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  1. One of the nurses gave him nicotine patches, gave us all a chuckle.
  2. They will probably start a production company and get in bed with Blaze or Oan. Fox doesn't want anything to do with him. Maybe start a youtube for the right.
  3. of those tested, SD & WY keep going back and forth btwn #1 & #2.
  4. 3rd death this morning that I know personally. Late 60s, heavy drinker. Stubborn old timer, wouldn't get tested till it was too late. Liver and kidneys shut down, dead after a week in the hospital.
  5. Close to a 60% positivity rate. Wyoming is right up there as well. These areas never got touched in the 1st wave, it wasn't "real" for them. Getting very real now.
  6. Ivanka will run for a congressional seat in Florida. Don and Melania will get divorced. Don will be super creepy and start dating a 22 year old. Melania will start dating one of Trump's enemies/critics out of spite. The boys will struggle to keep the RE Business afloat.
  7. Who knows if he'll make it another 4 years, not exactly the picture of health. I think there is a shot at him being the kingmaker for the GOP though.
  8. UAE deal, no new wars. I give him credit in those 2 areas. The instability probably helped with the no new war thing.
  9. Rudy is going to get sued for Malpractice once the dust settles.
  10. it was a poor choice. An actual expert should have been picked.
  11. Read the tweet, sounds like there are hints of relief. Like I really don’t need this chit anymore type of vibe.
  12. Funny thing is 20-30 years from now kids will be sitting in history class learning about Rudy’s runny hair dye
  13. Corn pop put up more of a fight
  14. nah - I'll continue to post here thanks for the feedback though
  15. I think he gets the pardon after the new year. Will probably make money on the gun show circuit.