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  1. I wish I had a knot named after me...Are you up in NY?
  2. Thank you to all for the advise, I leave tomorrow, and I'm planning on hitting the surf, and piers nearby, and maybe hop a boat if schedule allows. If you ever need some info from the East coast don't hesitate to ask. If I catch something on artificials, I'll consider it a success. Thanks again.
  3. Hello all, I'm a Navy reservist, and I'll be in Port Hueneme for 2 weeks in the end of Feb, can someone point me in the right direction as to what's biting, good tackle shops, fishing locales and what to bring. Thanks
  4. Sam I am representing for Sheepshead Bay. How's Monty doing? Is he ready for 3 days of us again?
  5. Happy New Year!!!
  6. What do you guys recommend?, What about guides? I'll be using 50 lb monel and a 113 or 349. Thank you for your input.
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