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  1. Doubt Trump is going to prison. Think it has more to do with the fact that he lost in the general election to a corpse. Everyone knows that he isn't going to be electable in the general.
  2. This is why the Dems aren’t worried about rolling out a senile puppet in 2024. They can always revert to a woman’s choice as an issue in the battlegrounds. Not an issue to cranky old men screaming about imaginary men in the clouds, but 20-40 yr old women it’s at the top of list. That’s political reality like it or not.
  3. I got 2 for my trolling motor system. They are mounted in my console. I had one fail after a few weeks of use, replaced under warranty. Have not had any issues since then.
  4. 18 should be the age for everything - drinking, gun purchase, voting, military, etc.
  5. CNN desperate for ratings ran this thing, seems like it backfired over there. Didn't watch it, but sounds like Trump owned the network on this one and now staff is up in arms.
  6. other states have this already, including some blue states, seems like this more on the employer than anything else
  7. The truth is we need comprehensive immigration reform. We knew this going back to the Bush 2 admin, but nobody seems to want to do it. It's too difficult for immigrants with advance degrees and actual skills that can contribute to get into the country. While it is too easy for illegals to enter on the other end.
  8. would prefer a 25-28 or 24-27 slot or just close it. very brief troll on the boat this w/e, hot bite everything over 35". if you're looking to eat, you're culling thru a ton of larger fish to get that one little guy. on the flip side you can go in the back and get a 25"er pretty quick, 28"-31" in the back you're culling a lot of sub 28"ers.
  9. Trolled up a bunch of overslot bass after dinner Friday. Daughter’s softball game was awesome in that it was short only 3 hits the whole game. Watched my son’s lax team blow a 2 goal lead in under 3 min, he had 3 pts though. Great dinner on Sunday night at a new spot.
  10. Seemed like it was a major blackmail racket no? Wonder what agencies typically run those sort of things?
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