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  1. apparently the kid's dad, who he was very close with, died recently. wonder if the kid was put on ssri's for depression.
  2. 16 yo kid cannot purchase a handgun, will be interesting to see how he got it and whether or not he has any history of psychiatric illness.
  3. They are looking for a 15 yr old asian male in black clothing. Sounds like a copy cat of VaTech. ugh
  4. Even with my personal views on these types of firearms, I'm not a fan of this decision. OP is correct in that this is going to open the floodgates for all types of litigation. Sports cars being marketed for "performance". Alcohol/spirits ads portraying women wanting to party with you. Possibilities are endless here.
  5. That was a UFO, beaming back at you. I was down in Mexico two weeks ago - saw 40 of them flying in formation. They've got bases all over the world now. They've been coming here ever since 1946 - when the scientists first started bouncing radar beams off of the moon. They have been living and working among us in vast quantities ever since. The government knows all about them.
  6. She's got that Tulsi/I don't know what it is but I'm attracted to her thing going on
  7. I proposed in another thread that we trade permanent residence for sterilization, win/win
  8. I use high THC products, 50/50 THC CBDs and basically pure CBD Oil. The CBD oil def takes the edge off in term of anxiety and normal muscle strains. The high THC products do much better with the pain. Especially if you're talking nerve pain. Don't know what state you live in, but you would probably be eligible for a medical card. As for OTC CBD oil, recommend tinctures. The 2 brands I've used are Charlotte's Web (very pricey) and Head & Heal.
  9. Hypothetical - That new virus might develop and spread somehow based on the climate. OP is about rising ocean temps. Maybe those temps spike up in certain parts of the world allowing some sort of virus or bacteria to flourish and find it's way into the food supply. Bunch of people die off, but some survive and flourish. There's also that theory out there about homosexuals. That there are more homos around, not because it's not socially acceptable to come out of the closet, but that they are naturally being born as part of nature's way to thin the herd. Maybe I just smoke too much weed. IDK....
  10. Too many damn people on earth, too much stress on the resources. No easy answer here. Paper straws and electric cars aren't going to save us. My theory is that segments of the population will die off, most indirectly, from changes in the climate. Thereafter the human population will right size itself and prosper once again. Nature's way of re-balancing itself.
  11. Tell ya if I had to pick one game for the Jets to win, this was the one. Nothing better than better than beating the Vaginas. Go Jets!!!
  12. Agreed and I just don’t see such a devout capitalist surviving the Dem primaries
  13. Wife and I lived in the city between his 2nd and last terms. Fiscally responsible, cared about law and order, pro business. Where he started to lose people was the whole 3rd term. City council had to change law in order for him to run a 3rd time, lot of people didn't like that. Then came the Big Gulp wars, didn't fly with a lot of people. Then there was the movement/idea that started among the outer borough socialists and hipsters that the city was no longer "affordable" (like it ever was before). Thereafter, DeBlasio. One other proposal from him that didn't get much press is that he wanted to hide away baby formula in maternity wards to try to force women to breast feed. Sum it up, fiscally conservative, loved business, but wanted everyone else to live like him.
  14. If he was able to get past the crazies in the Dem primaries, he is a good candidate IMO. He will win what Hillary won plus I COULD see him flipping states like PA, FL and MI.
  15. Solid candidate, like It