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  1. Thanks payment sent
  2. Is it 1/2 inch? If so I would go $60 if you’d like to include a charger.
  3. Would you do the newer impact gun and a battery shipped to 31324 for $60?
  4. What are the details on the remaining batteries? I’m looking at one of the impact drivers- are they both in similar condition?
  5. You're good to go!
  6. Looks awesome!
  7. I use the VR150 on a 9'6" rod. The line capacity is sufficient and I found with the smaller rotor/spool, I banged my fingers less. Mine is the 1st generation VR, so maybe the dimensions have changed?
  8. Thanks, but I'm looking for $400 picked up.
  9. Final bump
  10. Awesome report- thanks for sharing.
  11. I'll take these if daningras doesn't want them