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  1. I like them after they've been in the freezer a while.
  2. "I'm in"
  3. No fish will eat a slug........
  4. Welcome to the madness. Been a while since I've been here also. Just returned recently from guiding in Alaska on the Nushagak river .
  5. I guide in Alaska on the Nusagak and Naknek rivers.
  6. Yea, think about it. All the criminals are going to turn in their stolen Glocks and Sigs for fifty bucks(that's about what the police pay).................
  7. Thanks everyone. Appreciate all the pointers.
  8. Sorry, I guess location might help.....south Florida, piers and Everglades . Thanks.
  9. Thank you, I'm in. Happy birthday!
  10. My son and his wife are planning a trip to Florida at the end of this month. Could you recommend some plugs for the surf and and back bays. Thanks, Paul C
  11. My son and his wife are planning their first trip to Florida, Could you please give them some recommendations for plugs for the surf and back bays. Thanks guys, Paul C
  12. sack
  13. realm
  14. Because most people today are so stupid, they don't even know the power they possess if they all stand together.
  15. ^^^ Lots of oil in Alaska. TreeHuggers and EPA keep us from drilling new.