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  1. Sounds good thanks. I’ll PM you. Thanks Tim & SOL!
  2. I'll take the shirt, assuming PayPal is OK.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Hey Marc- I’ll take this!
  5. bump I moved from NJ, so pickup is not an option. $25 shipped
  6. My go to for light, kayak activities.
  7. No spare spools, sorry.   Don't know if this came thru earlier

  8. Abel 2 could be used either way. One is set up as 8wt and other is 7wt.  Hope this answers your questions 

  9. Thanks Belmo. Definitely unfortunate circumstances.
  10. Sorry about the health issues, it looks like you have some nice stuff here. Do you have specific model or "series" on the smaller reels? I am looking for something 5/6. I assume the Abel 2 is that size?
  11. Small paddle tails, shrimp imitations thrown tight to the mangroves has resulted in snook. Troll small swimmers or paddle tails for ladyfish. Then chunked ladyfish into the mangrove pockets ,which has worked well for me in the past for reds.
  12. Check Estero River Outfitters for rentals as well. ***didn't realize the thread started in March. Did the trip happen yet?
  13. Yes, I didn’t pick up on the face-to-face deal preference. I moved to GA last year, too far from salty water :-(