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  1. I strongly recommend some form of mono or fluorocarbon leader. I know the thickness and strength is subjective and also relative to where you fish. There are also advantages of using the fluorocarbon leader. Fluorocarbon leader is not the solution to catching more fish or bigger fish… (Skill and knowledge does). However, the invisible line are more abrasion resistant and it does wonders during those gin clear water conditions. Obviously, if the water is chocolate like.. You can use a black cable wire because the fish will rely solely on their other sense (smell).


    I wish I had a knot named after me...Are you up in NY?

  2. Thank you to all for the advise, I leave tomorrow, and I'm planning on hitting the surf, and piers nearby, and maybe hop a boat if schedule allows. If you ever need some info from the East coast don't hesitate to ask. If I catch something on artificials, I'll consider it a success. Thanks again.

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