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  1. NYC Infection map showing the lower income areas are getting hit the hardest. Chalking it up to white collar workers being able to telecommute. Woman doctor 2 doors down has been moved into the treatment wing at her hospital for this. She has not been coming home, she's staying alone at an unoccupied rental property that they own. Our HOA has an online portal she posted on there asking for tablet donations for patients to facetime their families. I'm actually hoping that my family already had this. We all got really sick end of Feb/1st week of March. I was the last to get it. Asked about testing at the time, told me they weren't doing it unless I traveled to China. All better now, if they roll out an antibody test would definitely want to get it.
  2. Urban living/city real estate will take a hit.
  3. They will play the anti-semitism card and all charges will be dropped.
  4. Travel out of NYC area airports should have been restricted 2 weeks ago. Regardless, people have been traveling in and out of NYC for the last 2 months. It’s already spread.
  5. Imagine Trump debating this guy? Remember him going after Pataki after 9/11 for holding Rudy’s jock. Would imagine he’d have similar zingers lined up up for Trump.
  6. Right wing four chan propaganda meant to trigger the goatee and hoodie crowd, seems like it is effective lol
  7. Good, hopefully can install Cuomo at the brokered convention this summer
  8. He put forth a decent “idea” with regards to getting people back to work. Up front and on the hot seat every day. Straightforward and to the point. That’s enough for a lot of people right now. Too early to keep “score”.
  9. Too bad that’s where all the money is lol
  10. Yesterday Cuomo was even saying that we needed to get people back to work at some point, but now NY is the world’s epicenter with this. There has definitely been a massive amount of travel in and out of NYC over the last couple months. There is bound to be more and more pockets of this pop up. There is going to be other NYs. I just can’t see getting back to work in 2 weeks, maybe 6-8 weeks.
  11. Press conf - where is Dr Fauci? Getting silenced for overruling the dictator with science?
  12. If I snort it will it work faster?
  13. It would nice to have a season up here without the for hires raping the fisheries.
  14. It’s not elective when a medical emergency or when a conservative’s daughter gets knocked up by Tyrone.
  15. Without those NYers those people would still be shoveling seagull chit