great idea !