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  1. Will be there at 11
  2. I may need to snag a snag or two too
  3. Jeff-I sent msg to confirm address, thx. I got 60-70 lbs mostly clean lead
  4. Just confirming I'll be driving down with lead. Can I ask for help with hooks and paint?
  5. Me too. So sorry dude.
  6. Will bring lots of lead.
  7. I'd love to attend again. Can bring lots of lead and some good food.
  8. Lesson 1. Buy jigheads from BWare
  9. Nice. I'll give lessons for coffee. XL Reg
  10. I did not notice the reflection in the pick guard when I took this pic last month. So cool!
  11. Pick me up on the way down. I'll buy the gas and bring desserts!
  12. Love the jigs so far. I like the bucktail on the hook and the split ring, but would request a split ring a little smaller in diameter ,and yes a (just a little bit) shorter hook, if possible. But if you want to do plain hooks I can dress 'em up. My 3oz chartreuse lost the siding and one eye from bouncing off the bottom. Possible for a little more protection, epoxy or whatever, on the next batch? Thanks!
  13. Bernie, I have also had some good luck with them!
  14. From the album extra eadge