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  1. As is anyone who runs for public office
  2. I’ll be sure to give ballots to the gentlemen who work for my landscaper
  3. How about the homeless guy who shot up a Burger King? How does a homeless guy with mental health issues get a handgun?
  4. Maybe bro. If she runs a s a moderate and calls the last two admins out on their BS, yeah man
  5. Politics is a contact sport
  6. You guys sound scared
  7. Rumor out in the NY Post that she’s going for it.
  8. Probably greenmailing ex-Epstein “employees”
  9. So the rules of the game were deemed legal by every court that matters. Under those rules, we have a clear and legal winner. Thus the winner of the election won the election fair and square.
  10. Cause my man believed he could end it all with one shot, he took the shot, the shot when in. Winners play to win.
  11. So you’re saying trump lost fair and square
  12. They were storming that door and would be face to face with elected officials if they had gotten thru. One shot like Tyson against Spinks.
  13. Nice action shots of the heroes of Jan 6th